The more I read and blog about beauty, the more I realise what a horrendous beauty blogger I am. I might put on a good show online but in my real life I struggle to stick to routines and the thought of spending £20+ on an eyeliner makes me a little bit faint. Now I know I'm not alone here and I thought it would be fun to list my confessions of a bad beauty blogger.

1. I've only worn fake eyelashes once in my life.
2. If my hair is in a ponytail or bun, chances are that I haven't brushed it.
3. I don't always take my makeup off before I go to sleep.
4. I used to drench my face in toner overnight just because the one I had smelt like peaches. I still have no idea what it actually does.
5. I'm too tired/ lazy to stick to a skincare regime.
6. Sometimes I buy products just to blog about them and then forget I ever bought them.
7. I wash my hair like twice a week tops.
8. I have been known to wear the same mascara for 2 days.
9. Sometimes I feel like my hair is more dry shampoo than hair.
10. Spending more than £30 on one beauty product makes me feel physicaly unwell.
11. I get cleanser in my eyes more than I would like to admit.
12. I pick the mascara off my eyelids which usually results in me ripping quite a few lashes out.
13. I've only had my eyebrows threaded twice and I cried like a baby both times.
14. I constantly pick and bite my nails so my finger tips are almost always sore.
15. I absolutely love popping spots, whether my own or someone else's.
16. I paint my nails like once a month and even less if I don't have anywhere nice to go.

So yeah I'm pretty gross. I would love to here about your bad beauty blogger habits! Leave them in the comments or tweet me @gracebeeuk!

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Confessions Of A Bad Beauty Blogger

Last week I popped over to Grand Central Station in Birmingham City centre to attend a lovely event hosted by The White Company and Style Birmingham. The White Company were showcasing their latest collections of fashion and home wear for Autumn/ Winter 2016. 

As well as being treated to bubbly and nibbles we were invited to listen to a wonderful talk by their clothing director Barbara Horspool. Barbara walked us through some of the new clothing range, showing us how she would style them and giving us a detailed run down of the White Company's beginning and values. By the end of the talk I was pretty much sold on quite a few pieces, especially a gorgeous sheepskin coat which unfortunately retails at £995 and is completely over my student winter coat budget. 

After the talk I wandered around the store eyeing up some gorgeous pieces of homeware and drawing up my imaginary shopping list. Although The White Company pride themselves on their good quality products without the designer prices I do feel like they are still a little out of reach for many people.
One thing however I feel is more on the affordable side is their huge range of candles. Although these can cost up to £125 they start at just £6. My favourite candle; The Lime & Bay Signature candle, which I was told was a new product retails at £20 and bursts with citrus and floral notes. 

I had a such lovely evening and I'm sure I will be back to pick up a handful of candles in the near future! If you have any recommendations please feel free to leave them in the comments!

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The White Company A/W Event

So summer is finally over and its time to start stocking up on coats and jumpers. I've never been a fan of cold weather, wrapping up warm doesn't appeal to me at all, but I've decided to take it all in my stride this year. 

Over the next coulple of months I want to start working on a kind of capsule wardrobe. I'm really bored of having clothes I like induvidually but that don't go with anything else. This wishlist has a colour theme of black/ white/ grey and pink because these are the colours I really want to gravitate to over the winter months.

Do you think you could stick to just wearing certain colours?

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Autumn Wishlist

As you might know, me and Sean popped off to Dublin for a few days at the start of August. If you missed my ramblings about day 1 + 2 you can read that here. Todays post is all about what we got up to days 3 + 4!

Day 3 - Our Third day in lovely Dublin was actually my 22nd Birthday! We had tickets booked for a tour around the Guinness factory, and even though I can't stand the stuff I was pretty excited! I was probably more excited for Sean as he drinks this vile liquid on the regular. We hopped on the bus and were ready to learn all about Guinness before midday. 

The factory is actually quite interesting but not that different to other factories we'd been to before. It's basically the same as the Heineken factory in Amsterdam only its obviously about making Guinness, not Heineken. The best part was definitely the Gravity Bar right at the top the factory which gives a gorgeous 360 degree view of Dublin, even on a rainy day. I have this thing with views and heights; when I look over a city, or a beautiful view I get this funny feeling in my tummy and I just feel pure happiness. It's so strange to describe but the feeling I get when I'm looking down at the world below me is the closest I've ever got to understanding what life's all about. I don't want to get all deep here but in those moments I kind of just know that I'm meant to travel and see as much of this world as I can.

