Finding a decent makeup remover seems to be a bit of a battle at the moment. The last few removers I've used have not been worth the packaging they came in, and I was seriously considering investing in some high end products as they never let me down.

But the cheap bitch in me resisted and so I bought the Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover instead. Rated as the UK's number one eye makeup remover I thought it was well worth putting to the test. 

So here are my thoughts on the Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover...

One of the main reasons I picked this product up is because its an affordable oil based makeup remover. I've tried oil based removers before and they've always done a fantastic job of clearing off my stubborn eye makeup. That being said, they have usually been higher end products from the likes of Clinique ect. so I was curious to see if a cheaper product could do the same job.

Well I wasn't disappointed. Although the makeup remover didn't quite give the same results as my beloved Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover (which was gifted to me last year), it did do a cracking job considering the price difference.


My favourite Clinique product comes in at a hefty £19 for 125ml, whereas the Nivea Makeup Remover costs roughly £4 for the same amount. That's a serious price difference. Granted there are likely to be more costly ingredients in the Clinique product, and I will admit it is also the superior product, however the Nivea product is an effective and affordable makeup remover for the price.

I've also found the makeup remover solution to be gentle on my skin which is always a concern when using products around the eyes. Also for anyone concerned about using an oil based makeup remover on their face, it doesn't really leave an oily residue after using and I don't think it affected the amount of natural oils my face produced day to day either.

So would I repurchase the Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover? It's a resounding yes


Thanks for reading!

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Hello and welcome back to the blog! It's been a little while hasn't it? I wish I could say I've been off doing all sorts of wild things but in all honestly I've been working a lot and binge watching Netflix. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, today let's have a bit of a chatty one because I'm getting bored of cramming in keywords and making making sure everything is SEO perfect. It's what I've been doing lots of at work and although I know it's what I should be doing with my blog, sometimes it's just nice to take things back to basics and write whatever the fuck I want.

So without further ado let's talk about what is possibly the best moisturiser I've ever tried - the wonderful Clinique Moisture Surge.

Now I'm going to get this out in the open first because it's a big point. Moisture Surge is a pricey product. It retails at £37 for a 50ml product. Ouch! Although there are regular offers on this little pot of magic, it's still never going to be a budget buy and it's for that reason I would recommend asking for a sample at the Clinique counter before taking the plunge and forking out 40 quid for one product. It works for me but it's a lot of moola to drop on a product that you might not love.

So why did I spend a whole lot of cash on Moisture Surge when I could have carried on buying my cheap as chips Simple Moisturiser? Well I knew it worked for a start. I was *gifted a small pot of this last year and honestly I fell in love with it. I also got a bit of a deal in Duty free on my way home from Dublin so I thought fuck it.

Here are the main things I love about this Clinique moisturiser:

  • It really does leave my skin feeling nourished and soft
  • It sinks into the skin quite quickly and doesn't feel greasy at all
  • The texture is almost like jelly and a little bit of product goes a LONG way
  • It makes a good base for my foundation
  • and let's be honest, it's not a bad looking product to have on your shelf

So is there anything I dislike about Moisture Surge? Well the price kills me a little everytime I think about it, but apart from that I don't really have many complaints. If I did want to be picky I would say that I always prefer my products to be in tubes as I feel this keeps them cleaner, but I alway wash my hands before sticking my fingers in the pot so I can't say that it's much of a big deal.

Would I repurchase? This is a tricky one because I am head over heels for this little jar, but it is quite expensive in my opinion. Some say you can't put a price on good quality skincare but you obviously can and its forty bloody pounds apparently. That being said I would grab it again if I thought I was getting a good deal!

So have you tried out the lovely Clinique Moisture Surge before? Did you think it was worth the £££?

Thanks for reading!

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*I was gifted a travel sized pot of Moisture Surge by Clinique last year however I was under no obligation to post about it and I paid for this full sized product myself.


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Remember when empties posts were all the rage back in the day? The old blogging day's really were the beast weren't they!? Well I'm taking it back to 2013 with today's post as I'm talking all about the products I finished this month and what I thought of them. There's a good mix of higher end and budget beauty products as I like to try review bits from all prices ranges.

So here are the products I finished this month and what I thought about them...

TRESemme Care & Protect Heat Defence - I would be very surprised if I hadn't featured this on the blog before, but just incase I haven't here it is. This TRESemme heat protection has been a staple hair care product of mine since I first started using heat on my hair maybe 14/15 years ago (jesus am I that old??) and I've continued to buy it ever since. It's a non greasy formula that doesn't feel heavy in my hair and does exactly what it says on the tin. Plus it's usually pretty cheap, retailing between £3-£5 in most stores.

