Its been bloody ages since I did any sort of haul post on here and I'm so glad to be able to show you guys some new bits. Between saving for Barcelona and putting money away to move out, there hasn't really been a lot of left over cash for treats. Now my holiday is a distant memory and we've almost hit our goal so I wanted pick myself some presents up!

The first thing I grabbed whilst out shopping yesterday was this gorgeous NYX Eyeshadow in shade #53 Zen. NYX is a brand I've always heard great things about but I've never actually tried for myself, so when I saw this amazing Khaki Green beauty for just £3.50 I had to give it a go. I have't tested it out yet but I'm super excited to smother my eyelids with its green goodness.

After working my way around the NYX counter I soon found after product to fall in love with. This NYX Eyeliner in shade #05 Golden Olive is what dreams are made of. I do think its on the pricier side of drugstore makeup coming in at £5 but its by no means high end. I've never seen an eyeliner in this shade before and I'm really hoping it lives up to my expectations!

After leaving Boots I had to pop into Bodycare to pick up one of my all time favourite makeup brushes. I usually fork out between £5 - £10 on a decent eyeshadow brush but I've discovered an amazing range in Bodycare that don't seem to go over a couple of pounds. I picked up my usual Blend Brush for £1.49 and another similar brush from the Body Collection for just £1.19!

Last week I invested in the most gorgeous MAC Highlighter from the Airport (Haul vid soon I promise!) and I really wanted a new bronzer to go with it. Now this little Body Collection Pressed Powder Bronzer won't be MAC quality but for just £1.50 I was willing to give it a go. It's not too dark and has a subtle shimmer too which I love. I will definitely be reviewing this as I'm really interested to see how good a cheap little bronzer really can be!

So that was everything I picked up last week whilst doing a bit of shopping after college. I swear studying next to a shopping centre will be the death of me! 

Do you have any of these products? What did you think of them?

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Mini Budget Beauty Haul

Okay I know this is really late but i've been busy with going back to college. I was going to make a video about this but I'm lazy and still a little camera shy so here it is in blog post form. 

Now I don't want this post to come off the wrong way, I've seen a lot of bloggers sharing what they got for Christmas and I wanted to do a little post on my presents too. I'm not trying to show off at all I just wanted to a Haul type post of my gifts. So lets start...

One of my favourite xmas prezzies this year was this huge bag of Soap & Glory products. The Whole She-Bang includes Heel Genius, The Righteous Butter, Clean on Me, Thick & Fast Mascara, Sexy Mother Pucker, Righteous Butter Sunkissed tint, Hand Food and The Scrub Of Your Life. I've tried a few of these before and I'm so glad to have them again. My all time favourite hand cream is Hand Food so I'm super happy to have another one to keep in stock.

More beauty goodies! Mom bought me one of my all time fave mascaras; Roller Lash and my sister treated me to this sparkly little thing from N07. I've never tried Lash Impact before but I'm definitely going to give it a go, I need all the help I can get in the lash department! I also received my first ever MAC Eyeshadow this year too. After falling in love with their lipsticks over the last few months I finally got my hands on something different. This gorgeous little lilac eyeshadow is called Ready To Party and I cannot wait to use it!

I was also treated to some gorgeous new scents this Xmas. I've been using sample perfumes and body spritz's for a little while now so I was desperate to get my hands on some proper perfume! My mom bought me Dot, one of my favourite Marc Jacobs scents and Sean gave me Black XS which was one of the samples I'd been using and had come to love.

It wouldn't be christmas without a few hair care treats right? This VO5 hairspray is the best hairspray going. I've tried others in this range before but the High Volume one is easily the best. I was also gifted with some Aussie shampoos and conditioners which I use all year round. I actually think they are quite pricey and as I'm on a student budget right now I was very very happy to receive these! The ones featured are the 3 Minute miracle for coloured hair and the Miracle Moist Shampoo, I also got the Miracle Moist Conditioner but I've already started on that!

Ahh MAC Lipsticks! I was lucky enough to have received 3 MAC lipsticks from my parents this year. I picked them up in the airport in November and I couldn't touch them until after Christmas! The shades I got were Faux, Whirl and my beloved Velvet Teddy. I really should have taken a photo of them with the lids off as you cant see how pretty they are but I have already posted about them here if you fancy a look.

