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I haven't posted a proper wishlist in ages so I though it was about time I made one. I wanted to call it the 'Spring Wishlist' but its still so cold and I'm not feeling the bright spring colours just yet. I'd love to buy all of this right now but I'm on a major spending ban as I'm trying to save for a summer holiday. Hopefully I wont cave in and purchase those beautiful baby blue shoes in the top left hand corner ;)

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Wishlist | 26.3.15

On Sunday me and Sean decided to go for a walk along the canal and in the park. The weather was perfect, it was really sunny and quite warm too. I decided it would be nice to take my new camera with me and have a play around with the settings, so here are the results. Although I live in the city I'm really lucky to live next to a network of canals and some lovely parks. We used to walk to dog along the canals a lot last year but we haven't really done it that much lately as its just been so cold. It was a lovely little walk and a relaxing way to kill a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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Sunday Walk

Anti-Tangle brushes like the Easy Tease have been around for a while now but I've only recently got around to using one. I work in a supermarket and I have to tie my hair up. I'm really lazy when it comes to getting ready for work so I usually put my hair up in a very messy bun. That can often result in me having super knotty hair by the end of the day. I hate spending ages brushing the knots out and pulling half my hair out in the process so I got an Easy Tease.

The Easy Tease claims to painlessly de-tanlge your hair whether its wet or dry. To save you reading all the way through the review I'll let you know now that it does actually work. It makes brushing out knots a lot easier and quicker. That being said, it can take time and it does take patience. You need to use the brush slowly and properly or you will end up ripping your hair out.

One good thing about this product is its cute design. The shape makes it really easy to hold and I love the colour. I have the hot pink one but I know you can also buy it in purple. Its the design of the bristles on the brush that really do the work. I cant find any information on how it actually works but it must have something to do with with the different length bristles. The bristles come in two sizes and are molded to the brush making it really easy to clean.

This product retails at around the £7 mark which isn't cheap but I don't think its expensive either. Other similar brushes sell for around the same price although I haven't tried others so I cant compare the quality. Overall if used properly this is a good little product and does exactly what it promises, so for that reason I would give it a 7/10.

Have you used the Easy Tease before? What did you think?

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Review | Easy Tease Anti-Tangle Brush

So as usual I'm late posting about my monthly beauty favorites. I didn't buy that much last month and the bits I did buy I haven't really got around to testing yet. I didn't really have that much to choose from but I used these 4 items pretty much daily throughout February so I thought they were the best to write about.

1. Avon Little Black Dress Perfume - I first tried this perfume a couple of months ago when I borrowed my sisters. She wears it a lot and after using it just once I knew I had to have one for myself. Although this is an Avon product its sold on Amazon for around £7 which I think is a great price. I love the simple design of the bottle and the almost old fashioned smell of the perfume. This is my new everyday scent.

2. Ted Baker Eye Liner Pen - I'm not actually sure if you can buy this as it came in a Ted Baker Christmas gift set Sean bought me, but I've used it almost everyday since I got it so I want to mention it. This is the first eye liner pen I've ever used and I'm really impressed. This eye liner makes it really easy to do little flicks at the edges of my eyes and its quite long lasting. Although it does tend to dry out I just store it upside down and its ready to go when I want to use it.

3. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - Along with every other blogger in the world I bought last months ELLE magazine to get a free sample of the new Benefit mascara. You might have seen my review of this mascara that I posted earlier this week but just in case you didn't I'll go over the main pros. Its ridiculously long lasting and makes my lashes look super long as well as really think. Although it doesn't define my lashes very well its still a really good mascara and one I've been reaching for most days.

4. Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow in 'Touch Me' - I've been after a nude matte eye shadow for a while as the ones in my pallets are getting dangerously low. I use nude eye shadow everyday and I wanted a single one I could just throw in my bag. I found this one in Superdrug for just £1 and I've used it none stop since. It can look a little dry sometimes but as long as I remember to use primer first that's not a problem. This is the first product I've bought from Makeup Revolution and I'm really tempted to try out some more from the range.

So those were my February favorites. Have you tried any of these products before? I'd love to know what you think!

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February Beauty Favorites

As you know at the start of March me and Sean went to Amsterdam for a few days. I've been loving putting vlogs together lately so I tried to get as much footage as I could. Unfortunately a lot of the places we visited didn't allow photos or recording so I didn't manage to get any footage of Anne Franks house, the Van Gogh museum or inside the Ice Bar. 
I hope you enjoyed this vlog, let me know if you'd like to see more stuff like this!

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VLOG | Amsterdam 2015

I know LUSH don't sell this little beauty anymore but I thought I'd review it anyway as I loved it and I'm sure they will be bringing it out again next year. Around Valentines Day all I could see on Instagram were photos of this so I couldn't wait to get my hands on one.
Its definitely one of the prettiest products LUSH has released and I think that's its biggest selling point.

I've used several bath bombs but I'd never used a bubble bar before so I didn't really know what to expect. I decided to crumble it up into my bath but not as much as a should of as I didnt want it all to dissolve. When I crumbled it into my bath it created this gorgeous colourful speckled effect as well as foaming up the bath. My bath looked amazing and I couldn't help spamming Instagram and Twitter with pictures of it!

 Now lets talk about the scent. Before buying the Unicorn Horn I didn't know how gorgeous it smelled. It has a strong girly lavender scent to it which only gets better when added to the water. 

