I thought it was about time I did a proper Youtube video and where better to film it than in a fancy hotel room? 
For Sean's birthday I treated us to a nights stay at the Radisson Blu in Birmingham. The room was gorgeous and I knew I had to get some filming done here. I will be writing all about our lovely stay here so look out for that in a few weeks!

Unfortunately I managed to leave a few make up bits at home and had to rush to boots to grab a few new pieces. This why I don't have any eyeshadow brushes, what am I like! I also forgot to pick up my eyebrow stuff, my liquid eyeliner and my primer but I wasn't going to repurchase the lot so just picked up a cheap eyeliner from Miss Sporty and hoped for the best.

I decided to go for very sparkly eye without going over the top; I didn't want to look really made up but I still wanted to make an effort. For my eyes I used my brand new Body shop eyeshadows which I have fallen in love with over the last few weeks and the Maybelline Sensational Lash. This mascara was another new purchase and i'm so glad I picked it up. Its a pretty good dupe for the much more expensive Roller Lash, although I don't think it gives the lashes as much volume.

I'm not going to talk about the individual products in too much detail as I will be reviewing many of them over the next few weeks. For any of you who were wondering about the exact products I used in the video, here they are in order :

- TRESemme Heat Protection
- Simple Rich Moisturizer
- Bodyshop Eyeshadow #105 Oh, Honey
- Bodyshop Eyeshadow #002 Dazzling Sand
- Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner (on a boots eyeliner brush)
- Maybelline Lash Sensational
- Bodyshop BB Cream
- Collection Pressed Powder 
- Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eyeliner
- Maybelline Lipstick #625 Iced Caramel
- V05 High Volume Hairspray

For my outfit I chose my favorite floral playsuit from Asos and paired it with my gorgeous silver Zatchels bag. I didn't show my outfit details but I chose a simple silver necklace and bracelet to compliment the bag. You will have also briefly seen my new Lingerie from Sipsey which I couldn't help but show, you might remember the post I wrote about their opening night. I recently went back to the shop for a proper fitting and came away with that gorgeous set.

I really hope you enjoyed this video, I certainly enjoyed making it! Let me know what you think, would you like to see more videos like this?

Thanks for watching/ Reading!


Get Ready With Me | Sean's Birthday

1.  Long walks with Sean
2.  Hot bubble baths
3.  Buying a new piece of clothing that I fall in love with and wear all the time
4.  Exploring new places
5.  Friday/ Payday 
6.  Eating good food
7.  Waking up hours before my alarm goes off and knowing I can sleep some more
8.  Lying on the beach
9.  Listening to Radio 1 in the morning
10.  Walking barefoot on the grass
11.  Day trips to London
12.  Receiving orders in the post I had forgotten about
13.  Sean playing with my hair
14.  Lazy Sunday mornings when I don't have work
15.  Taking photographs I'm proud of
16.  Holiday countdowns
17.  flowers on my windowsill
18.  Getting lost and usually too emotionally invested in a good book
19.  Watching Game of Thrones with Sean
20.  Long car/ train journeys
21.  Matching my shoes to my bags
22.  The feel of my skin when I've been regularly moisturizing 
23.  Falling into bed after a long day.
24.  Painting my nails and actually doing a good job of it
25.  The nervous/ exciting feeling I get the day before a holiday

26.  Watching endless Youtube videos on my days off
27.  Waking up next to Sean
28.  Very loud music
29.  Buying new makeup
30.  Discovering new blogs
31.  Saving money to go on holiday
32.  Wasting hours of my life on Instagram
33.  Waking up and realizing it's my day off
34.  Talking about the future and all the exciting things I'll get to do someday
35.  Discovering a new song and playing it nonstop 
36.  Taking my makeup off
37.  Long hot showers on a cold day
38.  Cool relaxing showers on a hot day
39.  Getting my eyeliner flicks to look half decent
40.  Looking through old holiday photos and remembering all the good times
41.  Clocking off work
42.  Staying up super late just because I can
43.  Holding hands
44.  Watching creepy videos on Youtube and being too scared to move
45.  Snuggling up in my onesie 
46.  Taking a decent Selfie first time
47.  Writing a blog post that I'm really proud of
48.  Peach Ice Tea
49.  Making friends with all the animals
50.  Seeing the world

Thanks for reading!


