I have been layering everything in my wardrobe lately! I don't know what it is about sticking a top underneath another top, but I just really love the way it looks. Especially in the summer if I want to wear a strapless top but I'm not confident enough, I just whack a T-shirt underneath and the jobs a good'un! 

With this in mind, it only made sense to invest in a staple mesh top I can wear undeath multiple items of clothing. I went for something simple and long-sleeved so that it would be a super versatile piece.

Mesh top laying flat with jewellery on top of it

So here are 3 ways to style a mesh top...

1. Over a vest top

Wearing a black skater skirt, a black mesh top, and black heeled boots

The first way I've chosen to style the mesh top is over a plain black vest top. It's a super simple look that can be worn with jeans or a skirt. I've chosen to pair it with a plain black skater skirt and some heeled boots to create an outfit I'd likely wear on a night out. 

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2. Under a cami top

Wearing a leopard print cami top with a black mesh top underneath

Like I said previously, I'm not always confident enough to wear sleeveless tops (which is silly I know) so I'll often pair them with t-shirts to cover my bingo wings. My arms are something I'm working on loving, but until I do, I'm happy to wear this mesh top underneath my cute cami's. 

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3. Underneath a strappy dress or jumpsuit 

Wearing a floral playsuit with a black mesh top underneath

This is probably my favourite look of the three and one that can easily be dressed up or down. Here I've paired the mesh top with my favourite Topshop jumpsuit. I never wear this jumpsuit without some sort of top underneath it but this might be the nicest top I've worn underneath. The mesh top helps to cover my insecurities without taking away from the super low v-neck which I love.

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So those were the 3 ways I would style a mesh top! 

Which outfit is your favourite?

Thanks for reading!

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At the start of the month I wrote a blog post about shopping sustainably and how and why I'm doing it. Along with buying second hand clothes, and selling on my unwanted clothes, I've also started 'shopping my own wardrobe' a lot more too.

"What on earth is shopping your own wardrobe?" I hear you say! Well to me it's basically digging out those pieces you haven't worn in forever and giving them a new lease of life! For me it also means actually wearing the clothes which have been sat in my wardrobe with the tags on for months, oops!

Full length shot wearing a white tshirt and a black midi skirt
Close up of tshirt and embroidered detail which reads ''love is enough''

This t-shirt is actually one of those items. I bought it forever ago when H&M released their William Morris collection as I just had to have something from the collection and most of it was too long on me! It's actually a pretty gorgeous embroidered top that I just haven't really wanted to wear yet?

Well I finally styled it up with this pretty midi skirt from Asos and honestly I love the look. I liked it so much that I just had to head out to the park to get some snappy snaps of the outfit. Actually the first person I passed at the park stopped me to say she loved what I was wearing! That doesn't happen very often to me and it honestly made my day!

Half body shot of the outfit showing my head down to my waist
Close up of black leather handbag

Apart from the skirt, which I admit is new (but it has pockets, come on!) every other part of my outfit is pretty damn old. But they don't feel like old pieces to me, because I've mixed in a new item and an item I haven't worn before!

So how else can you 'shop your own wardrobe'? Well a fun way to mix things up is by getting a little crafty. I'm forever chopping up t-shirts to make them slightly cropped, which not only makes them look better on my short arse body, but also gives them a completely new vibe! In the past I've also dyed older clothes new colours and ripped jeans that were already on their way out. There's no end to the kind of things you can do to your old clothes to make them feel new again!

- Shop the look -
(or shop your own wardrobe for the look if you can!)

Shopping sustainably, and reusing clothes as much as possible is something I'm really going to make an effort to do in the coming months because it just makes sense!

Thanks for reading!

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I've loved vintage fashion for years. There's just something satisfying about wearing unique, high quality pieces of clothing that you didn't pick up in your local primark. As kids we would always be mooching through charity shops and car boot sales for treats and while I was embarrassed about that when I was younger, it's something I've learnt to embrace over the years.

What baby Grace didn't know when she was younger, was that second hand fashion would become extremely popular and even encouraged as more and more people started to understand the effects fast fashion has on the world. If you'd have told me rummaging through Cancer Research with my Nan would be in the 'in thing' when I was a teenager I would have never believed you, but here we are.

Outfit photo wearing a white pleated vintages skirt and a white floral blouse

So why am I paying more attention to sustainable fashion? It comes down to a few reasons really. The fast fashion industry has been my friend for a really long time. I loved the days I could nip into Primark and come out with a whole outfit for a tenner, and whilst I won't be giving up that kind of shopping completely I am trying to reduce it. 

One of the big reasons is the environmental impact. A quick google search will throw up hundreds of articles based around the impact the fashion industry has on our planet, and the stats are pretty shocking to say the least. According to an article on the Business Insider, the fashion industry accounts for 10% of our carbon emissions. And if that doesn't concern you, the fact that 85% of textiles end up in a landfill should - thats a lot of clothes.

I would highly recommend giving that article 5 minutes of your time because the data will likely take you by surprise. I know it shocked me. 

For me there are also a couple of less important reasons for moving away from fast fashion. One is the cost. Second hand clothes in general are a lot cheaper than buying brand new, unless you specifically go to a vintage store of course. Older clothes are generally a lot better quality too and will also last much longer. Things were just made to last back in the day.

Outfit photo wearing a white pleated vintage skirt and a white floral blouse

I would say the last reason, and the most important reason for me, after the environmental cost, would be having something unique. When you buy vintage or second hand, it's likely that you will have something no one else does. I can't even count the amount of second hand bags I've bought and loved over the years that I know no one else will have.

