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There was once a time when you weren't a proper blogger unless you were living in the capital. London was the place to be for budding social media stars, and you'd never make it unless you were dining at Peggy Porschen or Sketch 5 times a week. But Birmingham is my home town, I have no intentions of leaving it (just yet) and actually being a Birmingham blogger is pretty damn great.

I love being a Birmingham blogger, and here's why...

Grace inside a restaurant drinking a strawberry Daiquiri

I can nip to London for the big blog events if I like, but actually, there are a tonne of things happening right here in Birmingham too! While it's unlikely that huge blog events will be held in my fair city anytime soon, we have enough fun things happening here. From skincare launches to new restaurant openings and even comedy nights, Birmingham has events for every type of blogger!

The Birmingham Blogging community is pretty nice. There's minimal bitchiness in our community and most of the time we all support each other. I have a good selection of blogger friends who I look forward to seeing at events and even when I meet new bloggers for the first time we always get along. I've heard a lot of stories from London bloggers of how competitive the scene is over there and I'm so glad that's not the case here in Birmingham.

Independent bars, cafes, and restaurants are everywhere in Brum and there are so many Birmingham Bloggers promoting them too. If I'm ever on the hunt for a new haunt I can just ask some of the Brummie Blogger girls and I'll be given a thousand suggestions for places I've never even heard of. I actually think Birmingham is one of the best cities in the UK for independents of all kinds and that's something to be proud of.

The Birmingham Blogger community is mostly working class. Before anyone starts I have nothing against luxury lifestyle bloggers, I just prefer reading blogs written by people like me. The majority of Birmingham bloggers I know are common as muck and I absolutely love that for us! Besides blog events wouldn't be half as fun if we were all prim and proper and didn't drink our body weight in free booze right?

Ever since I can remember Birmingham has been branded a shithole (usually by snobs & people who have never even been here) and I genuinely feel that this label is unjust! Here in Brum, we have so many gorgeous places which means Birmingham Bloggers have tons of great locations to shoot. From the beautiful Botanical Gardens to the sophisticated Colmore Row, and our miles of canals - Birmingham can easily rival London for fab backgrounds!

And so those are just a few of the reasons why I love living and blogging in beautiful Brum!

Are you a fellow Brummie? Tell me your favourite things about the second city in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Grace,
    I hope you're very well!

    I've been adopted by B'ham and I'm happy to be here. :)
    Oh, I know about the nasty comments on the city itself and the dialect, but there's nothing true and I had the chance to meet nice people instead!

    I just took part in one small event because I'm not in a PR circle at the moment, I'm still a baby here but I hope to meet you one day!

    Stay safe and have a wonderful Sunday.

    1. Hi Valentina! Great to have you in our lovely city, I'm glad you're enjoying your time here :) Hopefully once the world starts to go back to normal more blog events will come about! If would be lovely to meet you too :)


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