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As someone who suffers from moderate to severe eczema, I feel as though I've tried every available cream under the sun. From E45 to Diprobase and even the Lush Dream Cream, I've smothered my sore skin in most of them so by now I have a rough idea of what works for my skin and what doesn't. But in all honesty, my eczema is very temperamental which means I haven't found a cream that consistently works - yet.

So when I was contacted by Cetraben to try out their dermatological cream for problematic, dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin I needed to give it a go.

The transition from summer to autumn is when my eczema tends to flare up the most. Add in the fact that right now I'm washing my hands excessively and I'm using hand sanitiser quite often, and I've got a winning combination of things that upset my skin. With all of these factors affecting my skin there really is no better time to put a skincare product to the ultimate test.

A bottle of 50ml Cetraben sitting on a mirrored tray
A 50ML bottle of Cetraben

I was gifted the 50ml size product to trial, which from experience I now know lasts roughly 2 weeks when using regularly. I would use the Cetraben cream maybe 2-3 times a day using the full amount of cream produced from one pump. My Eczema does get quite severe as the seasons change so I could have done with using the cream slightly more some days but I was conscious not to use it all up too quickly.

The Cetraben Dermatological cream has a very thick consistency, similar to Sudocrem. While the cream does sink into the skin quite a bit, it doesn't rub in completely and leaves a thin shiny layer on the surface. This isn't particularly greasy or uncomfortable, however I'd recommend using the Cetraben cream when you're not planning on doing too much with your hands.

As for the price, the 50ml tube of Cetraben retails at around £4.99 so it's not the most expensive eczema cream on the market however I don't think it's the best value either. If you are looking for a product you can travel with then the smaller sized product is ideal, but for everyday use I would recommend going for the 475ml product as this retails at just £12.99, meaning you get a lot more for your moola.

Two photos showing both sides of my hands and the visible patches of eczema
Patches of eczema on my skin on the first day of the trial before using the Cetraben cream

2-week trial using Cetraben

The first day I tried the Cetraben cream Imy eczema wasn't particularly bad, however my skin was still very dry and flaky. On applying the cream I noticed it was fragrance-free which is always a bonus when you have sensitive skin. Although I adore scented products and will use them wherever possible, they aren't always the best thing to be putting on sore skin. Unlike some of my favoured scented moisturisers, Cetraben aims to soothe and protect the skin which is exactly what it did as soon as I started to rub the product in. Although the cream instantly relieved my dry hands, it would take a couple of days for me to see any physical improvements.

Visible patches of eczema on my skin after using Cetraben for 1 week

By the end of the first week, I was well on my way to having an eczema flare-up. My skin was less flakey but I had more noticeable sores, splits, and red patches on the palms of my hands. After a few days of using Cetraben, my skin did start to heal, but the change in temperature mixed with my ongoing use of hand sanitizer had clearly taken its toll on my hands. Although I upped my use of Cetraben around this time, it's not uncommon for me to have to call in the big guns and use Hydrocortisone if I cannot control the flare-up. I chose not to use Hydrocortisone this time so see if the Cetraben could help and after a few days of having quite sore hands, I did start to notice improvements.

At the end of week two, my skin was healing well and I was still using Cetraben regularly to soothe it. Most of the cracks in my skin had healed up and my palms were much less itchy than before. Although I don't think the cream worked any miracles, I do think it helped me to keep my eczema moderately under control, and stopped me from reaching for the Hydrocortisone cream which I try to use very sparingly.

Improvement in my skin condition after using Cetraben for 2 weeks

Main pros of using the Cetraben Dermatological Cream:

  • Fragrance-free and very gentle on the skin
  • Rubs into the skin quite easily 
  • Reduces the itchy sensation I get when my eczema flares up

What what did I think of the Cetraben dermatological cream overall? It's a decent little cream that I think works best over a prolonged period of use. I would have liked to have tried it out for longer as I feel it's hard to get a good overview of a product after using it for only two weeks, especially as my eczema can get worse very quickly. I found that the Cetraben cream works just as good as other similar products I've used in the past such as E45 and Diprobase, but for now, the verdict is still out on which one of the three works best.

Can it cope with a full-blown eczema flare-up? Not in my experience and I don't think that's what it's created for. But can it soothe moderate eczema and help with dry patches and soreness? Yes, it can!

