You'd be lying if you said beauty boxes haven't taken the blogging world by storm. These little boxes have been showing up everywhere and with their popularity only growing, more of us beauty lovers are wondering if they are really worth it.

I've had a GlossyBox Subscription for just under a year and I have received many amazing products, some that I'd never even heard of before. I decided to sign up to a beauty box subscription as I wanted to try out new products and I have discovered so many things that I wouldn't have tried or would have completely dismissed in the first place as they were out of my price range.

a flatlay of beauty box products

Although it it great to be sent new beauty products each month, it can get a little bit pricey. A Glossy Box is £10 plus £3 postage which is amazing considering the selection of products you receive but what if you won't use them? There's no denying you get a lot for your money but it is very easy to end up with boxes of products you will never use.

For people who know exactly what products they want, a subscription box would be a waste of money as you're never guaranteed a certain type of product. I often find myself with products I'll never use so I always giveaway the unopened products to my sister or to friends, I feel less wasteful that way. But surely  the point of buying yourself a subscription box is so you try out new products yourself, not to dish them out to everyone else.

The biggest negative I have found is that as you never know what you will receive you can end up with a lot of the same products. I recently cancelled my Glossybox for several reasons, the main one being that I had been subscribed for so long that I was starting to receive extremely similar products. Over the year I had been given 3 highlighters, which is great for someone who regularly use them but I'm still getting through the first one.

a flatlay of beauty subscription box of prodcuts

The aim of this piece isn't to bad mouth beauty boxes, after all they are a good idea and a nice surprise every month. I had come to the point where I was bored with them and I didn't feel like I was getting a bargain anymore. For people who want to grow their beauty product collection they are great but for me they just aren't worth it

What do you think about beauty boxes? Do you love them or do you think they are a waste of money? Let me know in the comments below, or over on twitter!

Thanks for reading!

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Birmingham, UK


So I finally got around to taking some outfit photos! I've been meaning to do an outfit post for ages now, I haven't done one since April and they are one of my favorite things to do on my blog. Whenever I have time to shoot some fun outfits it either poors it down or I just don't have the energy, typical really! But I do love playing dress up and putting cute outfits together so I've hoping to feature this kind of content a lot more on the blog!

Full body outfit shot showing me wearing a black top, grey jeans, heeled boots and a deep pink kimono
half body shot from my waist upwards

This is just a casual outfit I would wear out to dinner or on a date night with Sean. I actually wore this outfit a few nights ago to go to the academy in Birmingham. I nipped into town to catch Box Of Light play and thought this was the perfect gig outfit.

I've gotten really into kimonos lately, I think they are just so easy to wear and jazz up a boring outfit. I don't know where this sudden obsession with kimonos has come from but I'm kind of loving it and I'm slowly filling up my tiny wardrobe with all kinds of beautiful kimonos. I'm not looking to stop buying them anytime soon either!

another full body shot showing my whole outfitclose up shot of my black heeled boots showing the chain details
full body shot of my outfit. My dog is also in the photo having fuss
Pink Velvet Kimono Asos £14  |  Acid Wash Jeans Asos £28  |  Black Scalloped Top Topshop £16  |  heeled Boots Clothes Show £25  | Fake Chain Necklace Miss Selfridge £5

Although I am loving this pink kimono, the boots are probably my favorite thing out this whole outfit. I bought the boots at the clothes show last year and I've been wearing them pretty much none stop. I love the heal which isn't too high but still gives me a lift and the gold chain around the back of the boots is a fantastic details I've not seen on any other boots before. I've sure I'll wear these bad boys until the death!

I've love to hear your thoughts on this outfit and if you'd like to see more outfit inspiration on my blog!

Thanks for reading!

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Birmingham, UK


A couple of days before Christmas me and Sean popped into Topshop. I was on the hunt for a new lipstick. I've seen a few good reviews about Topshop lipsticks and I had found the exact shade I wanted online. After searching through the lipsticks I found the one I had been looking at; the colour was 'boardroom' and it was awful. It didn't look anything like the shade shown online and it wasn't going to suit me at all.

