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The Lake District was once described as "the loveliest spot that man has ever known" and after spending some time there myself I can wholeheartedly agree with that statement. The Lake District, which can be found in the county of Cumbria, is host to 16 stunning lakes and miles of breathtaking scenery. While I don't think there are any ugly spots in the area, I do think there are some locations within the Lake District that you just cannot miss.

Looking down across a wide lake surrounded by hills

So here are the most beautiful locations in the Lake District...

Aira Force

The Aira Force waterfall is just one of many waterfalls you can find dotted around the Lake District, though I would argue this is one of the more impressive. The 21.3 metre tall waterfall can be viewed from several viewpoints however I would recommend viewing from the below as this is where you will find the most dramatic view (and be coated in a subtle spray from the falls). Aira Force can be easily accessed from the National Trust Car Park which is also only a short distance from the shores of Ullswater lake.

two images. the first is of a tall waterfall. the second is of a wide bubbling stream


Of the lakes I visited Ullswater was the most beautiful in my opinion, though it was stiff competition and to date, I have not yet visited all of the Lakes in the area so my opinion may well change in the future. Ullswater is the second largest body of water in the Lake District National Park and can be accessed from several car parks in the area. Surrounded by remarkable scenery, Ullswater offers both space to relax on the shore or the option to take to the water in a historical steamer if you wish. On my visit, I also found the water calm enough to explore in our kayak so that is also an option if you have your own equipment. 

two images. the first image is a view of Ullswater lake from the shore. The second image is of Grace and her father in a blow up kayak

Surprise View

The most uncreative name award goes to - Surprise View. The view, which may not actually come as much of a surprise to those who actively seek it out, is located atop a steep hill next to Derwentwater Lake. You may be able to walk to Surprise View from the bottom of the sloping road however, there is a conveniently placed car park opposite the location. This is probably the best option for anyone not wanting to hike. Whichever way you chose to transport yourself to the area, it is well worth the trip, even if you already know what you'll see on arrival. Whilst the name won't be winning any points for originally any time soon, the view you are treated to here more than makes up for it! 

two images. Both are of the wide Derwentwater lake which is surrounded by green hills

Ashness Bridge

Further down the road from Surprise View, you can find Ashness Bridge. The bridge is a traditional stone bridge which allows travellers to cross over the fast running beck below. While the bridge itself is the main draw here, the bubbling stream which runs underneath is just as beautiful to witness. You'll find the bridge replicated on hundreds of souvenirs in the area and it is said to be one of the most photographed locations in the Lake District. Ashness Bridge can be easily accessed from the National Trust car park less than a minute up the road.  

Castlerigg Stone Circle

A Stone Circle may not be at the top of your to-do list while visiting the Lake District but I'm here to try and change your mind. Very few stone circles can be found surrounded by such impressive scenery whilst also being free to visit and easily accessible. Although you won't be able to glimpse any bodies of water from Castlerigg Stone Circle, it's location atop high hill gives the opportunity to spy on the incredible mountainous landscape that encloses the site. 
Castlerigg Stone Circle can be found in the north of the Lake District and can be accessed by free roadside parking opposite the site.

two images. the first image is a shot of the whole stone circle. the second image is a close up shot of one of the stones which is covered in a thin layer of moss. sweeping hills can be seen in the background of both images.

So those are the most beautiful locations in the Lake District in my opinion. The Lake District is by far the most picturesque area of England I've been lucky enough to visit and I'm sure I will continue to add to this list whenever I return for another trip. 

What do you think should have made it onto the list?

Thanks for reading!

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another image of the large Ullswater lake. Text on top of the image reads "the most beautiful locations in the lake district"


  1. My colleagues were constantly talking about two areas I should visit: Cornwall and... the Lakes. This post makes me want to pack and go.
    How many peaceful views!

    Thanks for sharing, Grace.
    xoxo and stay safe

    1. Oh you should definitely visit both once you get chance! They are both such beautiful places for different reasons!

      Grace xx

  2. I literally can't get over those 'Surprise View' photos, the name is definitely true - it looks absolutely stunning, I wouldn't want to leave! I really love the sound of the Aira Force Waterfall as well, I'm such a sucker for a waterfall to be honest. They're just so stunning and I'd be there with my camera snapping photos for hours. Love this post, it's made me want a staycation break so badly! xx

    1. Honestly if you get chance I would really recommend a trip to the Lakes this year! This was my first ever time there and its left me wanting to go back so bad

      Grace xx


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