50 Things That Make Me Smile

So a few weeks ago I ran out of perfume. I wear perfume most days so I get through a lot of it and it doesn't come cheap. Usually I will have nice scents bought for me for Christmas or my Birthday so I usually just wait until then to get something new. As my birthday is just over a month away I decided to put off buying anything expensive and purchase some cheap body spray. 
After a little browse in boots I discovered Soap & Glory stock a nice selection of scents so I decided I wanted to test one out. I love Soap & Glory products, I use them all the time, especially their Hand Food moisturizer. After spraying a few of them I opted for 'Mist You Madly' in the 100ml size. This side retails at an amazing £4 which I think is an absolute bargain.
The body spray comes in a cute little pink bottle that just shouts 'I'm a Soap & Glory product!'. Its the perfect size for me as I can just pop it in my handbag and its 100ml so I would have no problems taking it in my hand luggage if I were to go on holiday. The scent itself is very sweet and not something I would usually go for but for some reason I was drawn to it. On the website the body mist is described as 'an opulent floral spray with a glamorous twist. The scent is almost sickly but fresh at the same time, like a flower shop full of exotic plants. The product contains a range of oils from Patchouli to Bergamot, as well as notes of Freesia and Magnolia. The body mist also contains Vanilla which surprised me I literally cant stand anything Vanilla scented, but I cant smell it at all in this product.Since I've bought it I haven't really left the spray at home, its always in my bag ready to be used. I love the mixture of sickly floral scents and I would not hesitate to repurchase this product. I would love to try out the other scents in this range as they are very affordable and just as strong as perfume. I think its a good sized product, although I would love to see them come out with a bigger version I could leave at home. I really enjoy using this product and I would easily give it a 9/10.
                      Have you tried any of the Soap & Glory body sprays?                                             Thanks for reading!                                                      xxx                           Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Bloglovin

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly

I'm a big fan of scented products, if it smells nice I want it, so it should come as no surprise that I am also a candle hoarder. My room is full of all sorts of half used candles, big ones, small ones, some in jars, some on stands, I have a lot. Every few months I will be temped into buying new candles without ever finishing the old ones, so saying I have a collection is a bit of an understatement. I'm actually on candle buying ban at the moment and noone is allowed to purchase them for me either as I am seriously running out of room. I know a lot of people, just like me love candles, after all they are relaxing and smell amazing! So I thought I would dedicate a post to my most recent favorite candles, no doubt I will have new ones to show you soon! 

1. Amber & Lavender, Flamingo Candle - Before Christmas I had never even heard of Flamingo Candles, but after browsing one of their stalls at the Clothes Show Live, I became obsessed. I loved the packaging and everything about these new candles just screamed 'BUYME!'. I resisted temptation that time but when they had an online sale in January I lost all self control and treated me and Sean to some of the most beautiful scents imaginable. I opted for the Amber & Lavender and Sean went for something with Vanilla as usual. My candle reminds me of strong men's aftershave but in a good way. It such a prominent scent and I don't think I've ever known a candle that gives off a smell as powerfully as this one.

2. Ho Ho Ho, Our Own Candle Company - I picked up this adorable little thing on my latest holiday to Wales. We were staying just outside of Saundersfoot near Tenby. I love little Seaside towns like this as they have the cutest independent shops. I noticed a whole wall of these candles in a small homeware shop I was browsing. I'd never heard of the brand before but the candles were just too cute and I couldn't leave without buying one. There were so many scents to choose from, it took me ages to pick. I eventually opted for 'Ho Ho Ho' a Christmas candle. Although its a very festive candle its scent reminds me more of old National Trust houses when they have a herb garden or a fire on in the kitchen. Its a gorgeous scent that I will happily inhale all year round.

