Remember when empties posts were all the rage back in the day? The old blogging day's really were the beast weren't they!? Well I'm taking it back to 2013 with today's post as I'm talking all about the products I finished this month and what I thought of them. There's a good mix of higher end and budget beauty products as I like to try review bits from all prices ranges.

So here are the products I finished this month and what I thought about them...

TRESemme Care & Protect Heat Defence - I would be very surprised if I hadn't featured this on the blog before, but just incase I haven't here it is. This TRESemme heat protection has been a staple hair care product of mine since I first started using heat on my hair maybe 14/15 years ago (jesus am I that old??) and I've continued to buy it ever since. It's a non greasy formula that doesn't feel heavy in my hair and does exactly what it says on the tin. Plus it's usually pretty cheap, retailing between £3-£5 in most stores.

Victoria's Secret  Fragrance Mist in 'Secret Escape' - Everyone loves a good Vicky's Secret scent don't they? Although I'm not really on board with other aspects of the brand, I do like their smelly stuff. Yes it can be quite pricey for a body mist but they really are some of the best on the market. Would I repurchase? Yes I would, but I won't be squeezing my wobbly bits into any of their cheaply made, over priced underwear anytime soon. 

Clinique Take The day Off Makeup Remover (GIFTED) - This little beauty is without a doubt the best makeup remover I have ever used and I'm gutted I only had a travel sized version to try out. The solution is split (I assume half is water based and half oil based?) so you have to shake it to activate. It's very gentle on the skin and removes even waterproof makeup with ease. I'm not usually a fan of watery makeup removers however this one really can't be beat. The only downside? The price. As with all the Clinique products I've tried in the past, it's a little on the steep side of things coming in at £19 for 125ml of product. It's not something I could justify repurchasing at the moment unfortunately. 

Nivea Daily Essentials Moisture Boost - So I have two versions of this travel sized moisturizer because 1. it was on sale and 2. I thought it was trying both out to see which suited my skin type best. As it turns out I didn't pay enough attention to give myself a definitive answer of which one I should be using but I was pretty damn happy with both of them to be honest. The cream is a little thicker and heavier than I'm used to, but I'll assume that's down to the SPF within it which is the main reason I bought it in the first place. Although it is thicker, I do think it sinks into my skin pretty quickly and doesn't feel greasy once it's been absorbed. I have repurchased already and I will likely continue to do so in the future. 

Phil Smith Coco Licious Texture Spray - I have been searching for the perfect texture spray for what seems like an eternity, but I think I finally found it. Not only does this dream product give my locks lots of volume but it also smells unreal AND it's super affordable at just £4 (or less) in most stores. I actually siphoned off about 50ml of this to take on my holibobs with me instead of hairspray as I just love it that much!

Bioderma Makeup Removing Micelle solution - I can kind of see why everyone raves about this now that I've tried it out for myself. It's a great little makeup remover with a subtle scent that does exactly what it's supposed to, however it's not the best remover I've ever used (see above) and I wouldn't be in any great rush to repurchase. It was good, but it wasn't that good.

So those were the beauty products I've finished off this month and a pretty honest review of them! Let me know which beauty products you've been loving, or hating this month down in the comments! :)

Thanks for reading!

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Well this is an overdue blog post if I ever did write one! A couple months ago myself and my lovely mother took a trip down to Solihull as I was invited to review* the new (well, not so new now) afternoon tea at the Village Hotel. Spending an hour or so chatting over a good cuppa and munching on miniature cakes is one of my favourite past times, this however was an afternoon tea with a twist...

The afternoon tea is actually inspired by Great British Bake off winner Candice Brown. Now I'll come clean, I've never watched bake off, nope not even once, so fans of the show might find that more interesting than me - I'm just here for the tea and cakes let's be honest.

So what's on the menu? As with all great afternoon teas you should expect lot's of tea (or coffee) and cakes. As I said however, this is no regular afternoon tea so you'll also be treated to bite sized quiches, teeny tiny egg mayo rolls, and some kind of prawn cocktail creation on a cracker, instead of the usual finger sandwiches. Now I'm not a fan of seafood so I didn't touch the prawn creation or the salmon quiche but I was told that alternatives are available for fussy eaters like myself. My mother and loyal afternoon tea taster did enjoy the little fishy foods however and reported back to me that they were in fact quite tasty. I'll take your word on that one mom.

Along with the little savoury snacks we were also presented with rocky road style cakes, miniature rhubarb & custard profiteroles, and posh cornflake cakes of all things. The cornflake cakes actually took me a bit by surprise as they are something you usually make with 5 year old and not something you would ideally serve up to paying customers, however it was more than your bog standard cornflake cake. The cake had a soft base, similar to that of a cherry bakewell and was filled with a sweet lemon filling, the cornflakes themselves were then topped with coconut which might seem like a ctrange combo but funnily enough it all worked really quite well together.

So what's after the cakes? Scones of course (or scoooones if you're posh). To mother and I the scones really are the make and break of an afternoon tea. Give us a good jam & cream scone and you're onto a winner. Give us a bad one, or one with, god forbid, butter and you're straight into our bad books. So did this this afternoon make our naughty or nice list? Well I'm still slightly undecided. The scones included in the Village Hotels afternoon tea were actually chocolate orange flavoured so they were pretty much written off straight away by my mom. If it's not broke why fix it right? Well I would be inclined to agree with her but I did actually quite enjoy these funny little citrus scones and although they aren't necessarily what I would chose, they were still pretty decent.

So what was my opinion of the whole thing? Well it was a different afternoon tea experience I'll give it that, but it wasn't too different, and actually it was nice to spice it up a little bit. The platter comes in at £17.50 per person which isn't too pricey for a 4 star hotel restaurant, but it probably is a little more than I would usually spend on an afternoon tea if I'm honest. All in all it was pretty damn decent and I enjoyed trying out an afternoon tea with a little bit of twist.

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* Our afternoon tea was complimentary however all opinions are my own!


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