After leaving the Guinness factory we headed back to the hotel early as we had missed one of the tours we were meant to be on, and we had a little bit of time to relax before getting ready for our final night in Dublin. 

Because it was my birthday we decided to eat at the Hard Rock, and as usual we had an amazing meal. Sean told the waitress it was my birthday while I was in the toilet and not long after I came back I was presented with a huge Chocolate Sundae and prompted to stand on a chair so everyone could sing happy birthday to me. There is a really cringe video of the whole thing but I don't want to subject you guys to that. Once we had finished our meals we tried to get another cocktail from the bar but they were already closed. I swear this Hard Rock closes earlier than any other Hard Rock I've ever been to before! We then went back to one of the pubs we drank in the previous night for one last pint in gorgeous Dublin City.

Day 4 - Our final day was quite emotional. We checked out of the hotel and went out to catch our final tour. We had a little bit of time to kill beforehand so I had a quick look around Pennys (Primark in the UK) and Sean obviously headed for the nearest book shop. I came away with the most gorgeous top for €13 which I will include in an OOTD soon I promise. We then jumped on the bus up to Glasnevin Cemetery for a slightly morbid tour. For just a couple of euros you are taken around the graves of some of Ireland's most famous residents. I would really recommend this tour after you've visited Kilmainham Gaol as you can see where a few of the people involved in the Easter Rising are buried. Grace Plunkett, who I mentioned in the last post is actually buried here, although sadly not with her husband.  Other notable people who are buried here include, Eamon de Valera, Michael Collins, Charles Stewart Parnell and of course Daniel O'Connel who is buried beneath the huge tower. Guests are encouraged to rub his coffin for good luck but I passed on that as it was a bit too weird for me.

Once our tour was finished it was time to head back to the hotel to pick up our bags for the airport. Even though we were flying to Paris I was still really sad to leave this city and both Sean and I have vowed to return as soon as possible. We didn't make it to the airport without issues though, as our coach drove straight past us and our horrible taxi driver tried to completely overcharge us but those are stories for another time!

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Ireland and writing this post up has brought back so many good memories! I really want to get back there soon and I'd love to explore more of this beautiful country! 

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Dublin Travel Diary | Days 3 + 4

I think most people have lost intrest in Pokemon Go now but to be honest the whole thing has brought back so many childhood memories so I'll always be thankful for that. I too have stopped playing it recently as I don't fancy going over my data for a second time, but with this new passion for Pokemon that has emerged I wanted to do something Pokemon themed on the blog.

Since the day I received a special shiny Flareon Pokemon card she has been my favourite. One of three possible evolutions of an Eevie, Flareon was the best as far as I was concerned. When I decided I wanted to try and create some makeup looks based on Pokemon I knew she had to be first, so here's how I made this look...

As always I start with my eyeshadow first. I applied my new Benefit Air Patrol eyeshadow primer to both lids (review up soon!). Then taking the shade 1987 from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Pallet I dusted it over the inner half of my eyelid. I then took the gorgeous orange shade Paradox from the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland pallet and applied it to the outer half of my eyelid. Since doing this look I would have preferred to have put orange on the inner, gold in the middle and orange again on the outer corner so I'll try that again next time.

Once I was happy with how vivid the colours were I tidied the eyeshadow up a bit and prepped my lashes for mascara. I always dab a small amount of moisturiser to my lashes before I add mascara as I feel like it keeps them looking healthy and it also helps to apply my mascara evenly. The mascara I've used for this look is my old trusty Roller Lash which I've talked about none stop since its release early last year.

After coating my top lashes I then applied more gold eyeshadow underneath my lower lash line with the smallest dash on orange just in the outer corners. Then using my new favourite eyeliner the Kat Von Dee Ink Liner I drew on my everyday flicks. After doing this I always apply mascara to my lower lashes and again on my upper lashes as I need all the help I can get in that department! An optional extra for this look is adding a dusting of highlighter above the eyeshadow, the one I've used here is from MAC in shade Lightscapade.

And thats all there is too this look! Its not very complicated but then again I don't have the time or skills to do anything too fancy! I've love to know what you think about this Pokemon inspired makeup!

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Pokemon Inspired Makeup - Flareon

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