Victoria's Secret  Fragrance Mist in 'Secret Escape' - Everyone loves a good Vicky's Secret scent don't they? Although I'm not really on board with other aspects of the brand, I do like their smelly stuff. Yes it can be quite pricey for a body mist but they really are some of the best on the market. Would I repurchase? Yes I would, but I won't be squeezing my wobbly bits into any of their cheaply made, over priced underwear anytime soon. 

Clinique Take The day Off Makeup Remover (GIFTED) - This little beauty is without a doubt the best makeup remover I have ever used and I'm gutted I only had a travel sized version to try out. The solution is split (I assume half is water based and half oil based?) so you have to shake it to activate. It's very gentle on the skin and removes even waterproof makeup with ease. I'm not usually a fan of watery makeup removers however this one really can't be beat. The only downside? The price. As with all the Clinique products I've tried in the past, it's a little on the steep side of things coming in at £19 for 125ml of product. It's not something I could justify repurchasing at the moment unfortunately. 

Nivea Daily Essentials Moisture Boost - So I have two versions of this travel sized moisturizer because 1. it was on sale and 2. I thought it was trying both out to see which suited my skin type best. As it turns out I didn't pay enough attention to give myself a definitive answer of which one I should be using but I was pretty damn happy with both of them to be honest. The cream is a little thicker and heavier than I'm used to, but I'll assume that's down to the SPF within it which is the main reason I bought it in the first place. Although it is thicker, I do think it sinks into my skin pretty quickly and doesn't feel greasy once it's been absorbed. I have repurchased already and I will likely continue to do so in the future. 

Phil Smith Coco Licious Texture Spray - I have been searching for the perfect texture spray for what seems like an eternity, but I think I finally found it. Not only does this dream product give my locks lots of volume but it also smells unreal AND it's super affordable at just £4 (or less) in most stores. I actually siphoned off about 50ml of this to take on my holibobs with me instead of hairspray as I just love it that much!

Bioderma Makeup Removing Micelle solution - I can kind of see why everyone raves about this now that I've tried it out for myself. It's a great little makeup remover with a subtle scent that does exactly what it's supposed to, however it's not the best remover I've ever used (see above) and I wouldn't be in any great rush to repurchase. It was good, but it wasn't that good.

So those were the beauty products I've finished off this month and a pretty honest review of them! Let me know which beauty products you've been loving, or hating this month down in the comments! :)

Thanks for reading!

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As a teenager I could not get enough of Avon products. I fondly remember the days of scanning through the new catalogues and filling up the little form with makeup and other beauty goodies only to have to wait a month or so for them to arrive. Well those days are long gone, hell I don't even know any Avon ladies now and it's not really somewhere I head to for my beauty treats anymore.

Although I don't tend to wear Avon makeup anymore, there is one product I have always loved purchasing from that little book - Perfume. I've been wearing Avon perfume ever since I can remember and even now that I have my higher end favourites, I still head back to Avon for the budget scents I love.

Last week I decided to have a little splurge on Avon perfumes. So here is what I got...

Rare Pearls - This has been my go to since I was a babby. It smells incredible and I always get compliments whenever I wear it. I took a bottle of this good stuff to Greece with me on my first ever proper abroad holiday when I was 15 and now whenever a spray it across my skin memories of long days by the beach and cocktails at the bar come flooding back to me. Cheap perfume doesn't get much better than this.

Little Black Dress (1 Full Sized & 3 Minis) - I love this little beauty so much I bought it 4 times. Well one full sized version and 3 minis for my handbag. This is another scent that reminds me of good times as I took a bottle to Amsterdam with me the first time I went. I picked up the minis as I thought they would be the perfect size to pop in my hand luggage and we all know how much I like to travel light these days!

Soft Musk - I vaguely remember buying this once and I'm sure I liked it? It was only a fiver so I was willing to risk it. It's probably one of the uglier bottles Avon do if I'm totally honest but as long as the spray smells decent I'm happy!

Eau De Bouquet - Yes this is the shitest perfume name I have ever heard but have you seen that gorgeous bottle? I'll be completely honest with you, I've never smelt this perfume before in my life but I thought the bottle would look cute on my dressing table. Is that a stupid reason to purchase a perfume? Oh 100% but I like to live life on the edge.

