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So I decided to have a little splurge with my Christmas money. I'm not going to lie, most of my money goes on clothes and food so I can sometimes be lacking in beauty products that I need. 

Here are the products I picked up in my Boxing Day Sale Beauty Haul...

all of the beauty products in the haul
1. Ghost gift set Boots £16 | 2. Rose Hand Cream Superdrug 99p |3. Lipstick Topshop £8 | 4. Rimmel BB Cream Superdrug £6.99 | 5.Eye Shadow Brush Superdrug £4.99 | 6. Iridescent Eye Shadow Topshop £9 | 7. Lipstick Topshop £4 | 8. Highlighter MEMEME Cosmetics £5

One of the things I needed the buy in my post Christmas shopping spree was perfume. I usually receive perfume for Christmas but this year I didn't. My go to perfume is Ghost Deep Night and I would have bought that again had I not spotted this gift set in the boots sale. It's the latest Ghost fragrance and it smells amazing.

I've been dying to try some products from the Topshop beauty range and after reading a few good reviews of their lipsticks I bought two. The first is a gorgeous shimmery purple colour moderately priced at £8 and the second is a bright red I picked up in the sale for £4. The purple shade is perfect and I've been using it non stop since I bought it, the red on the other hand isn't really to my taste. While I was in Topshop I picked up this amazing eye shadow. I've never seen anything really like it before so I bought it and again I've been wearing it none stop.

I popped into superdrug to get some new BB Cream as I was almost out and bought some hand cream and another eye shadow brush. I get through hand cream like its going out of fashion so when I saw this one for 99p in the sale I couldn't leave it behind. Its beautifully packaged and smells amazing. I also picked up another eye shadow brush. I can't even think how many eye shadow brushes I now own but I always need more. I'm not that impressed with this brush so far as its very very soft and I don't feel like it picks up enough product, but maybe I'll warm to it after a few more uses.

The last thing I bought was actually an online purchase. At the Clothes Show Live I received a voucher for a either a free highlighter or a cheek tint from MEMEME Cosmetics. I already own one highlighter in a soft pink colour and love it, so I chose this gold shade as my free product. So far I'm really happy with it. I'm sure I'll try more products from MEMEME Cosmetics as I'm impressed with their products and over all service.

So that was a little roundup of the last few beauty products I've purchased. I don't do beauty hauls all that often but it's something I definitely want to feature more on my blog.

Have you picked up anything nice in the sales?

Thanks for reading!

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