Well, it's that time of year again. Time to fold away our summer clothes and start wearing jumpers with everything! But actually don't put everything away just yet, you might be able to carry some of your favourite summer styles through to autumn with just 1 staple piece! If there's one item of clothing I seem to collect its plain black roll neck tops. Why? They're not a particularly special item to have? And that's true but they do go with absolutely everything!

Grace is standing in front of the camera wearing a black roll neck top. Only her torso up is visible.

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you have to do is stock up on roll neck tops and you'll have a wardrobe full of basic stylish pieces you can work into virtually every outfit. Don't believe me? Well, I've styled up my favourite black roll neck top 6 different ways to prove it really does go with pretty much everything and it can help you carry your summer styles through the cooler months!

Here is 1 roll neck top 6 ways...

Tucked into jeans, culottes, skirts etc

One of the easiest ways to style the top is by simply wearing it as it's meant to be. The cut and the colour of the roll neck top make it a very easy piece to add to an outfit. Here I've worn it with a pair of high waisted jeans (this is probably my favourite of the 6 outfits), a pair of black culottes which I think could work for multiple occasions including work, and tucked into one of my many midi skirts. I also think all three of these outfits could be worn all year round.

Grace is wearing a black roll neck top tucked into a pair of blue high waisted jeans. On her feet she is wearing a pair of black converse.
Grace is wearing a black roll neck top tucked in to a brown snakeskin print midi skirt.
Grace is wearing a black roll neck top tucked into a pair of plain black culottes. On her feet she is wearing a pair of plain black loafers

Worn underneath tops, playsuits and more!

Another way I've styled the roll neck top is by layering it underneath something else. Like many others at the moment, I'm struggling to pack away my summer wardrobe ( I've barely had a chance to wear it this year after all!) so I'm doing what I can to extend the life of my favourite pieces.

Grace is wearing a plain black roll neck top underneath a burnt orange spaghetti strap vest. She is also wearing a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a pair of black shoes
Grace is wearing a black roll neck top underneath a leopard print vest. Both tops are tucked into a plain black skater skirt.
Grace is wearing a black roll neck top underneath a long black and red floral playsuit.

Here I've layered the roll neck underneath a thin playsuit which would make it wearable throughout the winter months. I've also popped it underneath two spaghetti strap tops which means I'll be able to wear these on chiller days too! Even in the warmer months I often layer t-shirts and such underneath sleeveless tops to give me a little extra coverage when I'm feeling self-conscious about my arms. 

- Shop roll neck tops -

So those are just some of the ways you too can style up a pretty basic roll neck top to create several different outfits!

Do you have a staple piece that you can wear with absolutely everything? Let me know what it is in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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Two of the previous style images repeated. Below them text reads "1 roll neck top 6 ways'

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As much as I hate to admit it, Autumn is well and truly upon us. The days of lounging about in the glorious sunshine have been swiftly swapped for layering up coats and jumpers so we can stay in the pub beer garden just a little bit longer. And this Autumn it looks like going outside will have to be the new staying in with the rona still running rampant throughout the UK.

So the darker nights and the chilly weather requires a whole new wardrobe right? I mean you wouldn't want to be caught out in the cold now would you? And don't worry, I've gathered together a tonne of discount codes from some of the most popular online stores so you can save a few pennies when purchasing your new Autumn looks.

Grace is sitting on a wooden stool. She is wearing a pair of black ripped jeans and a white chunky jumper ready for the autumn weather

So without any further ado, here are some of the items you absolutely must have this Autumn...


Working Asos discount codes & offers:

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  • 10% student discount


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  • 30% student discount

New Look

Working New Look discount codes & offers:

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Working Topshop voucher codes & offers:

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  • 20% off all jeans - No code needed
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Working H&M discount codes & offers:

  • 10% off your first purchase when you become a member
  • 20% student discount


Working Monki voucher codes & offers:

  • Up to 50% off in the Monki sale
  • 10% off first order when you sign up to the newsletter
  • 11% student discount 

So those were the pieces I think you need this Autumn! See something you like? Hopefully you can save a few quid using the discounts above! 

What are your Autumn must haves?

Thanks for reading!

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In case you missed it, its Second Hand September! Which means that this month I have only bought second hand clothes to help reduce the impact of fast fashion on the environment. But I haven't restricted my shopping to charity shops and eBay, oh no, I've been looking for more innovative ways to shop second hand fashion! 

A couple of months ago I happened upon a fairly new online venture - The Big Sister Swap. According to their website "Big Sister Swap is the world's only online personalised Swapping service, letting you send in your unwanted clothes and receive handpicked preloved clothes in return." Sounds pretty good right? So I put the service to the test...

Pile of folded second hand clothes
The bundle of second hand clothes I was sent in my swap

How does Big Sister Swap work?

To swap your clothes you simply purchase a swap in their online store. You can choose between a starter swap, a 1 kg swap, a 2 kg, or a super swap. They even have a swap option for children's items, which is a great idea as kids are forever growing out of perfectly good clothes!

Once you have purchased your swap you will receive an email with the address to send your unwanted clothes and accessories to. Weigh them, wrap them up well and send them on their way to their new home. You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire about the types of goodies you want and the styles you like - this is the fun part. The questionnaire will give the Big Sister Swap team an idea of your taste but after that, it's up to them to supply the treats! After you've sent in your pre-loved items and finished the survey you just wait for your swap to arrive. This can sometimes take a while. 

a pair of black culottes and a green skirt hanging from a wardrobe door
A pair of black culottes and a leopard print skirt sent in the swap

My experience with the Big Sister Swap...