Determined not to leave empty handed I looked through the lipsticks again until I found a gorgeous pink/ almost purple colour. It wasn't I colour I owned and I knew I had to have it.

Topshop Lipstick in shade Armour

The lipstick was £8 which I thought was quite reasonable considering most of my lipsticks are over £10.

I first wore it a couple of days later and fell completely in love with it. The lipstick applied really nicely; going on evenly and creating a really vivid colour on my lips.

Topshop lipstick in shade Armour

One of the nice things about Topshop products is their appearance. When purchasing new makeup you want it to look nice on your dressing table and in your makeup bag. A lot of cheaper lipsticks come in boring packaging and the product itself can look pretty standard. This isn't the case with Topshop lipsticks as the come in a little box and the casing around the lipstick is white with black stripes which looks cute in the lipstick holder.

Wearing the Topshop lipstick on my lips

By far my favorite things about this product is the colour. It's a beautiful glossy pink/ purple that is just so versatile. I've literally been wearing it everywhere and I can definitely see myself wearing it for a long time.

My only complaint about this product is that its quite dry. I wouldn't wear this lipstick on dry lips as it would make them look much worse. This isn't a major issue though and it is easily solved by applying a small amount of Vaseline over the top.

All in all I'm very happy with the lipstick. The price is good, the colour is just amazing and it smells really good too, so for those reasons I would give it a 9/10

Have you tried any of the Topshop lipsticks or any of the Topshop beauty range?

Thanks for reading!

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So I decided to have a little splurge with my Christmas money. I'm not going to lie, most of my money goes on clothes and food so I can sometimes be lacking in beauty products that I need. 

Here are the products I picked up in my Boxing Day Sale Beauty Haul...

all of the beauty products in the haul
1. Ghost gift set Boots £16 | 2. Rose Hand Cream Superdrug 99p |3. Lipstick Topshop £8 | 4. Rimmel BB Cream Superdrug £6.99 | 5.Eye Shadow Brush Superdrug £4.99 | 6. Iridescent Eye Shadow Topshop £9 | 7. Lipstick Topshop £4 | 8. Highlighter MEMEME Cosmetics £5

One of the things I needed the buy in my post Christmas shopping spree was perfume. I usually receive perfume for Christmas but this year I didn't. My go to perfume is Ghost Deep Night and I would have bought that again had I not spotted this gift set in the boots sale. It's the latest Ghost fragrance and it smells amazing.

I've been dying to try some products from the Topshop beauty range and after reading a few good reviews of their lipsticks I bought two. The first is a gorgeous shimmery purple colour moderately priced at £8 and the second is a bright red I picked up in the sale for £4. The purple shade is perfect and I've been using it non stop since I bought it, the red on the other hand isn't really to my taste. While I was in Topshop I picked up this amazing eye shadow. I've never seen anything really like it before so I bought it and again I've been wearing it none stop.

I popped into superdrug to get some new BB Cream as I was almost out and bought some hand cream and another eye shadow brush. I get through hand cream like its going out of fashion so when I saw this one for 99p in the sale I couldn't leave it behind. Its beautifully packaged and smells amazing. I also picked up another eye shadow brush. I can't even think how many eye shadow brushes I now own but I always need more. I'm not that impressed with this brush so far as its very very soft and I don't feel like it picks up enough product, but maybe I'll warm to it after a few more uses.

The last thing I bought was actually an online purchase. At the Clothes Show Live I received a voucher for a either a free highlighter or a cheek tint from MEMEME Cosmetics. I already own one highlighter in a soft pink colour and love it, so I chose this gold shade as my free product. So far I'm really happy with it. I'm sure I'll try more products from MEMEME Cosmetics as I'm impressed with their products and over all service.

So that was a little roundup of the last few beauty products I've purchased. I don't do beauty hauls all that often but it's something I definitely want to feature more on my blog.

Have you picked up anything nice in the sales?

Thanks for reading!

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