It's a new month so you know what time it is! Time to round up all of the beauty products I have been loving this month!

So these are my favourite products from the month of August!

a flatlay photograph of my favourite beauty products throughout August

1. Chanel Rouge Allure #104 Passion - I've always wanted to own a Chanel lipstick and since trying out several shades in duty free I knew which one I wanted. I was lucky enough to receive that exact one from Seany for my birthday and I couldn't have been happier. It's a beautiful shade and don't even get me started on how gorgeous the design is. It's not a product I would wear everyday but for nights out and special occasions it's my go to lipstick

2. No7 Skin Illuminator - I love using highlighter, I think it brightens up my whole face. I usually wear a lighter one but as I got a little bit tanned on holiday this one suited me much more and became my new fave. 

3. Essence #07 Natural Beauty - I received this lipstick in my August Glossybox and I've been in love with it ever since. I usually wear darker lipsticks so when I first saw this one I was a bit unsure about it. But after using it a few times I soon learned to love it and I now wear it every day. Its the perfect shade for everyday use and it stays on for quite a while too. 

4. Ghost Eclipse - I was sent a few of these samples in some Asos orders last month and I've been using them pretty much daily. One of my all time favorite perfumes is Ghost Deep Night so I was excited to try their newest perfume and I wasn't disappointed. My samples are all used up now and I think it's safe to say this little beauty is on my Christmas list!

I hope you enjoyed reading through my August faves. I know its a little bit late but I'm finally starting to catch up with my blog posts and I have loads more planned for the next few days!

Thanks for reading!

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So this I was actually meant to cancel my Glossybox subscription but I forgot yet again. I've been meaning to cancel my subscription for a while now but I just don't remember in time!

Anyway, here are the goodies I received in my september Glossybox...

the outside of the september glossybox. This months box has a watercolour of the London skyline on the lid
All of the products I received in the September Glossybox

1. Skin Pep Peeling Gel - This little treatment it supposed to leave your skin feeling soft and exfoliated. I don't really take as much care of my face as I should so I'm looking forward to trying this out, although I am a bit disappointed its only sample size. 

2. ModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel - I'm one of those girls who never bothers with her eyebrows. I know I should look after them a bit more but plucking them every once in a while is fine for me. I am excited to try something new however, I'm just hoping its not too dark for me.

3. Nivea 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water - I'm so happy I was sent this and in full size as well! I really don't cleanse my skin as much as I should. I hardly ever take my makeup off before bed and its a bad habit I need to break. I've got high hopes for this product and I will deffo be doing a review of it!

4. Skin Pep Eye Cream - This little Skin Pep sample is meant to help get rid of those annoying dark circles. I unfortunately suffer quite badly with dark circles under my eyes so I'm excited to try this product out, although again I'm disappointed its only sample size.

5. Nails Inc Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat - I so can't wait to try this beauty out! I don't own any matte nail varnishes and I've never used any before so I'm excited to give it a go. I'm really happy it's a clear top coat too so I can try it over any of my favorite colours.

6. L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil - I have a confession. I couldn't wait to try this out and I used it virtually straight after opening the box. I love L'Oreal products and although some can be a bit pricey they always seem to be worth it. I've used this oil a couple times on my hair and I really like it so far.

Keep a look out of my reviews of these products in the next few weeks!

Have you tried out a beauty subscription box? Do you think they're worth it?

Thanks for reading!

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So as you guys might know, me and Sean ran away to Turkey for the week. I've been back a couple weeks now and I've finally got around to sorting the photos for this post.  Going on holiday and exploring a new place is my favorite thing to do, and I've been loving blogging about my holidays when I get home!

Here's what we got up to the the beautiful Turkish town of Bodrum...

On Bodrum beach looking across to the harbour, boats can be seen in the background
On Bodrum beach looking across to the harbour

wet footprints on a wooden jetty
On one of the jetties in Bodrum Harbour

the castle wall can be seen out of focus in the foreground and boat can be seen floating on the sea in the background
At the top of Bodrum Castle

We spent the first two days walking around Bodrum and getting to know what was where. We also spent a bit of time on the beach although I wouldn't say Bodrum beach is all that special.

On the third day we'd pretty much knew our way around so we decided to take a trip to Bodrum Castle. Seriously if you are ever in that area you have to make a trip there. The entrance free is 25TL with is about £7 and it's so so worth it! The views from the top are amazing and the Castle itself is beautiful. There's so much history in Bodrum, and I really enjoyed wandering around the castle reading about it. It's definitely a must see in my opinion.

a Turkish flag can be seen in the foreground and the harbour full of boat can be seen bind this. a hill of white washed buildings can be seen in the background
Looking out over the harbour from the top of Bodrum Castle

a small hole on the wall at Bodrum castle looks out over the sea where boats can be seen
Spotting boats through a window in Bodrum Castle

the carvings in the rocks at Dalyan
The ancient tombs carved into the rock at Daylan

Day four started very early. We'd booked a trip to Dalyan and were being picked up at 7 am. I had gone to Dalyan in May with my parents but I enjoyed it so much I convinced Sean to take me back and I think he really enjoyed it too. When we got to Dalyan, after a very long coach journey, we went straight to the mud baths. Nothing makes my skin feel as soft as those mud baths and even though it's a bit gross and messy it's really good fun.

After we'd finished there we headed for dinner then set off for a cruise down the river where we would eventually arrive at Iztuzu Beach. Iztuzu beach or Turtle beach is the most beautiful beach I've ever been to. Both times I've been I've been lucky enough to see sea turtles. After an hour or so on the beach it was time to head home for an early night.

roman ruins
Roman ruins on the island of Kos

the sun setting behind a hill, the whole sky is lit up with orange light
The sun setting behind some Turkish hills on the way home from Dalyan

two ice cream cones filled with various scoops of icecream
Eating Ice Cream in Yalikavak

On the fifth day we took a bus to a little town called Yalikavak. I stayed here about two years ago and I just wanted to take Sean there. We also sneaked into the hotel I stayed in because I wanted to show Sean how amazing it was. It was the first 5* I'd ever stayed in and I wish I could go back! After we got the bus back to bodrum we tried to find the ruins of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus but when we got there it was closed.

Day 6 was another early start but well worth it. We took the boat over to Kos, one of the Greek islands. I'd been here before as well but it was such a good day out I had to go again. We spent pretty much all day walking around Greek ruins and doing a bit of shopping. I picked up some pretty little Greek slippers which i've been wearing every night since!

a selfie in front of green ruins in Kos Town
Exploring more Roman ruins in Kos

a photo of various fish taken under the water
Snorkelling in the Aegean sea

a plate of chicken souvlaki, chips, rice and a small amount of salad
Chicken Souvlaki on our day trip to Kos

a boat coming into Kos Town Harbour
Kos Town Harbour

On our last day we booked a boat trip with a local tour company. Sean really wanted to go on a boat trip and we booked a super cheap one for £8, so I wasn't expecting much from it. But this was probably the best day we had.

A few days earlier me and Sean bought a pair of goggles each and I'm so glad we did. We stopped off at 5 different places where we could jump in the water and swim around. The water was so so clear and I spent most of the time trying to take photos of the fish swimming around me. We were even lucky enough to see a octopus only a few feet below us. Overall it was a fantastic day and I hope we can go on a similar boat trip again sometime.

We had an amazing week away and I'm really gutted to be back. I hope you all enjoyed my photos and reading about what we did. Hopefully I'll be jetting off again in the next few months and I'll be able to do more posts like this!

Thanks for reading!

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