I picked up this lipstick months ago in duty free. It was only around £6 and I fell in love with the colour instantly. I'd been after a light pink lipstick for a while and this little beauty ticked all the boxes. I'd never tried any of the Colour Sensational lipsticks before so I didn't really know what to expect but for just over a fiver I was willing to give it a go. 

The colour is actually a pinky brown shade, similar to Velvet Teddy but not quite as nude and its not a matte lipstick. Although its not matte, it isn't very glossy which I love as I don't like super shiny lips, but it does apply really smoothly. 

Although I really like it I don't think the staying power is amazing and I do need to reapply every few hours but it does last a lot longer than some of my cheaper lipsticks. Its doesn't having anything on the staying power of my Mac lipsticks but I'm still pretty happy with it as I don't mind reapplying every now and then.

This has been one of my favorite lipsticks over the last few months as I love the colour and the texture and I think the shade really suits my skin tone. This was the lipstick I chose to wear in my 'Get ready with me' video may back in July. Although I love it, I do think its more of a spring/ summer colour so I'll probably be retiring for now.

Overall I've really enjoyed wearing it as I think its a very versatile shade that I've worn day or night. For the price I paid I couldn't be happier and I'll probably be investing in some more lipsticks from the Colour Sensational range as I'm quite impressed so far.

Have you tried this shade or others similar? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!


Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick In Iced Caramel

So I'm sure you are all super fed up of seeing my adventures from Amsterdam but frankly I don't care so here's a little Vlog from Amsterdam Round 2.

Sean and I spent 4 days there in total and got to do so much including getting engaged, which I don't have any footage of unfortunately. We spent a lot of time walking around museums and shopping and just generally enjoying The Dam. I'll have a full post on it soon and another Vlog this time next month after we return from round 3! 22 days and counting!

Thanks for watching!


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VLOG | Amsterdam Round 2

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
13 Coventry Street 
W1D 7Ab

So last time we were in London me and Sean really wanted to go out for a proper meal. We usually end up in Weatherspoons or run out of time and have to grab a maccies on our way home, but this time we made sure we ate somewhere nice. Well where better to go than a Forest Gump themed restaurant?!

Bubba Bumps is actually a sea food restaurant that specializes in shrimp dishes (obviously). Me and Sean don't actually like shrimp or any sea food for that matter but we do like Forest Gump and we really wanted to eat here.

On arrival we were promptly seated and told to flip over the 'Run Forest Run' sign to 'Stop Forest Stop' when we were ready or order. We'd looked at the menu beforehand so didn't take all that long in deciding what to eat. We each opted for the All American Burger with extra cheese BBQ sauce and onions although I was tempted by the Cajun Chicken Sandwich. 

When our food arrived it didn't look that big and while the presentation was good I wasn't impressed. Well I don't know what I was looking at because neither of us could finish our meals there was just that much! It was pretty good too, although the burger patty itself wasn't the best I've ever had. The onions where probably the tastiest part of the meal and the fries were also really nice.

For our drinks we also chose the same, opting for 2 strawberry speckled lemonades. Again I wasn't massively impressed, partly because the strawberries in the drinks were a little squishy and parts kept floating up our straws. 

Overall I thought it was just okay. The theme and the decorations in the restaurant were really good and if you really like the Forest Gump film you'll be thrilled to hear its played on repeat in the bar. Although I loved the theme and the atmosphere and I thought the portions were pretty good that's about it. I didn't think all that much of the food which was a shame, but I guess that's what happens when you order a burger in a seafood restaurant.

What you ever been to Bubba Gumps? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co London

Just a really quick post today about a product I'm absolutely loving right now! Way back in August when I was treated to a gorgeous hotel room for my birthday, I may have stolen a load of mini toiletries. Okay so I did definitely steal them, but it was well worth it.

I picked up a load of mini Arran Aromatics Lavender & Tea Tree Shower Gels because I enjoyed bathing with it so much in our hotel. I know you can buy full sized versions of these on their website so I though they were worth writing about in case anyone was thinking of purchasing them.

So I'm going to start with their scent. You all probably know by now just how much I love pretty smelling products. If I use it chances are it smells amazing and that's exactly the case with these little beautys. They smell incredible and even more so when pored into a steaming hot bath. For anyone whos into strong floral scents these are definitely a must have.

Another good point is how much they bubble up. For such a small products you do get a lot of bubbles out of it, although I always use about 2 minis per bath as I want a boat load of bubbles when I'm relaxing. 

The last thing I want to mention is that they seem to be pretty good with sensitive skin. I suffer quite badly with eczema on various parts of my body and some bubble baths and shower gels can make this flair up. Well I've used these several times now and so far I haven't had any problems with it so that's always a good sign.