My Everything Mini - This was a complete impulse buy if I'm honest. It was £1.50 and I thought if it smells like crap I can just bin it off for that kind of price. As it turns out it smells really quite nice, it has an almost chocolatey scent to it which I really like. It's probably the best £1.50 I've spent in a very long time!

So that was my cheap and cheerful Avon perfume haul which cost me a grand total of £40!!! Do you still wear Avon perfume or is Marc Jacobs more your thing now? Let me know your favourite perfumes!

Thanks for reading!

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Quite a while back I posted about the holy grail beauty products that bloggers just can't live without. Well now I'm talking hair care and jesus christ have I got a list for you! I asked the blogging experts about the hair care products they love and they delivered. I'm not sure you're ready for this list of goodies because I definitely wasn't!

But first here are the hair care products I personally think are fab...

TRESeme Heat Defence Spray - I would be very surprised if I hadn't already spoke about this on the blog before but I don't care because its great. I've been using this spray to protect my hair from daily styling since I was a babby and I haven't found anything that beats it yet! It has slowly been going up in price but I don't think I've ever paid more than a fiver for it!

Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo - "But Grace you're not blonde anymore!" I can hear you shouting at the screen, and whilst that is partially true I do still have a head full of highlights that don't show up that well on camera. I use this every few weeks to give them the treatment they deserve. Although I'm not the blonde I once was, after using this bad boy my highlights are much lighter and brighter. 

Batiste Plumping Powder - How I managed to get to the ripe old age of 24 before I tried this little beauty out I will never know! It gives my hair an unreal amount of volume and its ideal for travelling too it's not a liquid like most of my other styling products. I don't care how thick you think your hair is, you need this product in your life! Just be aware that brushing your hair can be a bit of a struggle the day after using this, but you can't have it all!
Now here are the hair care products that bloggers swear by...

Holly from - I've got a bit of a thing for Tigi Foxy Curls cream at the moment - I can run a little bit through my hair when it's wet, and can get away with letting it air dry. Without it, my hair looks like a frizzy, wavy nest unless it's blow dried. 

Sarah from - Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ Capsules. They make my hair thicker, shinier, stronger and it grows so much quicker too! They are these clever capsules that you take at night & they go to where they are most needed. They're brilliant for your hair - I know because I lost all of my hair Dec 2017 & these have helped it come back, thicker than ever! As an added bonus they are fab for skin & nails too! Honestly, if I had to go to a deserted island this is the one product I'd not want to be without!

Abi from - My absolute must have is the Living Proof restore hair mask - it leaves my hair so smooth, reduces frizz and sorts out my split ends!

Amy from - I always use MUK hair products to dye my hair - the colours are just so so vibrant! And Aussie for my curls (Gets rid of the frizz).

Emily from - As someone with a lot of hair (and I mean A LOT), I’ve found the Tangle Teezer to be an absolute miracle. I have the type of hair that will manage to entangle itself within 3 minutes (my mum calls it velcro hair!), so imagine how it gets after a single night of sleeping on it. Painful, that’s how. Which would always lead me to putting off brushing it even longer to try and avoid the pain. Which leads to more pain! With the Tangle Teezer, I literally just grab hold of a portion of my hair and have at it. Hey presto. And no pain or damage at all. I’m now 1000x more likely to brush my hair every day as I’m no longer subject to that pain!

Annemieke from - I love my Fudge Urban Sea Salt spray and could not live without it! It's the only thing that really works for my fine hair. It protects my hair from the heat of my hairdryer, it adds texture and volume and it smells divine!

Naomi from - I’ve got naturally curly hair so I have to find products with no sulphates or nasties and need to try loads of different products to see which ones suit my hair best. So far, I’ve found Shea Moisture Manuka Honey conditioner and Curls Unleashed leave-in conditioner to be the best ones I’ve found!

Laura from - As I have very blonde hair. I use bleach London silver shampoo every other wash to keep my hair from any brassy yellowing. It’s by far the best silver shampoo in the market. After I always use a deep conditioner as any sliver or blue shampoo can be very drying. I love Aussie 3 minute miracle. 

Emma from - I absolutely love Herbal Essences bio-renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo! I’ve been using it for a month now and and it has completely repaired my dry and damaged hair! I’ve never had a shampoo like it! I got it on offer at Superdrug for £2.50!

Suzi from - I love OGX shampoos and conditioners. My hair walks on the wild side and these are the best, non-super-pricey products I’ve used for keeping it in line! I'm using Coconut Milk at the moment, which keeps the frizz under control, but I haven’t tried one I didn’t like!

