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Like the majority of the UK, I've spent the last few months cooped up in my house. Through no fault of my own I've dedicated a huge amount of 2020 to lounging around in my Pyjamas and whilst I'll admit living in Pj's for months has been incredibly comfortable, it's not been doing wonders for my motivation.

As I'm on the job hunt, and I don't have many reasons to leave the house on a regular basis at the moment, it made sense for me to invest in some cute loungewear - something that I wouldn't necessarily go out in, but something that definitely wasn't pyjamas. I needed some cute pieces that will let me feel like I've actually tried to get ready for the day but that are still super comfortable to wear.

Grace is sitting on top of a set of drawers  wearing a grey two piece loungewear set

After being approached by Femme Luxe for a collaboration I decided I would try out a few pieces from their loungewear collection. Femme Luxe have a tonne of great looking loungewear at pretty affordable prices, they don't have a huge amount of clothing which caters to larger bodies though which is their only downfall. I'm a size 16 and whist I didn't find it too hard to pick pieces that would fit me (I ordered a couple of size 14 items which fit well) the site doesn't really cater to plus size right now. Hopefully this is something Femme Luxe will look into as it would be great if all sizes were able to shop their cute loungewear collection!

For my order, I picked up 4 items, 3 lovely loungewear sets, and a banging little tie-dye t-shirt. I've been after a tie-dye top for a while now and as it turns out I'm not great at the whole DIY thing so I was happy to buy one that's already made! I did intend to stick to purely loungewear items in my Femme Luxe order but I guessed that the t-shirt could be worn both out and about or just in my house, bonus.

Grace can be seen posing in a full length mirror wearing a baby blue loungewear set. Her stomach is on show.
Grace can be seen posing in the mirror wearing a blue loungewear set. Only her torso and up is visable

The first loungewear set I tried on was this lovely little blue number. Initially, I wasn't sold on it as I didn't realise the top was cropped, and that isn't really my style. But after a load of messages from followers on Instagram telling me I should keep it I did, and to be honest I glad I still have it. I'll admit wearing a cropped top where my tummy is on show is a little strange for me (as I've been told my whole life that it should be covered up) but actually it's quite freeing to wear something I 'shouldn't' even if I'm just in the comfort of my own home! Who knew loungewear could be liberating eh? 

Grace can be seen sitting on top of a set of drawers wearing a grey loungewear set. She is holding a book whilst also leaning over to adjust her record player
Grace is leaning against a set of drawers. She is wearing a grey loungewear set and holding a book. Only her torso and above is visable

Another loungewear set I picked up in the order was this super soft grey combo. This is probably my favourite item as it is just so comfortable to wear and the joggers aren't too long for me! this is the set that feels the most like pyjamas without looking like pyjamas which is exactly what I wanted when I started my hunt for some new loungewear to slob about in the house. I can see myself spending the last of my lockdown in this set and maybe I'll even do a couple of trips to maccies wearing it, we shall see...

Grace can be seen sitting on her bed cross legged. She is wearing a thick fluffy set of grey pyjamas
Grace can be seen sitting cross legged on her bed. She is wearing a thick fluffy grey loungewear set

The last loungewear set I picked up is really just a pair of PJs but I'm not mad about this - no I'm actually very excited to pop these on and cosplay as the Michelin Man once the nights start getting colder. To be honest I picked up this pyjama set as I knew it was super thick and would be perfect for when I go camping! I've spent far too many nights almost freezing to death in my tent, but I'm hoping that will be a thing of the past now I have these bad boys to keep me cosy!

Grace is standing in front of the camera. She is wearing a blue tie-dye t-shirt
Grace is standing in front of the camera and holding her hair on one side. She is wearing a blue tie-dye t-shirt

The final item I grabbed for my Femme Luxe haul is this lovely tie-dye t-shirt. Like I said previously, I needed a tie-dye top in my life but my lack of skills wouldn't allow me to make my own and so I popped one on my order. I'm excited to wear this oversized top, which is the only item of comfy clothing from this order I'm happy to leave the house in. I think it's super cute and will look great paired with my ripped jeans and beat up converse. I've actually snipped the bottom off this t-shirt as it was a little long for me and now it's the perfect length. I went on to make a matching face mask with the spare material which was leftover, although my sewing skills (or lack of) have meant it's a little wonky!

So those were the goodies I picked up in a recent Femme Luxe loungewear order! Where are your favourite places to get new loungewear from?

Thanks for reading!

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