So that was what I got for christmas this year. Again I don't want this to come off as braggy, I know I'm super lucky to have all of these treats!

What did you get this year, did we receive any matching presents?

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What I Got For Christmas

1. Cream Jumper from New Look £12 (here)
2. Basic Grey T-shirt from Asos £8 (here)
3. Nothing To Wear T-shirt from New Look £8 (here)
4. Monki Unicorn T-shirt from Asos £8 (here) 
5. Mint jumper from Sainsburys £12 (similar) 
6. White Ribbed Jumper from Primark £12 (similar)

Here are a few things I've bought over the last couple of weeks. Lately I've been finding it hard to mix and match items in my wardrobe as most of my clothes have bold patterns, so for the last few weeks I've been stocking up on basic tops and jumpers. I didn't really have many basic Tshirts and when I just wanted a lazy day or I wanted to dress down I didn't have anything plain to wear.
 Now I've got a few basic items to get my through winter.
I've been thinking about doing monthly haul videos over on my Youtube channel, would you like to see something like that? 

Thanks for reading!

Haul | 10.1.15

1. Ghost gift set Boots £16 | 2. Rose Hand Cream Superdrug 99p |3. Lipstick Topshop £8 | 4. Rimmel BB Cream Superdrug £6.99 | 5.Eye Shadow Brush Superdrug £4.99 | 6. Irridecent Eye Shadow Topshop £9 | 7. Lipstick Topshop £4 | 8. Highlighter MEMEME Cosmetics £5

So I decided to have a little splurge with my Christmas money. I'm not going to lie, most of my money goes on clothes and food so I can sometimes be lacking in beauty products that I need. 

One of the things I needed the buy in my post Christmas shopping spree was perfume. I usually receive perfume for Christmas but this year I didn't. My go to perfume is Ghost Deep Night and I would have bought that again had I not spotted this gift set in the boots sale. Its the latest Ghost fragrance and it smells amazing.

I've been dying to try some products from the Topshop beauty range and after reading a few good reviews of their lipsticks I bought two. The first is a gorgeous shimmery purple colour moderately priced at £8 and the second is a bright red I picked up in the sale for £4. The purple shade is perfect and I've been using it non stop since I bought it, the red on the other hand isn't really to my taste. While I was in Topshop I picked up this amazing eye shadow. I've never seen anything really like it before so I bought it and again I've been wearing it none stop.

I poped into superdrug to get some new BB Cream as I was almost out and bought some hand cream and another eye shadow brush. I get through hand cream like its going out of fashion so when I saw this one for 99p in the sale I couldn't leave it behind. Its beautifully packaged and smells amazing. I also picked up another eye shadow brush. I cant even think how many eye shadow brushes I now own but I always need more. I'm not that impressed with this brush so far as its very very soft and I dont feel like it picks up enough product, but maybe I'll warm to it after a few more uses.

The last thing I bought was actually an online purchase. At the Clothes Show Live I recieved a voucher for a either a free highlighter or a cheek tint from MEMEME Cosmetics. I already own one highlighter in a soft pink colour and love it, so I chose this gold shade as my free product. So far I'm really happy with it. I'm sure I'll try more products from MEMEME Cosmetics as I'm impressed with their products and over all service.

So that was a little roundup of the last few beauty products I've purchased. I don't do beauty hauls all that often but its something I definitely want to feature more on my blog.

Thanks for reading!

Beauty Haul | 6.1.15

So I know its a bit late but here are all the things I bought at the Clothes Show Live. I didnt manage to get all that much but I know I will spend a lot more next year!
Thanks for watching!

Clothes Show Live Haul 2014

So I treated myself to a few beauty purchases the other day and I thought I'd put them in a post to show you guys. I didn't really get that much as I'm waiting to see what Santa brings but I think its enough to justify a haul post.