Fancy giving Cetraben a go? You can get it here.

Do you suffer from any skin conditions? Which creams do you reach for?

Thanks for reading!

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A bottle of Cetraben sitting on a mirrored tray. Text below the image reads "I used Cetraben for 2 weeks, but did it help my eczema?"

Birmingham, UK


One of my favourite things about travelling is definitely gorging on new types of weird and wonderful foods. I love trying out new things, and even though I'm the fussiest eater known to man, I always leave a trip having eaten something I've never tried before. The only problem with this is that when I'm not able to travel I find myself pining for my favourite foreign foods, and usually, nothing that I, nor my local restaurants cook will suffice. You cannot beat traditional meals cooked by the natives who grew up eating them, it's a fact. 

Grace is sat to a table inside Mr Souvlaki Restaurant in Stourbridge. In front of her is a plate of Chicken souvlaki, a bowl of salar, and a mixed grill platter.

So when I saw Birmingham Eats tucking into a banging portion of Souvlaki a few weeks ago my interest peaked. Chicken Souvlaki has been one of my all-time favourite meals since I first tried it over 10 years ago on the beautiful Island of Crete. It's a fairly basic meal, but done well it's absolutely delicious. So where had the pair behind Birmingham Eats managed to nab an authentic-looking Souvlaki dinner? Mr Souvlaki in the centre of Stourbridge.

Now Stourbridge isn't exactly on my doorstep, it's around a 40-minute drive away from Birmingham, but that's a hell of a lot closer than the nearest Greek island so I was prepared to make the journey to feast some traditional greek food.

On entering the cafe-style venue, you're almost transported to a beautiful whitewashed Greek town. The interiors are done in such a way that it looks as though you are sitting on the outside of a small Greek taverna, it's just a shame they weren't able to also capture the Mediterranean weather. 

Inside Mr Souvlaki restaurant in Stourbridge. The interior is decorated to look like a white-washed greek town.

But the feel of Greece doesn't end with the decor, oh no, its with the food itself that you are really taken on a trip. The menu is pretty straightforward - Souvlaki, Gyros, Burgers and more are all on offer here, and available at greek prices too! The only thing over £10 on the menu is the mixed grill which comes in at £19.50 but feeds two!

After what seemed like an age of starting at the menu (we really were spoiled for choice) we opted for a couple of Mixed Grills, a portion of Chicken Souvlaki, a Village Salad, and 3 pots of Tzatziki. We thought 2 portions of Tzatziki would do at first but believe me that stuff is so delicious you'll want a scoop of it with every bite!

First impressions of our meals were good. The portion sizes were generous, everything was well presented, and the smell, well that was just something else. I'm not sure how I managed to take any photos before we all jumped into our dishes because the scent of the warm fresh meat in front of us was beautiful. 

And the taste didn't disappoint either. My Chicken Souvlaki was cooked perfectly and the pitta bread that arrived with it was the best I've probably ever tasted before. I can only assume it was cooked fresh on the day because I've never had pitta bread that was quite as soft and fluffy as this - not even in Greece! I also tried a few bits and bobs from the Mixed Grill Platters which tasted just as good as my meal if not better. I didn't get the chance to munch on everything from the platter but I was assured by my family that it was all as good as it looked.

A plate of Chicken Souvlaki, a mixed grill,  a bowl of salad, and a bowl of Tzatziki at Mr Souvlaki Restaurant Stourbridge

The only criticism I have with the food was that it wasn't as warm as I would have liked. Although the cooked meats were warm, the potato sliced chips were actually quite cold which we raised with the staff at the time. This wasn't a huge issue but the meal would have been perfect if they were a little bit hotter. 

Would I visit Mr Souvlaki again? Without a doubt! I've never had a more delicious and authentic Greek meal outside of the country itself before, and I doubt I will come across one again for a while. Although it's not exactly local to me, the quality of the food and the crazy low prices would definitely bring me back to Mr Souvlaki's again in the future, especially while travel is off the cards!

Are you a fan of Greek foods? Where is your favourite place to nab an authentic Greek meal in the UK?

Thanks for reading!

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Two previous images from inside Mr Souvlaki. Test between the images reads "MR SOUVLAKI - A TASTE OF GREECE IN THE HEART OF ENGLAND"


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