3. Sicilian Lemon, Yankee Candle - There had to be a Yankee Candle in this list somewhere, they are just so well loved. I own a lot of Yankee Candles, they are easily the most popular and well known on the market. They do more scents than any other candle company I know and despite being rather pricey, I am more than happy to fork out on one. This is my most recent Yankee Candle purchase and easily my favorite. I decided I wanted a lemon scented candle and I knew I would get a good quality one from Yankee Candle. Little did I know that they actually have several lemon scented candles and I had to smell them all until I found the one I wanted. I chose Sicilian Lemon as its a beautiful sickly sweet scent that reminded me of Mediterranean holidays and lemon flavored gummy slices. This one really is happiness in a jar.

So those are my current favorite candles. I tried my best to describe their beautiful scents, each very different from the last. I try to never buy the same candle twice as I really love trying out new scents and discovering new candle company's. I'd love to hear about your favorite candles, for when I've exhausted some of mine and have made room for new ones!

I really enjoyed writing this post so let me know if you'd like to see more homeware or anything similar on the blog!

Thanks for reading!


My Favorite Candles

Denim Jacket from Primark (Similar Here)
Floral Peplum Top from Forever 21 (Similar Here)
White Trainers from New Look (Here) 
Jeggings from Marks & Spencer (Similar Here)
Statement Necklace from New Look (Here)
Sunglasses from River Island 

This is an outfit I just kind of thew together one day to go shopping. I wanted to wear something comfy and casual and I really wanted to wear my new denim jacket. I'd been on the hunt for a well fitting denim jacket for a while but all the nice ones seemed for be around £30 and honestly I didn't want to pay that much for an item I wasn't sure I would wear a lot. I stumbled across this little beauty in Primark for just £14 and I knew it had to be mine.I think it fits really well and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it this summer, I've even been thinking about getting some cute patches for it. 

I decided to style it up with an old floral peplum top from forever 21 and a pair of light denim jeggings. I'm also wearing my new favorite statement necklace from New Look that you can't see too well in the photos. I never really thought I would be able to pull off the 'double denim' thing but I really liked the outfit so I just went with it. I popped on my cheap New Look Converse style trainers and I was ready to go!

What do you think of double denim? Did I pull it off or should I stop living in a dream world?

Thanks for reading!


OOTD | Double Denim

I just want to start by saying I never thought I'd put a photo of myself without makeup on the internet, but there it is for everyone to see (Last picture) even if most of my face is covered in mud! Since starting my blog my confidence has only grown and that's because of you guys and the positive comments and tweets you send me!

Now onto the actual review...You might have seen this product featured in my May Favorites. Its become a strong staple product for me that I have been using at least once a week for the past for months. Even Sean uses it sometimes and I'm sure he would vouch for its magical powers. 

 I've used this product for years now, mom always used to buy me the boxes of one use packets which seemed to last forever. I thought it was time to just buy the full sized face mask as I knew I loved the product and I can just use exactly what I need. The 75ml product retails at £3 which is amazing considering the amount of product you get and how long it lasts. If you think about how much you pay for individual face mask packs you really are getting a lot for your money. I also really like the size of this product, its fairly small so it wouldn't take up a lot of room in your suitcase if you were going on holiday and if you really wanted you could put it in your hand luggage as its under 100ml.

One thing I want to mention is the scent of this product. As you all know I love good smelling products and this face mask smells so pretty. Its a sweet musky scent, very similar to shaving foam? Its hard to explain but I love the smell and it stays on your face for hours. I know not everyone likes scented products but I thought it was worth mentioning for those who do.

This face mask claims to absorb oils and minimize pores and it really does, my face always feels so clean and fresh after using this face mask. I feel like I've gotten such a good cleanse without scrubbing at my face with exfoliating wash. This mask also leaves my face feeling smooth and literally soft as a baby's bum, or so I'm told, I didn't fancy putting it to the test.

After using this product I feel as though my face has been thoroughly moisturized. Although it doesn't claim to be a moisturizing product I do think it helps but that could be down to the fact that it takes all the dirt and dead skin away. Saying that I would always use a good moisturizer even after using this product as its just a force of habit.