I'm still working my way through my miniatures but I'm sure when I run out of those I'll be popping the full sized version on my Christmas list!

Have you tried any of the Arran Aromatics range out?

Thanks for reading!


Arran Aromatics Lavender & Tea Tree Bath & Shower Gel

I feel like I spend half of my life on the Megabus going to London lately. Every other week me and Sean seem to be heading down to the city for one reason or another (usually shopping) and I always take a tonne of photos while I'm there. These are a few pictures I took at the end of August and although they are quite old now I really liked them so I wanted to share them here.

We decided to head into Camden for a bit of grub as they have the most amazing variety of food stalls and I also wanted to have a wander around the vintage shops. I had images in my head of a us sitting by the canal enjoying a nice relaxing meal before heading into the chaos that is central London. Well what we actually experienced couldn't have been further from that as I've never seen Camden so busy in all my life. Although I seemed to have captured a more calm Camden in the pictures, what you cant see is the hundreds of tourists milling around and angry locals trying to push past them. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Camden, its such a unique photogenic part of London that I try to visit every time I'm in the area, I must have just gone on a bad day.

Me and Sean quickly hunted down our ideal meal and set off to find a spot by the canal with our huge Polish sausage hot dogs which were delicious. We didn't hang around too long after this as is was just too busy but I know we will be back in Camden Town soon just to get another taste of those incredible hot dogs! 

Thanks for reading!


Camden Town

Early last month I visited the new Oxford Street Lush store. I had a strict budget as I'd only just got back from Amsterdam and payday seem so far away. I decided to just pick up a few bits and bobs so here is what I bought.

1. Monsier Gustave Bath Oil - This little cutie was only £2 and I thought it was a great cheaper alternative to the bath bombs. It is very small but It smelt amazing and it was a lovely glittery purple colour so I had to pick it up. 

2. Golden Handshake - I'd never seen anything like this before and having super dry hands like I do I really wanted to try it out. You stir this little product around in a large bowl of hot water until it turns into a thick cream. You then sock your hands in it to leave them feeling super soft. This treatment costs £2.95 which I didn't think was too bad.

3. I Am A Radiant Being Bath Oil - This is very similar to the first product only its pink and star shaped. I picked this up at the till like the little impulse buyer I am. It was only £2 and again it smelt really good. This product contains Geranium, Rose and Lemon oils so if you're into your sweet floral smells this is definitely the product for you!

4. Milky Bar Bubble Bar - So I cheated a bit with this one. I actually bought it back from Amsterdam with me as I didn't know when I would be able to get one again so I thought I'd just throw in into this haul. The label is all in dutch so I don't actually know whats in it but I do know that it smells pretty and being a bubble bar I will probably get a couple uses out of it!

Have you tried any of these products before? Stay tuned for my reviews!

Thanks for reading!


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Mini Lush Haul

A couple of weekends ago there was a big event in town called the Birmingham Weekender. There were lots of performances all over the city from various acting, dancing and musical groups. I missed all of the acts because I was working expect one, the Maudits Sonnants. I'd never heard of them before and honestly I didn't really know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. 

They are a French group that include actors, dancers, trapezists and musicians. I don't even know how to go about describing the act as it was just so surreal.

The act is based around this huge metal contraption that gets slowly lifted from the ground higher and higher throughout the performance taking the group with it. The musicians are each strapped into their own little section with their instruments playing continuously as the whole thing takes off. While this is going on the trapezists start to come to life swinging from their bars which are now 55 meters from the ground. Then the whole thing starts to spin like a chair swing ride at a fairground. 

The sound is also so hard to describe. Its like a haunting chime of notes that don't quite sound in tune but the whole thing works so well together. The atmosphere was so intense you almost enter a dreamlike state as the performance unfolds.

I'm sure you can find some footage of their performances somewhere online as I just cant put into words how amazing and weird it was!

Thanks for reading!


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Maudits Sonnants at The Birmingham Weekender

A few weeks ago I posted about my first Birch Box which was one I made up myself in Selfridges. I was given a discount code with that purchase to get my first Birch Box subscription for just £5 so I decided to buy one. I know most people have already received and written about the September Birch Box but I wanted to talk about it too and give you my first impressions. So here's what I received...

Bliss Foot Patrol - Retailing at £18.50 this little tube of foot cream seems very over priced. Its an exfoliating and softening cream that has a pretty peppermint scent to it, but honestly I probably wont use it. I feel like its come a little bit too late with summer holidays and any need to get my toes out being well and truly in the past.

Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip Pencil in Humble Brag - This is a multi-use product doubling up as a lip pencil and a cheek tint. I was actually really excited about this product until I opened it up. Its very very pink, almost verging on neon pink and it wont suit me at all.

John Masters Organics Citrus Neroli Detangler - This product had the nicest looking packaging out of everything and it will look so cute on my dressing table. It promises to help with tangles and knots which I'm more than happy to put to the test. Its just a shame its such a small sized product.

Beauty Protector Beauty Wash - I thought this was a cleanser at first but after reading about it I realized is actually just a fancy shower gel. The packaging is cute and tacky at the same time which I love and the product itself smells amazing. Although its not an incredibly exciting product I know I will use it.

Benefit POREfessional License To Blot - I love a good Benefit product, even a teeny tiny one. I'd never heard of this product before but i'm excited to try it out. It promises to mattify shiny areas of your face for up to 6 hours which I'm not going to turn down. Again its just such a shame its so small.

The Birchbrush - This brush claims to 'work out knots, tame tresses and smooth your hairs surface' so its basically a rubbish version of the Tangle Teezer. Although it looks pretty crappy and cheap, it is a nice size so I will probably end up using it when I'm on the go or when I'm on holiday.

So that was the September Birch Box. Honestly I'm not impressed at all. This was supposed to be their big 5 year anniversary box and I don;t think they sent anything particularly amazing. I'm keeping my subscription open until I get next months box (partly because they already took payment for it) so I'll see if I'm more impressed with that one!

What did you think of the September box? Have you used any of the products already, did you like them?

Thanks for reading!


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September Birch Box

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Tewksbury Medieval Festival. Today's post is about another quirky little English event that is probably slightly more weird. Last Sunday Me, Mom, Dad and Sean all drove down to Belbroughton for the Annual Scarecrow Festival. Sean had never been before and it had been a fair few years since we last went so we were excited to see what it was now like.

To give you a quick rundown, every year the people of Belbroughton put on this fun little event. They are given a theme, create a scarecrow around the theme and display their masterpieces in their front gardens. People come from all over to see them and they are even judged and given prizes.

As well as the scarecrows there are several sites all over the village with food, jewellery and homeware stands. There are also a few stages with live acts and a fair in the center of the village. If none of that floats your boat, there are classic cars and motorbikes on display with their enthusiastic owners ready to tell you all about their vintage toys.

We only spent a few hours in the village in the afternoon but I thought I'd share the photos I took while I was there!

Thanks for reading!


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Belbroughton Scarecrow Festival

This month it was pretty hard to narrow down all of my new products to just four. I was lucky enough to have recieved a lot of new products for my birthday and I was given a goodie bag full of treats at the Pegasus Beauty Showcase, so I had a lot to try out. Here are my top picks from over the last month...

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation - This was actually given to me when I attended the Pegasus event last month and its been my 'go to' foundation ever since. For the last couple of years I haven't really worn anything other then BB cream so I was a bit dubious about wearing this foundation, especially as it was on the cheaper side. I honestly don't know what I was worried about as its a really good match to my skin and it doesn't feel greasy at all on my face. I think it retails at around £5 so for a product of this size I think its an absolute bargain!

Mac Matte Lipstick in shade Men Love Mystery - I picked this little beauty up in the airport on the way to Amsterdam in August and I've gotten a fair bit of use out of it so far. Although its not an everyday lipstick I do love wearing it especially when my hair is looking really purple. The colour lasts all day and even after I've eaten it still looks pretty vivid. Even though its a matte lipstick it doesn't leave my lips looking or feeling dry which is always a worry when buying non shiny lipsticks. If you are looking for something a bit different I would definitely recommend this lippy which retails at around £15 in regular stores or £12 in duty free.

Knight & Wilson Colour Freedom in Mystic Purple - You might have noticed my hair has had a pinky purple tint to it over the last few weeks and that would be down to this product. I'm pretty sure its a new product as I'd never seen it in super drug before but after using it a couple of times I've already repurchased another one. It retails at around £5 which isn't bad at all for a tube this size and honestly the colour sticks around for quite a long time too. I tend to mix this with a blue die to get a more lilac colour and I love the results.

Benefit Roller Lash - I'm sure you're all sick of seeing this but its by far the best mascara I have ever used and I had a new one for my birthday. It sells for around £20 which I think is pretty expensive but its so worth it. I've never known a mascara give me such long full lashes so I don't really mind forking out for it. I do think its pretty hard to wipe away though so investing in a good make up remover is necessary if you're thinking of buying it. Even though its quite a pricey product I couldn't recommend it enough and I'm sure I will buy it again when I finish this tube.

So those were last months favorites! Let me know what you've been loving lately in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


September Beauty Favorites

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