1.Real Techniques Shading Brush - Okay so everyone goes on about how amazing these brushes are, I've never seen a bad review for them. Well I needed a new eye shadow brush so I thought I would give it a go. It was slightly more expensive than the usual brushes I buy but Real Techniques are meant to be the best brushes going so I didn't mind.
2. Essence Stay Natural Concealer - You know I love a good bargain, so when I saw this for £2 I had to pick it up. I've used Essence products for a few months now and I don't really have anything bad to say about them so I'm hoping this concealer keeps up the standard.
3. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Eyeliner - I always use Rimmel eyeliner. Honestly I think its the best eyeliner around at the moment and its only £3. I actually picked up the wrong one in the shop, I usually get the basic Kohl eyeliner and I picked up this 'Scandal Eyes' one. Its was the same price as my usual and I cant really tell any difference between the two, but I'll give it a go and see what I think.
4. Boots Facial Exfoliating Sponge - This was a bit of an iimpulsebuy. It was only £1.50 and I really wanted to try it out. It reminds me of a mini version of the pads we put on the floor machine at work but I'm hoping it does a better job. I've used it a few times and it is a little bit rough on my face but I guess it will have to do until I can get my hands on one of those fancy facial cleansing brushes.
5. Boots Moisturising Cream - Another impulse buy and again it was £1.50. I really wanted to try out a new moisturizer and this one smells like cucumber so that pretty much sold it to me. I started using it last week and I quite like it. Its not greasy, its smells yummy and it doesnt hurt when I put it on my eczema like some creams.

So that was a littl roundup of my lastest beauty buys. I love doing little haul posts but I always think it would be much easier if I put the into a video. What do you guys think, should I start doing haul videos? Let me know!
Thanks for reading!

Haul | Mini Beauty Haul

I love doing holiday haul posts, I manage to buy so so much rubbish when I'm away. I just cant help but go into every single cute seafront shop and buy stuff I don't need. So anyway here is what I picked up while I was away in Cornwall. 

That gorgeous locket at the top was a present from my mom. She bought me and my sister matching necklaces with our names on and I love it. I've always wanted a cute locket and now I have one, I'm not sure if I will be able to get anything small enough to put inside it though. 
The little frog and the Cornish pasty keyring were gifts for Sean, I also bought him a jug of Cornish cider but I completely forgot to put that in. I know he likes holiday tat as much as me so I had to get him something.
The Cath Kidston hand creams are from a little shop in Tintagel and the hair grips are from the Cath Kidston shop in St Ives. I have to wear my hair up for work and there's always bits of hair flying around everywhere so it will be nice to keep it under control with these super cute sparkly hair grips!
How amazing is my new phone case! I've seen these floating around online for around £15 but this little beauty is from Poundland! I've been after one of these for so long but I couldn't fork out that much for a phone case, so when I saw this in Poundland I knew it had to be mine. Obviously the quality isn't that great but for a pound I was happy.
The little chunk of amethyst is from Boscastle and it was only £1.85 which I thought was quite cheap. I love stones and crystals so I had to pick this up. I also got a little sun face stone pendant. I haven't got a clue what stone it is but it was only 50p so I didn't really care, its just a shame you cant really see the face on it that well.
I also bought the most gorgeous little earrings from a craft fair in St Ives. You cant see them very well in the picture but they are like glittery pink blobs? I spotted some similar to this in a little shop over the summer and they were pretty much the same but they were £19 so when I saw these beauties for £6 I snapped them up. I know I will get so much wear out of them!

So that was my Cornwall holiday haul. I hope you enjoyed looking at all the tat I spend my hard earned wages on! I'm sure I'll be doing loads more of these in the near future!
Thanks for reading! 

Haul | Holiday Buys

I wanted to make quick post about my pretty new shoes from Primark. I don't usually buy shoes from Primark as I have super wide feet and they just don't fit me well. These little beauty's however have made me completely change my mind about Primark shoes. They fit me perfectly, they look great and they were only £4 each! They come in so many different colours and I can definitely see myself going back for more!
Thanks for reading! 

What I Bought | £4 Primark Shoes

I wanted to show you guys these amazing clutch bags I ordered from Asos last week. Originally I was only going to get one but as I'm ridiculously indecisive I got both!
 Over the summer New Look released some gorgeous fruit shaped clutches that I wasn't quick enough to get my hands on so I knew I wouldn't let these beauty's go. They arn't the biggest clutch bags in the world but they fit everything I need for a night out so I cant complain, and they dont break the bank either at £12.99 each. I think they are so so cute and I'll deffo be using them ALOT. 
I'm going to try and style them for an OOTD in the next few weeks so keep a look out!
Thanks for reading!

New Look Fast Food Clutch Bags

1. Bikini top £6 bottoms £5 both Sainsburys | 2. Bag £19.99 H&M | 3. Shorts Sale £10 New Look | 4. Dress Sale £15 New Look

What I Bought | 1.8.2014

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