I really enjoyed relaxing in this foamy rainbow mess and I cant wait until the Unicorn Horn is released again. I loved using this bubble bar and I would give it a 9/10.

Whats your favorite LUSH product?

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Review | LUSH Unicorn Horn

I cant believe this was almost a week ago, its gone so fast and I'm not settling back into normal life very well at all. Me and Sean decided very last minute to book short trip to Amsterdam and it was one of the best decisions we've made this year. We got the Megabus all the way there at a really good price and snapped up a gorgeous little boutique hotel in the heart of Amsterdam. 
We got to do and see so many amazing things on our trip and we were super lucky that the weather was really good too. I don't really want to go into too much detail about our holiday as I'm putting together a vlog of all the footage from that week, so keep a look out or that!
The only thing I want to mention that we did was the Anne Frank house and the Van Gogh museum. Unfortunately they had both banned photography and filming so I don't have any photos or footage of those but they were both really good.
Also I'm sure you guys are wondering about my eye, Its not usually like that. I woke up on the second day to see that a blood vessel had popped and was bleeding across my eye. It not painful and its nothing to worry about although it did ruin my holiday photos!
Well that's all for now. I'll be posting the vlog on Youtube in the next few days and that will give you a better idea of what we got up to on holibobs!

Hope you've all had a lovely day!

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Amsterdam Photo Diary

A couple of weeks ago, along with every other girl on the planet, I picked up a copy of ELLE just to get my hands on the new Benefit mascara. Benefit mascaras have been raved about for years but up until now I've never understood the hype. I've been using this product daily since I got it, so here's what I think...

I'll start with my favorite aspect of it and that is just how thick and long it makes my lashes look after using this. The first time I tried this out I was really surprised to see how much longer my lashes looked. Its not advertised as a lengthening mascara but after just one coat I noticed a considerable difference. Although this product gave me super long lashes they weren't very defined and sometimes clumped together. I like to use a couple of coats of mascara as my lashes are just so short and it can be hard to get a nice result with this product.
Another thing I loved about this mascara was the brush. Its a curved brush which it meant to curl your lashes, which it did! I also love how small the bristles on the brush are as I've never been a fan of pipe cleaner looking brushes. The fact the that were two types of bristles was also really useful to get to even my smallest lashes. I did however find the sample size very hard to use as the wand just wasn't long enough. I know this wouldn't be a problem with the full sized product but for anyone hoping to pick up a few of the samples its worth knowing.
The last thing that really impressed me about this mascara it just how long it lasts. The curl on my lashes stays for hours and the mascara itself didn't seem to budge much either. With other mascaras I've used in the past I've felt the need to top it up during the day and I didn't need to at all with this one. I bet if I didn't remove my mascara at night it would still be there a few days later. Although I love that it last for hours it does come with a downside. When I want to remove my mascara I found that it was very waterproof and even with makeup remover it took a bit of scrubbing to be compleatly gone. This doesn't bother me too much although I doubt all that rubbing would be too good for your eyes.

So that's what I thought of the new Benefit mascara. All in all I thought it was a good product but I feel like the full size is a bit pricey and I'm not sure if I will be parting wish my cash just yet. Overall I did enjoy using the mascara and loved the look of it on my lashes so for that reason I would give it a 7/10.

Have you tried the new Roller Lash Mascara? What did you think of it?

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Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I thought today I would talk a little bit about one of the apps I use daily. If like me you are addicted to Instagram you probably have at least one photo editing app on your phone and if you don't, well you can learn a little bit about my favorite.

Like I said I am a self confessed Instagram addict. I'm constantly uploading and liking photos. mostly of make up, I'm not gonna lie. For me Instagram is all about bright, clear photographs but sometimes taking a decent picture on a phone can be a bit tricky. To make my photos a bit more appealing I always edit them slightly. 

Like many bloggers I usually work in the day and have to take a lot of photos at night in the dark, with my ceiling lamp as my only source of light. As you can imagine this doesn't make my photos all that pretty. One of the first things I do to my photos and the main reason I bought the app is to turn the brightness up. This leaves me with a clearer picture and one that looks much more attractive. 
After turning up the brightness I mess around with the clarity and contrast until I'm happy with it.

One thing this app has that surprised me is the selection of frames. Usually most photo editing programs let you frame your photos with basic shapes such as squares or circles, but this app provides 128 different frames to choose from, such as the @ symbol shown above. Although I don't tend to use these too much they are a nice idea and they are the right size for Instagram.

As well as all the standard editing tools such as cropping  you can do more advanced things like merging two photos together. This is another thing I haven't tried out but I'm sure I will find it useful in the future. One thing I do use a lot  however is the filters. There is a huge range of filters that can change the colour, add a light leek or add a dust effect. If you are trying it create a vintage style photograph adding a dust filter can make it look really old, or if you just want to switch up the colours there are several filters that will make them brighter or take it away compleatly.

Although I only really tend to brighten my photos and turn up the clarity slightly I have really found this app useful. I've also noticed that since I've been using this app to edit my photos they have been getting a lot more likes and I've even gained a few followers. I not making any promises but if your photos are clear and look like effort went into taking them they will be more appealing to people. I use this app every day and I think it is a must have for bloggers and Instagram addicts alike. 

What do you think of the AfterLight App? Do you think it makes a difference or is it too much effort?

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AfterLight App

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