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I have been layering everything in my wardrobe lately! I don't know what it is about sticking a top underneath another top, but I just really love the way it looks. Especially in the summer if I want to wear a strapless top but I'm not confident enough, I just whack a T-shirt underneath and the jobs a good'un! 

With this in mind, it only made sense to invest in a staple mesh top I can wear undeath multiple items of clothing. I went for something simple and long-sleeved so that it would be a super versatile piece.

Mesh top laying flat with jewellery on top of it

So here are 3 ways to style a mesh top...

1. Over a vest top

Wearing a black skater skirt, a black mesh top, and black heeled boots

The first way I've chosen to style the mesh top is over a plain black vest top. It's a super simple look that can be worn with jeans or a skirt. I've chosen to pair it with a plain black skater skirt and some heeled boots to create an outfit I'd likely wear on a night out. 

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2. Under a cami top

Wearing a leopard print cami top with a black mesh top underneath

Like I said previously, I'm not always confident enough to wear sleeveless tops (which is silly I know) so I'll often pair them with t-shirts to cover my bingo wings. My arms are something I'm working on loving, but until I do, I'm happy to wear this mesh top underneath my cute cami's. 

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3. Underneath a strappy dress or jumpsuit 

Wearing a floral playsuit with a black mesh top underneath

This is probably my favourite look of the three and one that can easily be dressed up or down. Here I've paired the mesh top with my favourite Topshop jumpsuit. I never wear this jumpsuit without some sort of top underneath it but this might be the nicest top I've worn underneath. The mesh top helps to cover my insecurities without taking away from the super low v-neck which I love.

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So those were the 3 ways I would style a mesh top! 

Which outfit is your favourite?

Thanks for reading!

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Grace is wearing a black floral playsuit with a black long sleeve mesh top underneath. Below her text reads "3 ways to style a mesh top"


  1. Grace....I LOVED this, it was awesome to see how to style a top like that. I have always wanted to wear a jump suit but have never felt confident enough. I am going to try styling it with a top underneath like this now as it won't make me feel so vulnerable and looks great on you!! Dharma X

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I'm forever laying things up as it just gives me a little more confidence sometimes! :) x

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