I love using this product, especially as I'm winding down for the night. Its a relaxing treatment that leaves my skin soft, smooth and almost glowing. I think its a bargain at just £3 when much more expensive products give you virtually the same effect and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone so for that reason I would give it a 9/10.

Have you tried any of the Avon face Masks?

Thanks for reading!


Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying Face Mask

Last week whilst on a little shopping trip I popped into New Look. Its always been one of my favorite places to shop especially for shoes, 'wide fit' section I'm looking at you! But on my most recent visit I noticed they now sell a nice selection of beauty products and I wasn't leaving without picking up a few bits! I cant find any information about when or why New Look started their own beauty range but it must be to compete with the well loved Topshop Beauty range. 

A lot of clothes stores seem to be trying their hand at beauty lately. Topshop's beauty range has been around for 5 years this year and Primark has also established a nice cheap beauty range for girls on a budget. I own a few Topshop beauty products and I love them. I also own a few bits from Primark and although the quality obviously isn't as good, for the price I cant complain. With that in mind I wanted to test out some bits from New Look and I think its fair to say that quality and price wise they fit in the middle.
My first impression of the new New Look make up was a good one. The packaging was simple but quite sophisticated and not at all tacky. Considering this range is probably aimed at teenage girls I expected it to feature a lot more pink but I was pleasantly surprised. The pricing was also the next thing I noticed. Everything I looked at was under £5 with most products retailing at around £3.99. This makes it slightly more expensive that Primark and around half the price of similar Topshop products. 

There seems to be a nice selection of beauty products that can be found in many different colours. I picked up a pretty little pink lipstick in shade 'Sweet Rose' and a very shimmery single eyeshadow in 'Cream'. I've used both of these products a few times now and although the quality isn't amazing I do like them and I will probably repurchase them in different shades. I'll review both products in a few weeks so keep a look out for that! 

So what do you think of New Look's own beauty range? Would you buy it?

Thanks for reading!


New Look Pure Colour Beauty

A couple of weeks ago my family and I visited Berkley Castle near Gloucester. We've always loved castles and wanted to go to one on our day off, so when I discovered this one had its own butterfly farm I knew this was the one we needed to visit. We arrived just before 11am and headed straight to the butterfly farm. Adult Entrance is £10 for the castle and the butterfly house but you can pay for just the butterfly farm if you want. A little tip when paying, if you can, gift aid your ticket. It doesn't cost you any more but the people who run castle are able to claim money from the government to keep the place going and you get a free return ticket too.

Just after 11am we went into the butterfly house. I've always loved walking around butterfly farms in the zoo and I was just as happy be in this one. Its quite a small butterfly house but there were lots of butterfly's and they were happy to land on you, not something I've come across before. It didn't take too long for us to become ridiculously hot so we decided to move on to the actual castle.

By now it was lunch time so we grabbed a bite to eat before the next guided tour started. The tour was actually really good, it was a lot longer than I expected and the tour guide clearly loved his job and new a lot about the castle. There's a lot of interesting history and amazing architecture at Berkley, I'd really love to take Sean back to see it next time. It took about an hour and a half to go round the castle and I didn't feel rushed at all. After the tour we decided to have a little wonder about the grounds and sit by the fountain for a bit just enjoying the day. 

After walking around for a while we headed back to the butterfly house for one last look before making our way into Gloucester, I'd never been before and mom wanted to see the Cathedral. Churches don't really do it for me but mom loves the architecture and could spend hours looking at all the little details. After we'd had a look round the shops and let mom wander the Cathedral we headed to Tewksbury to grab some dinner.

Thanks for reading!


Berkley Castle and Butterfly Farm

Have you ever tried to take a good quality photo of a hamster before? No? Well this is the result of a good half an hour of photo taking, not great I know. But never mind about that, this little beauty is Delilah my sisters new hamster. As you know our dog died in March and since then there has been a little pet shaped hole in our hearts. We all miss blue like mad and getting a new dog is an option we're toying with, but its still a long way from happening.