So apart from buying second hand, what else am I doing to embrace sustainable fashion? Well I won't be giving up my Primark trips, or Asos orders anytime soon, but I will reduce the amount I purchase 'just because it's cheap'. Too many times I've picked up a bag full of items I didn't really need just because I could, and I'd never even wear them! 

I also recycle my own clothes and bags when I can. I send a fair amount of stuff to charity shops and I also sell on a lot of my older things too, because ya girl has to fund her habits someway. Sometimes things are too worn to donate to charities to resell, however a lot of my local charity shops use a scheme where they can sell things on as rags, so it's always worth asking your local shop if they participate in a scheme like that so you don't even have to throw ripped or damaged clothes away.

Shopping sustainably is something I've been trying to get more into lately and I'd encourage anyone who is concerned about the environment to do the same. 

Thanks for reading!

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Now who doesn't love a good sale? I bloody love a sale and it seems that my favourite online retailer, Asos, have them all the time! So you could go and wade through all the rubbish in the Asos sale, as lets be honest, Asos specialise in questionable items of clothing, or you could simply scroll down the page to discover my top picks from the sale that never ends.

Just so you know the links used in the post below are affiliate links because ya girl has got to get her 7p commision and all that.

As I'm good to you all I've popped my picks into categories so everything is super easy to find. You're welcome.

Oh and I've also included a cheeky little Asos discount code at the bottom of this page. Don't say I never treat you to anything! 

So here are the BEST items in the current Asos sale...

- Tops - 

- Jeans & Trousers -

- Dresses -

- Knitwear -

- Skirts -

- Shoes -

- Bags -

Right now there is also 20% off everything on Asos using the discount code ASOSXBUMBLE or OURTYPE (either will work but you can't use both, soz). You'll be able to use either of these discount codes until 8pm 12.11.19.

So those were my absolute fave picks from the current Asos sale! Did you treat yourself to anything nice? Show me your bargains over on Twitter!

Now because I love a bit of a laugh I thought I would do another round up of Asos sale items, but this time with a bit of a twist. I've also collected up the most useless, vile, and downright ugly items you can unfortunately buy right now on Asos. Well we all need a giggle after we've pissed our wages up the Asos sale wall don't we???

So without any further ado, here is the absolute worst Asos has to offer right now!

Think you can beat my silly Asos items? Please feel free to tag me in any of the random shite you find yourself faced with on the Asos website, we all know it's full of it nowadays don't we ha?!

Thanks for reading!

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I have got the summertime sadness bad. I'm home, it's raining, and my summer holiday is well and truly in the past. How gutting is that? I would honestly give my left arm to be back exploring in the spanish sun but instead I'm sat on my sofa binge watching love island and editing blog photos. Welcome back to reality.

So let's have a little chat about these snappy snaps shall we?
Spain was HOT, like really hot. I mean obviously because it's Spain, but I was super toasty all week which meant one thing, I dressed for comfort. I'm a big fan of comfort dressing as it is to be totally honest, but when you're walking around in 30 degree heat and your whole body is sweating the last thing you want is to be wearing clingy clothes. Enter the midi skirt.

Now I've always loved the look of midi skirts on others but they're not usually something I would reach for when out shopping. There's two reasons for that. The first is that I didn't really think they would suit me. As a bigger girl I guess I always thought that I should wear flattering clothes, I should wear clothes that slim me down or reveal a good chunk of leg. I think I just thought midi skirts would make me look larger than I was and they aren't sexy either really are they? As a chunky girl you are told by the media that you don't matter unless you're a sexy fat, unless you're a desirable fat, but you know what? Fuck that. I love this skirt and I look cute in it. 

The other reason I've avoided midi skirts is the chub rub. Come on girls you know what I'm talking about. The pain and embarrassment you feel when the top of your thighs rub each other red raw. I've been there many a time. Now in the UK it's usually mild enough to wack on a pair of nude tight and that mostly does the trick. But in the mediterranean wearing tights in that heat is just asking for trouble, so I usually consign myself to playsuits. That was until I discovered anti-chafe shorts.

I guess these have been around for a little while now, but I've clearly been living under a rock because I've only just managed to get my hands on a couple of pairs. The anti-chafe shorts that I'm wearing were kindly gifted from the Big Bloomers Company who do several different style of shorts. I received the Aztec Slip Shorts which retail at £15.95 and come in 6 different colours. 

The shorts are short enough that you can still wear high skirts and dresses, but low enough that they cover a good area of chafable (??? is that a word?) skin. They're also high waisted which is perfect for me as I find them more comfortable. I did find that I had to readjust the shorts every now and then as they did ride up slightly but I imagine any other similar products would do exactly the same unless they were held in place somehow. I did also find that the aztec pattern could ladder slightly if you aren't careful when pulling them up. This isn't a massive problem though, it just means you have to be a little more cautious when wearing the shorts. 

The shorts are designed so that you care wear them as underwear if you wish but honestly I just wore them over my pants as I only wanted to take one pair on holiday with me. They're also really easy to wash and dry as the material is fairy thin and lightweight which means they dried in no time. I ended up wearing them a fair bit on my week away and they even inspired me to purchase a second midi skirt while I was on holiday as I was enjoying just how comfortable the shorts/ skirt combo was in the heat. 

It's safe to say that one of my biggest summer concerns has been well and truly solved by a pair of stretchy shorts. Now if we could just solve the small issue of the fucking horrendous British weather that would be fab!

Thanks for reading!

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* The aztec anti-chafe shorts were kindly gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and I would never promote anything I didn't 100% believe in.

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