I've decided to start doing a monthly wishlist on my blog. I love putting these lists together and I can easily spend hours window shopping online so I might as well put all that time to good use! 

Are you guys actually interested in a monthly wishlist here? Let me know!

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January Wishlist

Sunnyside Bubble Bar £4.75

I can't even remember the last time I wrote about bath products but I tried out a new bubble bar a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. I've been slowly building up a collection of Lush goodies for a few months now and I've been way to busy to use them let alone review them, but I'm starting to make more time for myself and for my blog lately so here I am.

This little beauty is the Sunnyside Bubble Bar. I've been really in to bubble bars of late because you can always get loads of use out of them, I usually cute mine in half and have two relaxing bubble baths instead of one. 
I picked up this one mainly because of how gorgeous and sparkly it is but also because of its pretty but subtle scent. 

This bar contains 3 beautiful citrus oils; lemon, tangerine and wild orange which leave your skin smelling fruity and fresh. As always this product isn't tested on animals and all the ingredients are sourced from suppliers who don't test on animals either.

Unfortunately it doesn't foam up as much as I would like, but bathing in a gold glittery bath more than makes up for that! I've never had a bath with so much sparkle before and I loved it! I can't wait to use the other half of this bubble bar and I will definitely be buying it again. Although I usually break mine in half, I would recommend using the whole thing in one bath so you get the most out of it.

Have you ever used this? Whats your favourite Lush product?

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LUSH Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Okay I know this is really late but i've been busy with going back to college. I was going to make a video about this but I'm lazy and still a little camera shy so here it is in blog post form. 

Now I don't want this post to come off the wrong way, I've seen a lot of bloggers sharing what they got for Christmas and I wanted to do a little post on my presents too. I'm not trying to show off at all I just wanted to a Haul type post of my gifts. So lets start...

One of my favourite xmas prezzies this year was this huge bag of Soap & Glory products. The Whole She-Bang includes Heel Genius, The Righteous Butter, Clean on Me, Thick & Fast Mascara, Sexy Mother Pucker, Righteous Butter Sunkissed tint, Hand Food and The Scrub Of Your Life. I've tried a few of these before and I'm so glad to have them again. My all time favourite hand cream is Hand Food so I'm super happy to have another one to keep in stock.

More beauty goodies! Mom bought me one of my all time fave mascaras; Roller Lash and my sister treated me to this sparkly little thing from N07. I've never tried Lash Impact before but I'm definitely going to give it a go, I need all the help I can get in the lash department! I also received my first ever MAC Eyeshadow this year too. After falling in love with their lipsticks over the last few months I finally got my hands on something different. This gorgeous little lilac eyeshadow is called Ready To Party and I cannot wait to use it!

I was also treated to some gorgeous new scents this Xmas. I've been using sample perfumes and body spritz's for a little while now so I was desperate to get my hands on some proper perfume! My mom bought me Dot, one of my favourite Marc Jacobs scents and Sean gave me Black XS which was one of the samples I'd been using and had come to love.

It wouldn't be christmas without a few hair care treats right? This VO5 hairspray is the best hairspray going. I've tried others in this range before but the High Volume one is easily the best. I was also gifted with some Aussie shampoos and conditioners which I use all year round. I actually think they are quite pricey and as I'm on a student budget right now I was very very happy to receive these! The ones featured are the 3 Minute miracle for coloured hair and the Miracle Moist Shampoo, I also got the Miracle Moist Conditioner but I've already started on that!

Ahh MAC Lipsticks! I was lucky enough to have received 3 MAC lipsticks from my parents this year. I picked them up in the airport in November and I couldn't touch them until after Christmas! The shades I got were Faux, Whirl and my beloved Velvet Teddy. I really should have taken a photo of them with the lids off as you cant see how pretty they are but I have already posted about them here if you fancy a look.

So that was what I got for christmas this year. Again I don't want this to come off as braggy, I know I'm super lucky to have all of these treats!

What did you get this year, did we receive any matching presents?

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What I Got For Christmas

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Where have you been all my life?! I'm not a huge heels fan, you'll very rarely find me wearing anything other than Converse or dolly shoes but my god have I fallen head over heels for Ghillies! 

This wasn't even a type of shoe I was aware existed until I wrote up the Kylie Jenner Steal Her Style post and now I just cant get enough of them. They are the type of heel that could be dressed up or down, worn with a dress or jeans and brings some serious attitude otherwise boring outfit. I've already snapped up a little New Look pair so I'm sure you'll see those in an outfit post soon!

Would you rock a pair of Ghillie heels?

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Ghillie Heels Wish List

Today I thought I would talk about my small but growing MAC Lipstick collection. I bought my first MAC Lipstick back in August and I haven't looked back since. 

Now I don't want to come across as a makeup snob, I know these lipsticks are quite pricey and honestly most of them were gifts. I'm very lucky to be able to have nice things like this so I hope this doesn't look like I'm bragging. So lets talk about them...

Velvet Teddy - This was my first ever MAC lipstick. I jumped on the bandwagon and became a Velvet Teddy addict. The shade is just perfect and the lipstick its self has an amazing consistency. It lasts for hours on my lips and although I do have to re-apply after I've eaten I think this shade was well worth the money. I've almost finished my first one and I've already bought my next in preparation!

Faux - I received this shade for Christmas and I haven't actually had chance to use it yet which is a shame. The shade is just a little bit lighter and more pink than Velvet Teddy and I can easily see this becoming my new 'go to' lipstick . This shade retails at £15.50.