On Sunday Hannah took matters into her own hands and surprised us all by bringing home a little hamster. We've always had small pets so we already had a lot of stuff for it and we know how to care for her properly. Although shes only been with us a few days I think it safe to say were all pretty smitten with her and we are excited to look after her for the next few years!

Thanks for reading!


Meet Delilah

1. Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying Face Mask - I've been using this face mask for a while now after always using the miniatures my mom would buy me. I decided to pick up the full sized product as its only around £3 and it will last me ages. Although I only get chance to use this about once a week I've noticed the appearance of my skin has significantly improved. My face feels softer and thoroughly  cleansed after using this product and I can definitely see myself repurchasing when it runs out. Its not a very big product so it would be perfect for taking on holiday too.

2. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Shadow Brush - I've noticed I don't really feature my makeup brushes on here a lot and since I use a few of them daily I thought they deserved the spotlight for once. This little beauty was bought for me for Christmas along with several others and I've been using it none stop since. I use this to apply my nude matte eye shadow everyday for work and its brilliant. It picks up a nice amount of product and is really gentle on my skin.

3. Real Techniques Expect Face Brush - Another gift from Sean and another product I use daily. I use this brush to apply foundation to my forehead,chin and down towards my neck. I find it a lot easier to use than a typical foundation brush as it makes blending effortless. It has beautifully thick soft bristles that are of such a good quality and it doesnt pull on the skin.

4. Soap & Glory Hand Food - I had to feature this hand cream as it has worked miracles over the last year. I reviewed it a few weeks back and I'm still loving it now. Its the best hand cream I've ever used and believe me I have tried out quite a few moisturizers in my time. It also smells amazing and sinks into the skin quickly which is great for when I use it at work. Its only £2.50 for a 50ml travel sized product which I find it perfect for popping in your bag and using on the go. I couldn't recommend this product enough.

So those are my May beauty favorites. I've love to hear what you've been using this month!

Thanks for reading!


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May Beauty Favorites

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to be invited down to the launch party for a brand new lingerie shop in Solihull, Sipsey Lingerie. The store which opened officially on Friday stocks a wide variety of luxury underwear for all shapes and sizes so that every woman can feel comfortable and supported. 

Upon entering the event that evening I was greeted by Elena the PR representative and Sukhy Nijjar the owner of the new boutique. Both women were extremely welcoming and happy to answer any questions I had about the store. Sukhy explained to me that before opening she did a lot of research and went to the Paris Trade show to handpick her favorite pieces for the shop. I loved the idea of this as you can see just how much she has put into the store and it gives it such a personal feel, unlike larger chain stores.

I also got to spend a bit of time with Elena who took me around the different sections and told me more about the individual brands on sale. I noticed there were many different styles available and the prices were also varied meaning there is something for everyone. Some of my favorite pieces on show were the beautifully delicate nude and neon L'Agent bras, a sister brand to Agent Provocateur. I also took a shine to the black cleavage enhancing Gossard bras shown in the last picture. 

Sispey also stock a lovely range of nightwear, something I didn't expect before I went to the event. From sexy skimpy little pieces to cute flannel sets they sell all styles. Another surprise to me whilst looking around was the range of perfumes for sale. On a small side table stood a display of Altearah Bio perfumes, a company I hadn't previously heard of. Each of their perfumes has its own colour which in turn has its own mood, and the colour you are most drawn to is the scent you should go for. I was lucky enough to receive a sample perfume that I'm sure I will review in time.
Just after 7pm the music was turned down and we listened to a speech from the Mayor of Solihull who was thrilled to have more independent shops opening in the city. It was then Sukhys turn to talk about how much the store meant to her and how grateful she is for everyone's help. After that we were treated to a short fashion walk displaying some of the best pieces from the range. Although they looked beautiful on the hangers it was nice to see how the lingerie actually fitted. 

As well as stocking a nice variety of lounge wear, nightwear, hosiery and shapewear Sipsey offer a personalized fitting service which I am hoping to put to the test in the future. 