I ordered the 1kg swap, as I thought this would give me a good selection of second hand goodies. There was also an offer on this type of swap as there often is so keep a look out for deals! After purchasing my swap I completed the questionnaire which I thought was pretty thorough. I was asked questions such as my dress size, my favourite prints, and which styles I liked the best. Near the end of the questionnaire, you are also asked if there are any items you don't want to receive and your Instagram account so the team can get a really good idea of what you like to wear.

Wearing the black culottes

A couple of weeks passed before my swap arrived, they say this happens occasionally as they need to source specific items and sizes. This didn't bother me however as I'd rather they take their time putting my haul together than whacking in any old item in my size.

a black floral dress and a white jumper hanging from a wardrobe door
A black floral dress and a white jumper which were sent in the swap

On opening my Big Sister Swap package I was pleasantly surprised to see I had been sent 6 items:

- 1 vintage handmade dress

- 1 Monsoon dress

- 1 black floral dress

- 1 leopard print skirt

- 1 pair of Topshop Culottes

- 1 white jumper

A handmade dress and a Monsoon dress which were sent in the swap

Straight away I knew a few of the items weren't to my taste but that was the risk I took when I signed up for a blind swap service. I knew I had the option to return the unwanted clothes in exchange for other mystery items but in all honesty, I couldn't be bothered as it would probably be easier for me to just sell them on my own Depop. Would I have been happier exchanging them? Potentially, and if there was anything I thought was damaged or bad quality I would have, but the clothes were fine, I just didn't like all of them!

Out of the 6 second hand items I was sent by Big Sister Swap there are two that I will be keeping - the handmade dress and the culottes. Neither were items I would pick up myself but actually after I styled them up my way I quite like them. In all honesty, I thought the handmade dress was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen when it first came out of the package so I was surprised to find that I liked it once I tried it on.

Wearing the handmade dress

Would I do a second hand swapping service again?

Even though not all of the clothes were to my taste I think this is something I would do again. Fashion is all about having fun and trying new things, and actually doing a swap like this was fun! Yes its a risk as you might end up with a haul of pre-loved clothes you hate, but you always have the option to send them back for more mystery items so you can't lose really!

Would you ever try a second hand swapping service like this?

Thanks for reading!

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So you've seen #SecondHandSeptember trending and you want to get involved, but due to your busy lifestyle or the lingering threat of coronavirus you'd like to participate at home? Fear not as I've rounded up the best ways to take part in the Second Hand September challenge from the comfort of your sofa!


So what is #SecondHandSeptember?

Secondhand September is an initiative or challenge to only purchase pre-owned goods throughout the month of September in a bid to combat the growing problem of fast fashion. 

I've decided to take part in this years Secondhand September as after reading some shocking statistics around fast fashion it makes sense to try and live more sustainably, and for any style lovers like myself, this means reducing the number of fast fashion pieces we buy.

Where can I buy second hand items online?

While nothing beats the thrill of mooching through a second hand shop filled with affordable treats, there are many places to pick up pre-loved goodies without stepping foot out your front door...



eBay is the original online auction site and one I have used for over 10 years now. Whether I'm buying or selling, eBay is my first port of call. I'll admit that you often have to trawl through a fair bit of shit before finding a hidden gem, but more often than not you'll find it at a bargain price. I also think eBay is one of the better sites when it comes to looking for specific items as it's search function is pretty damn good. If you're not already on the eBay hype, why not?!


Depop is an app that functions similarly to eBay however instead of auctioning items, the prices are set. Depop is mostly used by younger people are small businesses so I find that the prices are slightly higher on Depop than other reselling sites. 

Big Sister Swap

Big Sister Swap is a second hand swapping service where you send off your preloved clothes and accessories to receive other used items of the same weight in return. Swaps start from £5 for up to 3 second hand items. I thought this was a fantastic idea which is why I purchased a Big Sister Swap myself, but you'll have to wait to that second hand haul!


Online charity shops

Charity shops have gone digital! From Cancer Research, to The British Heart Foundation, most high street charity shops will have some sort of online shop nowadays. Although some of them seem to increase the price of items being sold online, many charity shops actually use eBay to sell goods so it's still possible to snap up some second hand treats this September at a reasonable price!

Online vintage shops

Vintage shopping has been the in-thing for a while now so it's no surprise that online vintage shops are growing in popularity. While I don't think you can top rummaging around a vintage store, you can still get your second hand clothing fix online, and without that smell - you know what I mean.

There are tonnes of online vintage stores in the UK but some of the popular ones are; Cow, Beyond Retro, Brag, and Thrifted. Depop also features a lot of vintage fashion that will likely be more affordable than online vintages stores.


Selfridges selling second hand fashion? Since when? Selfridges have partnered with Oxfam to promote Second Hand September with a pop-up store in their Oxford Street branch, but you won't just find pre-loved items in their high street store, they are also selling second hand items online! The second hand fashion for sale on the Selfridges website is all designer, meaning most of it is still unaffordable for the masses however it's great to see a major brand getting on board with something like this. 

So those are some of the best ways to get involved in #SecondHandSeptember without even leaving home!

You can also recycle your own clothes from home this September through eBay, Depop, and by requesting a collection bag from charities, though not all donations make it to your prefered charity this way so always read the small print!

Are you taking part in Second Hand September this month?

Thanks for reading!

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