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As you might know on Thursday me and Sean went to London for the day. This is what I bought when I was there, which isn't a lot really. Hopefully next time I can have a proper shopping spree on Oxford Street!

We spent the majority of the day around Camden Market which was amazing! Camden is always such a fun and vibrant place, even if it is filled with more tourists than punks now. I only picked up a few bits in Camden - a string of elephants, a gem covered pen, and a cute ring. We also had a quick mooch around the vintage shops but i didn't see anything I feel in love with this time around.

I also picked up my favourite Mascara from boots while we were in Camden as I managed to lose mine at some point in the morning and I wanted to touch my makeup up before heading over to the blog event later that evening.

My london haul spread out on the bed
A close up shot of the pen, the ring, and the mascara
a close up shot of the string of elephants
A shot showing the flip flops, the mascara, the string of elephants, the ring, and kimono, and the white blouse
Kimono Primark £13 | Shirt Mango £17.99 | Mascara Boots £11.50 | More Elephants Camden market £1.99 | Flipflops Primark £1.50 | Pen Camden 79p | Ring Camden Market £10

After exhausting the shops in Camden we headed over to Oxford Street to have a wander around some more mainstream shops. One of the shops I was really excited to see was Primark. I know that's really boring but the London Primark on Oxford Street is absolutely huge and I knew it would be full of goodies! Here I picked up a kimono and some cheap flip flops for my holiday later in the year. Every year I buy a pair of these plain black flip flops from Primark just because they are so cheap and perfect for walking to and from the beach!

After Primark we had a wander around the other shops along Oxford Street and picked up a basic plain white blouse from Mango. I've been trying to buy more basic items lately as the majority of my wardrobe is built up of prints and patterns and nothing really matches!

Have you bought anything nice recently?

Thanks for reading!

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