Pineda de Mar, Barcelona, Spain


This was the outfit I decided to wear on our second or maybe third night in lovely Pineda De Mar. I decided to wear this super affordable striped dress from H&M and pair it with a new brown bag I'd bought earlier in the day. 

We had decided to ditch the pool on this day and go for a walk around the shops in the town. Although Pineda De Mar is a very small town there are a few nice shops to have a mooch in. As well as buying this cute bag, I although bought a few touristy things, and gifts for my family, after all it's not a holiday unless you come home with a load of crap is it?!

If I remember right, this was also the day I almost accidentally walked into the mens toilets and I would have had it not been for a lovely Spanish lady frantically yelling ''CHICA! CHICA!'' in my direction!

Myself wearing a striped sleeveless skater skirt with a slim brown belt, a brown shoulder bag, brown dolly shoes, and gold jewellery

Dress, H&M Sale £7. Belt, Primark £1. Shoes, New Look £7.99

Elephant charm on a gold chunky chain with rainbow thread woven throughoutBrown shoulder bag with floral detailing on the top flap

Elephant Bracelet, a shop in Pineda De mar 2.95    Bag, a Shop in Pineda De Mar €7

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