Hello and welcome back to the blog! It's been a little while hasn't it? I wish I could say I've been off doing all sorts of wild things but in all honestly I've been working a lot and binge watching Netflix. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, today let's have a bit of a chatty one because I'm getting bored of cramming in keywords and making making sure everything is SEO perfect. It's what I've been doing lots of at work and although I know it's what I should be doing with my blog, sometimes it's just nice to take things back to basics and write whatever the fuck I want.

a pot of Clinique Moisture Surge

So without further ado let's talk about what is possibly the best moisturiser I've ever tried - the wonderful Clinique Moisture Surge.

Now I'm going to get this out in the open first because it's a big point. Moisture Surge is a pricey product. It retails at £37 for a 50ml product. Ouch! Although there are regular offers on this little pot of magic, it's still never going to be a budget buy and it's for that reason I would recommend asking for a sample at the Clinique counter before taking the plunge and forking out 40 quid for one product. It works for me but it's a lot of moola to drop on a product that you might not love.

So why did I spend a whole lot of cash on Moisture Surge when I could have carried on buying my cheap as chips Simple Moisturiser? Well I knew it worked for a start. I was *gifted a small pot of this last year and honestly I fell in love with it. I also got a bit of a deal in Duty free on my way home from Dublin so I thought fuck it.

A pot of Clinique Moisture Surge with the lid off so the moisturiser can be seen

Here are the main things I love about this Clinique moisturiser:

  • It really does leave my skin feeling nourished and soft
  • It sinks into the skin quite quickly and doesn't feel greasy at all
  • The texture is almost like jelly and a little bit of product goes a LONG way
  • It makes a good base for my foundation
  • and let's be honest, it's not a bad looking product to have on your shelf

So is there anything I dislike about Moisture Surge? Well the price kills me a little everytime I think about it, but apart from that I don't really have many complaints. If I did want to be picky I would say that I always prefer my products to be in tubes as I feel this keeps them cleaner, but I alway wash my hands before sticking my fingers in the pot so I can't say that it's much of a big deal.

a pot of Clinique Moisture Surge standing on a mirrored tray

Would I repurchase? This is a tricky one because I am head over heels for this little jar, but it is quite expensive in my opinion. Some say you can't put a price on good quality skincare but you obviously can and its forty bloody pounds apparently. That being said I would grab it again if I thought I was getting a good deal!

So have you tried out the lovely Clinique Moisture Surge before? Did you think it was worth the £££?

Thanks for reading!

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*I was gifted a travel sized pot of Moisture Surge by Clinique last year however I was under no obligation to post about it and I paid for this full sized product myself.


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a pot of Clinique Moisture Surge with the lid slightly off

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