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Beautiful Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland and a cracking place for a budget break. A city once consumed by conflict and violence is now a modern and safe place for tourists looking for an interesting but affordable trip.

Whilst Belfast offers a whole host of activities tourists can do for a small fee, there are also many things visitors can do without spending a penny.

Belfast City Hall lit up by purple light at night
Belfast City Hall at night

Here are 10 free things to do in Belfast...

Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall is by far the most beautiful city hall I have ever had the pleasure to see. During the day the building could be mistaken any other city hall in northern Europe, however stick around until the evening and you will see the structure come to life once it is lit up in the most magical shade of purple. But Belfast City Hall doesn't just offer a pretty facade, free guided tours are usually available to visitors wishing to learn a little more. The tours are currently on pause due to Covid-19.

Belfast Free Walking Tour

Free walking tours can be found across the world and for a good reason. The Belfast Free Walking Tour covers several of the city's most famous spots for a fraction of the price of a more traditional tour, plus you'll benefit from the knowledge and passion of your guide. As always I recommend tipping your tour guide at the end if you have a good time - which I almost guarantee you will!

Visit The Peace Wall's

As you'll likely know if you've done your research on the beautiful city of Belfast, it is divided by -- miles of walls, or peace lines at they are often called. The walls were built during the troubles to separate the various communities in Belfast and while there may be little need for them today, many of them remain. Now more a reminder of Belfast's troubled past than active defences, the peace walls are unique structures which aren't to be missed when visiting the city. 

Grace is standing in front of the Big Fish in Belfast. She is looking very windswept after being out in the wind and rain all day.
Standing in front of The Big Fish. Looking a little worse for wear after being out in the Irish weather


The Big Fish

Another magnificent piece of art you shouldn't miss while in Belfast is The Big Fish. The 32 foot salmon sculpture can be found on the banks of the Lagan and was actually commissioned to celebrate the regeneration of the river. The Big Fish is an impressive sight to see from far away however get up and personal with the art and you will be treated to depictions of Belfast's rich history on tiles which make up the salmons scales.

Belfast Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens can be found just to the south of Belfast city centre and can be easily reached by several buses. The Gardens are spread across 28 acres and two victorian glasshouses which are free to visit. While the Gardens are great to visit at any time, you can often find special events and concerts in the park from time to time too.

The Ulster Museum

The Ulster Museum is a fairly small, but well-stocked venue filled with art and objects of interest from across Ireland. Whilst a lot of the exhibits focus on Northern Irish history, this is a great place to start when trying to understand history from the whole island of Ireland. From time to time you'll also find more modern attractions at the Ulster Museums such as the incredible Game Of Thrones Tapestry which was on display until 2019.


It's hard to think of Belfast without also thinking of the many murals dotted around the city. But these emotive artworks have much more meaning behind them than the regular graffiti you can find in any modern city. From political pieces, to memorials, and pleas for peace, it's clear that these murals represent a city once divided. While some of the more notable murals can be found on Falls Road and Shankill Road respectively, tourists will find pieces on every other street corner. 

A cup of tea and a matching blue teapot on the bar in the Drawing Room Two inside the Titanic Hotel
Having a cuppa at the Titanic Hotel Belfast

Wander Around The Cathedral Quarter

The Cathedral Quarter in Belfast City Centre is a bustling area full of pubs and bars. It's the first places many tourists head when arriving as it's where you will find The Duke Of York - Belfast's most famous pub. While you will obviously have to purchase drinks if you plan on visiting these quirky venues, you are free to wander the photogenic streets outside. 

The Titanic Hotel

While I'd recommend purchasing a cuppa at the Drawing Office Two inside the titanic hotel, there is technically nothing to stop you popping in for a wander around. The Titanic Hotel is not worth visiting alone (as it's a fair walk out of the city) however if you are planning on touring the Titanic Museum I'd recommend nipping over the road to the hotel before you head back into central Belfast. Inside the hotel, you will find tonnes of memorabilia including a beautifully made sized-down replica of the ship itself. 

Dome at Victoria Square 

You wouldn't visit Paris without climbing the Eiffel Tower, so you shouldn't visit Belfast without taking a trip up to the Dome. You've not truly seen a city until you've viewed it from the sky, and that's exactly what you'll be able to do from the Dome at Victoria Square. Free tours of the dome, which give you 360 views of Belfast, run hourly each day.

And so those are 10 absolutely free things to do while visiting Belfast.

Belfast is a city with scars, some of which have not yet completely healed, but the city doesn't hide its history no matter how morbid it may be. Whether you're looking for a quick weekend break or a longer stay, you'll be sure to leave this place with a completely new mindset. Belfast is an affordable place to take a city break, but it is so much more than that. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Belfast, and after reading this I want to go even more! A beautiful and historic place :)

    1. Honestly Belfast is such a gem of a place! It's not very touristy but there is SO MUCH to do there!

      Grace xx

  2. This post is great, I love going to the dome everytime I'm in town and floating around the botanic gardens in Summer! This is a great list even for someone living in Belfast.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad it's earned the seal of approval from a Belfast Girl!

      Grace xx

  3. The fact that I live in Belfast and still haven't done some of these!

    1. Aw I'm sure you've done a tonne of other great things I havent even thought of though!

      Grace xx


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