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Yesterday me and Sean had a little trip to the Sealife Center in Birmingham. We love this place, it was even where we had our first proper date, and we had a really good time!

This time around we spent all morning and afternoon looking at hundreds of gorgeous little sea animals. My favorite by far were the tiny two month old turtles, they were just so sooo cute! After we'd finished here we went for a bit of shopping in Primark and New Look, and I got a couple new things which I will post about tomorrow.

Sean the cutie, bought me a little turtle soft toy and some gorgeous roses, which look just beautiful on my desk. When we had finished our little shopping trip we went to get some yummy pub grub and finished the night with a lovely cold bus journey home.

A school of Angel fish at the Sealife Centre Birmingham
Angel fish at the Sealife Centre Birmingham

A view of a hammerhead shark and other fish from inside the glass tunnelA pink jellyfish
From inside the glass tunnel  //  A jellyfish at the Sealife Centre

photo of a blurred stingray as it swims past
One of the many stingrays in the huge stingray pool

a cream coral (I think)A very colourful coral (I think)
Various corals (I think?)

Another blurry stingray
Another beautiful stingray in the open pool

A spotty Jellyfish lit up with a blue neon lighta jellyfish with stumpy tentacles lit up in red light
Jellyfish glowing in various colours

a tiny baby turtle with it huge eyes looking towards me
One of the tiny baby turtles, this batch were only 2 months old!

selfie next to the stingray tankSelfie with Sean next to the Stingray tank
Obligatory selfie next to the stingray tank!

Looking at a tank which is half filled with water so that you can also look down on the fish from the top
Various fish at the Sealife Centre Birmingham

Another view of the tank above  //  a blue Poison Dart Frog

Various coral species
Looking down on some snazzy coral

     The yellow and brown cuddly turtle toy  beautiful bouquet of 5 red roses
The cuddly toy turtle Sean bought at the Sealife Centre Shop  //  The roses Sean bought for me

our meal which consisted of burger and chips for sean, hot dog and chips for me, and a portion of onion rings to share
Our pub grub once we had finished wandering around the Sealife Centre in Birmingham

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