Meltdown - I bought this about a week after Velvet Teddy because I already knew I wanted to start a collection. One of the bloggers I followed at the time blogged about an orange lipstick she loved wearing and I wanted to get on that hype too. I didn't want to go for a bright orange so I settled for a subtle glittery shade. I don't wear this as much as the others and its not as vivid as I would like either but I'm still glad I have it in my collection so I can switch things up from time to time.

Whirl - This was another Christmas present and I haven't had chance to try this out either. This is more of a deep pink / brown shade that I would probably reserve for a night our or meal. I've seen nothing but good reviews about this shade online so I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Men Love Mystery - Where do I start with this shade? I picked it up at the airport before I went to Amsterdam in August and I fell in love instantly! I had lilac hair at this time too so I wore it almost every day because I thought it went well. It lasts forever although I do need to reapply every now and then because it starts to look a bit tired. I don't wear it as much as I would like too but I'm really glad I have it in my little collection.

So that was my MAC lipstick collection. I'd really like to keep adding to it over the next few months, and even throw in a few lip liners too! What shade do you think I should get next?

Also over the last few months and because of christmas I've managed to get my hands on a lot of nicer make up bits, would you guys like to see a high end make up collection post?

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My MAC Lipstick Collection

Late as always but I guess its kind of a tradition now right? This is my first monthly favourites post since my little blogging break late last year. I've tried quite a few new products out since then and I'm excited to talk about a few of them today!

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails - This is a actual miracle product! After years of spending hours waiting for my nails to dry I have finally discovered something that lets me get the job done in minutes. Its like a small tin of hairspray for your nails that you just spray on once you've applied a coat of polish. The spray contains vitamin E too which is meant to be good for your skin and nails. This product retails at around £3 which is great considering how much time it saves!

Trilogy Make Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm* - I received this in a goody bag from the Pegasus Beauty Event way back in September and its took me a couple of months to get around to using it. Before getting this cleanser I'd always used a basic Nivea one and it was good but sometimes felt like my eyes were sore after rubbing my make up off, this cleanser however is a bit more oily so my make up just melts away. I couldn't recommend this product enough although I would suggest being careful when using it around your eyes as it can make them quite bloodshot if enough gets in. 

Collection Cover Stick - I've never really been a huge fan of foundation. I use it occasionally when I need a bit of extra coverage or for nights out but for every day I just want to even my skin tone out a bit. I use this little coverstick almost every day all over my face to even things out a bit and to cover any spots that might have popped up. It only costs £1.99 which is ridiculously cheap for the quality I think!

Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash* - Another freebie from the Pegasus event and another product I've grown to love! After running out of my favourite Body Shop face wash I decided to give this one a go. I always choose exfoliating washes over basic ones so I knew I would love this product from the start. It smells really nice and gives a really thorough cleanse too which is exactly what I want in a face wash.

So those were last months favourites. Have you tired any of these products for yourself? I'd love to here what you thought.

Thanks for reading!


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Items marked with an * were gifted however all opinions are my own.

December Beauty Favourites

So went into town last week to hit the sales, but I actually ended up buying pretty much all full priced items, and not particularly cheap ones either.

I had planned on going wild in the Lush sales as all of the christmas stock was half price but the shelves were completely wiped of anything half decent! So here is what I managed to pick up...

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Shade #436 Birthday Suit - I have been after a matte liquid lipstick for so long now! I couldnt get my hands on the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit so I figured this little beauty would be just as good and for a fraction of the price! This Lip Cream retails at just £5 and is such a gorgeous shade, one that almost perfectly mimicks MAC's Velvet Teddy! I'm sure I will get LOTS of use out of this!

Ecotools Tapered Blush Brush - I've been desperate to get hold of a new blush brush lately as I've taken to bronzing and highlighting my face almost daily. I was a bit ill equipped for the job but now I have this I will be able to highlight my forehead, cheek bones and chin more accurately. I chose this Ecotools brush partly because my sister owns a few that she loves and partly because it was a cheaper alternative to the only others in the shop which were the Bold Metallic Collection from Real Techniques.

Lush Snowman Fun - This was literally the only sale item I picked up all day, and the only slightly appealing thing left in Lush. All of their festive stock had been reduced and I had every intention of picking up a few Snow Fairy Shower Gels or the 5 Gold Rings Bubble Bar but alas, they were all gone. I settled for this Snowman soap which I had actually eyed up before Christmas but I couldn't justify £5 on, £2.50 on the other hand was much more appealing! I'll have a little play with it and show my creation off on Instagram in the next week or so!

Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow in Shade Touch Me - I bought one of these way back in around February time and honestly it did the job pretty well. I have quite veiny eyelids and on days I don't really want to make an effort, but still want to look alive I just dust this over them to make myself feel better. It was only £1 so it was well worth investing in.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Pallet - Oh my god where do I even start with this?! It has been on my wishlist for weeks now and when Santa didn't deliver I knew I had to get it myself. Everything about this pallet is just perfect, the packaging is incredible and I know I will use all of the shades. It was a little bit pricy, retailing at £40 but that works out to less then £3 a shade so when you think about it that way its kind of a good deal. Regardless of the price its something I was dying to get my hands on and you have to treat yourself once in a while, right?

So thats what I picked up in the 'Sales', I'd love to head what you guys think of my beauty treats! Did you manage to get any post Christmas bargains?!

Thanks for reading!


Post Christmas Beauty Haul

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