So as you may know, me and Sean ran away to Disneyland for a few days. This was my 3rd time there but Seans 1st so I wanted to make it really special. We went on all the best rides, ate at my favorite places, and acted like 4 year olds, it was amazing. 

On the first day we really only had time to grab dinner and have a look around the Disney Village before heading back for a well deserved sleep.

on of the docking areas at Calais
Arriving at Calais on the ferry

a car themed hotel room
We stayed at the Santa Fe hotel in Disneyland Paris which is Cars themed!

a mirror selfie taken in a shop in the Disney Village. We are both wearing Disney mouse ears
A mirror selfie in one of the shops in the Disney Village

The sign for Planet Hollywood all lit up
The Plant Hollywood sign outside the restaurant 

Sean wearing giant Mickey Mouse gloves at the entrance to the Disneyland Park
Walking up to the park gates on the first night to peep into the Disneyland Park

a mirror selfie in our hotel room. The bathroom mirror is lined with old style lightbulbs
Mirror selfie in our hotel room (how could I not when the mirror is this cool?!)

the pink disneyland paris castle
The Disneyland Paris Castle

The hollywood tower of terror inside the Disney Studios
The Tower Of Terror - My favourite ride!

/the entrance sign to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The sign os printed on a ships sail
The entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Sean standing on the rope bridge we had just crossed
Walking across a rope bridge in Adventureland

We did all the big rides on the second day, spending most of our time on Tower of Terror, which is my favorite. At 5 we settled down with a yummy hot chocolate and a muffin to watch the daily parade. After the park closed we had a quick dash back to the hotel to make ourselves pretty for the Dreams show and dinner at Planet Hollywood. The show was amazing. It really topped off a fantastic day and I was kind of sad we only got to see it once. 

both of use drinking hot chocolate out of disney mugs
Drinking hot chocolate along Main Street USA while waiting for the parade

the disneyland parade. Flora Fauna and Merryweather can be seen walking in front of th sleeping beauty float
The main Disneyland Park parade

the sleeping beauty float in the Disneyland parade the fairy god mother can be seen at the front with sleeping beauty standing behind
The sleeping beauty parade float

the frozen float. Anna Elsa and Olaf can be seen riding this float
The frozen parade float

A close up shot of Olaf on his own
I had to get a snap of Olaf!

Standing next to Mike wazowski
Making friends with Mike in the Disney Studios

Standing next to Mike wazowski
Also making friends with Mike in the Studios

Standing at the top of main street USA. Shops line the street and the castle can be seen in the background
Standing at the top of Main Street USA

A ride photograph taken of us on the Tower of Terror
Loving life on the Tower Of Terror ride

A professional photograph taken in Planet Hollywood
Just before dinner at Planet Hollywood

By the third day our lack of sleep because of the long journey down had really caught up with us and we spent a lot of time on the smaller rides and watching the shows. We decided to skip the parade this time and spent our last hour on our favorite rides. At the end of the third day it was time to prepare ourselves for an uncomfortable 12 hour journey home to Brum.

We had such a good time and I would 100% recommend a holiday there, even if you think you're a bit too old ;)

Thanks for reading!

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Paris, France


Liebster award logo

I've been nominated for the Liebster award by Bryony over at I've seen this on a few blogs now and I'm happy to give it a go so thank you for the nomination! 

So here are the questions:

1. Where is your favorite place in the world? 

This is a tough one. I've been to so many beautiful places and its really hard to pick one, but if there's one place I could never get bored of its got to be Cornwall.

2. What beauty product could you not live without?

I need mascara. I have the smallest eyes ever and I will literally not leave the house without it. Vain I know.

3. What's a guilty pleasure of yours?

It has to be spending money. I love shopping. I love buying all sorts of everything, but my bank account definitely hates me for it.

4. What inspired you to start blogging?

I've always loved reading and looking at other peoples blogs and although I wouldn't say there was one particular person who inspired it I just thought it would be a nice thing to do.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Hopefully traveling the world with my camera and my Seany.

6. What is your favourite brand of makeup?

I buy all brands of makeup but number 7 is probably the one I buy the most.

7. Describe yourself in three words...

indecisive, impulsive, fortunate

8. What's your favourite film of all time and why?

Wow this is hard. It would probably have to be Marie Antoinette. The mixture of fabulous costumes, an amazing soundtrack and Kirsten Dunst just makes this film so perfect.

9. Handbags or shoes?

It has to be handbags. I have too many bags...

10. What is it about blogging that you enjoy the most?

I don't know, I just love capturing my life and sharing all the fun things I do.

11. Name one thing you feel really passionate about...

There's not a lot that makes my happier than traveling. I can't think of anything better than waking up in a new country and exploring. It makes me so sad to think there's places I will never see, but I am trying my best to go where I can.

Well that's all my questions answered! Now here's who I want to nominate:

nowthatspretty, abeautifuldelight, soinspo, styleandsushi, jdaisygauntlett

And here are your 11 questions:

1. Do you have a lucky number? why?

2. What's your biggest fear?

3. Where did your blog name come from?

4. What would be your perfect holiday?

5. What makes you happiest?

6. What's your favorite animal?

7. If you could only keep one piece of clothing what would you choose?

8. Do you believe in Ghosts? 

9. What is your favorite season and why?

10. What is your favorite place to shop?

11. If you could go back and change one mistake you made, what would it be and why?

Thanks for reading!

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Birmingham, UK


On Sunday me and Sean took a little day trip to London. We went to all the usual touristy places like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly ect. We each bought an all day Tube pass so we could travel around and get anywhere we wanted. 

Me and Sean standing in the foreground with buckingham palace behind us
Myself and Sean standing outside Buckingham Palace - this was Sean's first time seeing it!

the top of the Queen Victoria Memorial. a golden bird can be seen on top.
The Queen Victoria Memorial directly outside Buckingham Palace

Another view of buckingham palace. the road outside is busy with tourists
Another view of Buckingham Palace

a selfie outside buckingham palace
Obligatory selfie in front of the Queen's house

After we visited the main tourist attractions I made sure we got a bit of shopping time in Camden. I'd never been to Camden before but it was amazing! As the self confessed shopaholic I am, this was paradise for me. Although I never really bought all that much,  I could have easily got lost for hours looking at all the different shops and stalls. Unfortunately though we were only there for the day and still had a lot to see.

small spires running along the top of Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey in London

The clock face of Big Ben
Big Ben looking beaut in the sunshine

Looking up at the london eye from below
The London Eye - we didn't get chance to ride on it this time around

A London Underground sign
A London Underground sign, I think this was at Embankment? 

We headed over to South Kensington to look at the museums but only had time for one so we picked the Natural History Museum. we spent most of the time looking at the dinosaur exhibitions which I didn't mind at all.

After the museum we grabbed some diner at Weatherspoons and set off for the Hard Rock Cafe where we had a couple of gorgeous cocktails. Then sadly it was time to get back to the coach station and head home.

The main Camden Lock sign painting across a blue railway bridge
The famous Camden Lock sign

Multiple shelves filled with vintage cameras for sale
A vintage camera stall inside Camden Market

a Leicester Square London Underground Sign
Leicester Square London Underground sign

Looking up at the Natural History Museum ceiling. The ceiling has beautiful intricate detailing with large windows either side
The beautiful ceiling at the Natural History Museum in London

two large cocktails sitting on the bar. the cocktails are a mixture of red and yellow colours
Cocktails at the original Hard Rock Cafe in London

I'm actually in love with London and I can't wait to go back again soon!

What are your favorite things to do in the capital?

Thanks for reading!

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London, UK


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