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So I treated myself to a few beauty purchases the other day and I thought I'd put them in a post to show you guys. I didn't really get that much as I'm waiting to see what Santa brings but I think it's enough to justify a haul post.

Here is what I picked up...

flatlay of the beauty products I purchased

1. Real Techniques Shading Brush - Okay so everyone goes on about how amazing these brushes are, I've never seen a bad review for them. Well I needed a new eye shadow brush so I thought I would give it a go. It was slightly more expensive than the usual brushes I buy but Real Techniques are meant to be the best brushes going so I didn't mind.

2. Essence Stay Natural Concealer - You know I love a good bargain, so when I saw this for £2 I had to pick it up. I've used Essence products for a few months now and I don't really have anything bad to say about them so I'm hoping this concealer keeps up the standard.

3. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Eyeliner - I always use Rimmel eyeliner. Honestly I think it's the best eyeliner around at the moment and its only £3. I actually picked up the wrong one in the shop, I usually get the basic Kohl eyeliner and I picked up this 'Scandal Eyes' one. Its was the same price as my usual and I can't really tell any difference between the two, but I'll give it a go and see what I think.

4. Boots Facial Exfoliating Sponge - This was a bit of an impulse buy. It was only £1.50 and I really wanted to try it out. It reminds me of a mini version of the pads we put on the floor machine at work but I'm hoping it does a better job. I've used it a few times and it is a little bit rough on my face but I guess it will have to do until I can get my hands on one of those fancy facial cleansing brushes.

5. Boots Moisturising Cream - Another impulse buy and again it was £1.50. I really wanted to try out a new moisturizer and this one smells like cucumber so that pretty much sold it to me. I started using it last week and I quite like it. It's not greasy, its smells yummy and it doesn't hurt when I put it on my eczema like some creams.

So that was a little roundup of my latest beauty buys. I love doing little haul posts but I always think it would be much easier if I put the into a video. What do you guys think, should I start doing haul videos? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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