So for years now I've been reading blogs and watching with envy and admiration as hundreds of dedicated bloggers take part in Blogmas. The sheer amount of work that goes into creating 25 blog posts to publish one after the other is unreal and not something I ever saw myself doing. That was until a few weeks back.

I've been blogging for ages now and I thought it was about time I at least tried to give Blogmas a go! For those wondering what Blogmas actually is, well its just a fancy name for posting everyday in the lead up to Christmas, from the 1st right up until the big day. I might not be able to handle the workload but who knows, maybe I will! 

So as of tomorrow I will be posting on my little blog every single day until Christmas! Wish me luck!

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So initially I wanted to do this as a video but considering I haven't updated my little blog for a while I thought I would do it on here! I've been to Disneyland Paris quite a few times now (eight times to be precise), and during those trips I've accumulated several favourites that I wanted to share with you all.

Top 2 Rides in Disneyland Park - It would be way too hard to just pick one so I've got two! My first is Big Thunder Mountain; it's a bit of a thrill ride with a fantastic theme. My second favourite is Peter Pan's Flight. This couldn't be more different from most of my other favourites but it's just so magical!

Top 2 Rides in Walt Disney Studios - Again, I could never pick just one! I've loved Tower of Terror ever since my first ride on it back in 2013, and it's been a firm favourite ever since. The other ride I would pick has to be Crush's Coaster! I hadn't had chance to go on it until recently but I'm so glad I ignored the long queue time and gave it a go!

Top 3 Restaurants - Lets be honest, the food in Disney is pretty pricey and most of it isn't exactly the best either, but there are still several places I have to eat in while on holiday! My all time top restaurant is Hakuna Matata, the theme in that place is amazing plus the food is delicious! Another favourite has to be Casey's on Main Street, you can't go wrong with hot dogs and chips really. The last restaurant to make the list has to be Plaza Gardens. The character breakfast there really is a treat. 

Favourite Thing To Eat - If I could only eat one thing in Disneyland it would have to be Hakuna fries from Hakuna Matata. They are crinkle cut chips with a yummy flavouring unlike anything I've ever had before! Pair that up with the Kebab meal deal and you have one happy Gracie.

Top 3 Meet And Greets - One of the best meet and greets I had was with Chip and Dale. They are just so fun and you end up with several hilarious photographs after just a few moments with them. Another great meet and greet was Moana (Vianna in France). She was really chatty and looked incredible - my photos with her are easily some of my most treasured. But my very favourite meet and greet has to be with Micky Mouse himself! He doesn't talk, but more than makes up for it by playing around! 

Best Show - This is really hard as there are just so many amazing shows in the park that change from time to time, but I would have to say Mickey and the Magician. I almost cried the first time I saw it and even though I've watched it a few times since, the magic hasn't worn off!

Favourite Shop - Again this is super hard as there are so many to chose from but I'm going to go with World of Disney as I think its the biggest and you can pretty much get anything from there!

Favourite Hotel - This is a bit of a cheat as I've only ever stayed in two but out of the Santa Fe and The Cheyenne, the Cheyenne is definitely the best! The cowboy/ Toy Story theme is great and the newly renovated rooms are so much nicer, plus the rooms are a lot easier to find than in the Santa Fe I think.

Favourite Time of Year - I've been to Disney throughout different season's and my favourite time to go is in the early Summer. It's nice and warm, unlikely to rain, and the kids haven't broke up from school so it's not too busy. I haven't been during the Christmas season however so I imagine that would be pretty magical!

So those are my Disneyland Paris favourites! Although I'm not going to call this a 'tag post' as such, I would love my fellow Disneyland fans to fill this in on their own blogs or even just in the comments below! What are your Disneyland faves?!

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As well as blogging and vlogging our adventure, Sean and I decided fairly soon into our September trip that we wanted to create a scrapbook of our travels. We had just taken so many beautiful photographs that it only seemed right to print them off and keep hard copies safe in our home. A scrapbook seemed like a fun way to do this and so when Printiki offered to print some of my treasured snaps for me I jumped at the offer.*

The prints were pretty easy to order, I simply created an account and started selecting my images straight away. I had the choice of regular prints or adding a retro border which would give my images a Polariod style look. As I wanted to pop my images into a scrapbook I thought it might be handy to have extra room to write on and so I picked the retro border on some of my images. 

I wanted to use the photos I had already edited and uploaded to Instagram so I just connected to my account and selected the images I wanted to print. My photos arrived within just a few days even though I selected the economy shipping! If I needed to rush my order, next day delivery was also available. 

I haven't finished my scrapbook yet but I'm already chuffed to bits with it and I'm so glad I decided to create a special place to keep my travel memories safe! 

If you fancy making a scrapbook of your own, or if you just want to have hard copies of your favourite photos, you can use code G5CCKZSS for free shipping from Printiki!

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* I was offered complimentary prints in exchange for a review.

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I'm not going to lie, I find dressing for autumn/ winter super hard. Unlike pretty much every other blogger out there, I'm a big fan of Summer. Nothing makes me happier than being able to walk around in minimal clothing and still be nice and toasty. But now it's getting cooler and that's just not possible anymore.

I'm not a massive fan of coats, but I like to be warm without wearing 100 layers. I find most jumpers to be big and bulky on me, and I definitely can't pull off the cute wooly hat look, so what do I wear? Well there's not much choice really. For the next couple of weeks I'll try and get away with autumnal shirts and blouses but after that I'll be rocking the frumpy jumper look until about May! 

What sort of things do you wear in the cooler months?

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