In early April, me and a few girls from college headed out to Barcelona for 6 days. We wanted to take lots of photos, do lots of shopping and see lots of amazing things. As usual this post is super late but oh well..

Day 1We arrived into Barcelona quite late so we went to bed and started our holiday properly the following morning. We spent most of the day riding around on the tour bus so we could get our barings as none of us had spent more than a few hours in Barcelona before. The tour bus took us pretty much everywhere and gave us some great ideas for what to revisit during our time there. If you are new to a city I would definitely recommend doing something like this on the first day as you really do get to see so much! After exploring the city for a little while we stopped off in Sephora. This was the first time any of us had been to a Sephora before so we were all super excited and spent quite a lot of money. I picked up lots of treats ( haul soon! ) and spent more money than I probably should have. We then headed back to get ready for the night. As it was our first night and we wanted it to be special we decided to eat at the Hard Rock. This was the first ever Hard Rock me and Sean visited so I was a bit sad he wasn't there to share the experience, but I felt better after some strong cocktails!

Day2 - We woke up nice and early and headed over to Guell Park. I'd been here before with Sean and loved every second of it so I knew the girls would too. We didn't realise that we had to pre-book tickets so we were only able to see the free bit on this day. I still really enjoyed wandering around being able to see the whole of Barcelona. We took lots of photos, relaxed with a slush puppy and headed back to our hotel. We all decided we really wanted to try paella tonight and headed out to find a restaurant that served it. Turns out not that many places actually serve paella in Barcelona so after hours of walking around we caved and stopped at a standard restaurant. Although we all ate burgers, club sandwiches ect we did all have a glass of sangria so I guess that counts as being a little bit cultured right?

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Barcelona Travel Diary | Days 1 - 2

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