Thank you to everyone at Sipsey Lingerie for such a lovely evening and a goodie bag full of treats, I hope to be back soon!

Thanks for reading!


Sipsey Lingerie Launch Party

Last week Sean and I decided to go for dinner at the Pizza Express in Brindley Place. We had been shopping all day and couldn't wait to dive into some delicious food. Sean really wanted to eat at Pizza Express and as I can't say no to pizza that's where we ended up. I have only ever eaten at one Pizza Express before and that was when we went to London back in November. I enjoyed my meal but not as much as I should have so I was looking forward to trying a different pizza and giving the restaurant another shot. 

Price - I'll start with the price as this is pretty important. I think Pizza Express is quite pricey, with pizzas averaging around £10 or £11 you wont have a cheap night out. The pizza I chose was £10.60 and honestly it wasn't all that big. That being said it did fill me up and I was happy to leave without dessert. The drinks can also end up quite expensive as most of them are bottled. Unlike many similar restaurants Pizza Express don't have a 'bottomless' option and if like me you enjoy a few drinks with your meal this can quickly add up.I enjoyed my meal but I would only choose to eat here occasionally as I can get a lot more for my money in other places. But don't let that put you off going because good quality food doesn't come cheap anywhere. If you are planning a trip here any time soon don't forget to bring your NUS student card as you can get up to 40% off your meal some days which makes this place quite affordable!

Service - We headed down late on Saturday night and the place was surprisingly not all that busy. We were seated straight away and right by the window as I requested. I always want a window seat as I get super anxious if I'm seated in the middle of a restaurant, there's a fun fact for you. Our waiter was friendly and happy to answer any questions I had about the pizzas and whether we could use our student discount. After ordering our food came extremely quickly. Literally 10 minutes after placing our order it was there in front of us, cooked to perfection and beautifully presented. It didn't take us too long to wolf our dinner down and our plates were soon cleared away. It did unfortunately take quite a while for our waiter to bring the bill but that is my only complaint.
Food/ Drink Quality - Pizza Express unlike similar restaurants has such a homemade feel about it. Although I know its a chain restaurant my pizza looked like it could have been made by a little Italian woman in her kitchen, that's a good thing in case you were wondering. Everything looked fresh and good quality not to mention how full of flavor everything was. I chose the Leggera Pollo ad Astra and Sean opted for the Sloppy Giuseppe, I can't speak for Sean but my pizza was delicious and under 500 calories! Last time I ate at Pizza Express I had a chicken pizza and I knew I wanted something similar again as the chicken was the best part and I wasn't disappointed this time as it was once again cooked beautifully. We also chose a side of coleslaw which could have easily passed for being handmade. It had a slight tang to it but it was still very tasty went well with our pizzas.
Cleanliness - When we arrived at our table it was clean and we had fresh cutlery and napkins. There were no signs of any previous guests and the restaurant in general seemed to be very clean. The floor was clear and the tables were tidied very quickly. Unlike other restaurants I've visited lately even the restrooms were kept very clean even though they seemed to be busy. Overall I was quite impressed with the cleanliness in the restaurant.

Location - The Pizza Express at Brindley Place is quite central and very easy to get to. Its around a 10/15 minute walk from the Bullring and close to bus stops and taxi ranks. There is a Pizza Express in the Bullring for those of you who aren't willing to walk but that closes at 8:30pm most nights. This restaurant is also located next to Broad Street, the ICC and short walk from the NIA so it would be a nice place to start the night. 

Overall I enjoyed my meal at the Brindley Place Pizza Express. My pizza was full of flavor and I didn't feel like I'd over done it when I left. Although it can be fairly pricey, with the right discounts you can eat for a reasonable price and with that in mind I would eat here again. 

Now I've written a few restaurant reviews I love to hear about your favorite places to eat. Whether they are small independent cafes or you favorite chain restaurant let me know where your 'go to' place is!

Thanks for reading!

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Pizza Express Brindley Place Review

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