Katie from - For hair care I would say a microfibre towel! It reduces frizz and is a lot better for your hair. I use a cheap Claus Ohlson sports towel that cost about £3. 

Poppy from - My favourite hair product is the Phillip Kingsley elasticiser hair treatment. After dying my hair for so many years it had become weak and brittle. After just 3 months of using this my hair had become thicker and stronger with less breakages. It also smells wonderful too and is super easy to use! 

Naomi from - My favourite is the OUAI Leave in Conditioner, as it is a quick and easy alternative to conditioning in the shower, perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle! It tames flyaways, helps combat frizz and also protects your hair from the heat of dryers and styling tools. I've noticed a huge difference in my hair since I started using this before blowdrying, my hair looks so much more shiny and so healthy.

Jenni from - At the moment my hair is struggling with me being pre menopausal and I have discovered L'OrĂ©al Elvive clay shampoo. It is perfect for my greasy roots and dry, bleached ends. It's the only shampoo that was affordable that I could find. 

Jenny from - Mark hill shampoo, conditioner and argan oil. My hair never looked so good. 

Sam from - The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner is great to grow out your hair (it actually works and you can expect to see results in a month!) It also smells nice and can be found on offer in most places so pretty affordable too! 

Sarah from - I mess with my hair pretty much constantly! Forever dying and bleaching! Because of this I need protein treatments! I love the aphogee 2 minute protein treatment and the bleach London reincarnation mask. Both are miracle workers! I think my hair would of all snapped off by now if it wasn't for these products!

Helen from - Tabitha James Kraan haircare has transformed the way I care for my hair. No more stripping natural oils from my hair by washing every day! This system respects my hair and scalp and my hair gets better over time. 

Claire from - As a money saving blogger I always research everything to ensure I'm getting the best buy and for my hair masks I swear by Aussie Deep Treatment 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor - It has the exact same ingredients and results of the similar masks that are being charged £30+ except you can get it for less than £5. I use it once a month and my hair feels amazing.

Frankie from - I’m trying to reduce our plastic waste so have switched to a solid shampoo bar. My favourite is Wild & Sage’s Rosemary and Lavender. It’s 100% natural with Rosemary infused Extra Virgin Oil so leaves your hair really soft. It lasts for ages and there’s no plastic as it’s wrapped in recycled paper.

Amy from - Argon oil is my favourite hair product right now. I got compliments about how shiny, smooth and healthy my hair was after using it just the once. And guys... my hair is naturally course, frizzy and wavy! You can buy pure argon oil for around £5 a bottle and it lasts me for several months. I massage it in to my scalp and run it through to the ends of my hair and leave it on for as long as I can. I often put it on before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning with ordinary shampoo and conditioner. It's such an easy addition to add some healthy goodness in to your hair. Even if you only have it on your hair for an hour when you get home from work to the time you wash it, every little bit helps! Weirdly, I'm also able to wash my hair even less after adding argon oil in to my hair routine. It's a bargain really and you know it won't have any nasty chemicals in it - I've been using it ever since!

Lucy from - I love the Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam - I suffer with seborrheic dermatitis (also known as adult cradle cap) so this is much better than an aerosol dry shampoo which irritates my scalp. It’s easy to use and smells amazing! 

Emma from - As a naturally curly girl, my hair is quite dry. Water based lube (yes you heard me right!) is great for my hair.

Ruth from - I've got very thick hair that's prone to being dry and quite wild, and it needs a ton of conditioning. The best solution that I've found is using a little coconut oil. The supermarkets' own brands are great. I use it sparingly on the ends, and a little goes a very long way. It's also great to have in the bathroom for removing makeup or tackling dry skin, and it smells amazing! 

Jane from - This may be a tad unusual, but I love Lush's solid shampoo bars, particularly the Godiva bar. It leaves my hair lovely and soft, smells lovely and - bonus - no plastic waste! 

Dorota from - For me it’s all about Philip Kinsley Elasticizer! I can’t imagine my routine without it! It’s just pure magic. Especially now that my hair has been highlighted so much, it’s a miracle worker. I currently add toner to it, stick it in my hair for 30-60 mins then wash it off. Hair’s super soft and manageable afterwards. Coconut scent is the best too! 

If you made it to the end well done, I know that was a hell of a lot to get through! I hope you managed to take away some hair care recommendations from this post, there were certainly enough of them!

What are your favourite hair care products?

Thanks for reading!

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