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At the start of the month I wrote a blog post about shopping sustainably and how and why I'm doing it. Along with buying second hand clothes, and selling on my unwanted clothes, I've also started 'shopping my own wardrobe' a lot more too.

"What on earth is shopping your own wardrobe?" I hear you say! Well to me it's basically digging out those pieces you haven't worn in forever and giving them a new lease of life! For me it also means actually wearing the clothes which have been sat in my wardrobe with the tags on for months, oops!

Full length shot wearing a white tshirt and a black midi skirt
Close up of tshirt and embroidered detail which reads ''love is enough''

This t-shirt is actually one of those items. I bought it forever ago when H&M released their William Morris collection as I just had to have something from the collection and most of it was too long on me! It's actually a pretty gorgeous embroidered top that I just haven't really wanted to wear yet?

Well I finally styled it up with this pretty midi skirt from Asos and honestly I love the look. I liked it so much that I just had to head out to the park to get some snappy snaps of the outfit. Actually the first person I passed at the park stopped me to say she loved what I was wearing! That doesn't happen very often to me and it honestly made my day!

Half body shot of the outfit showing my head down to my waist
Close up of black leather handbag

Apart from the skirt, which I admit is new (but it has pockets, come on!) every other part of my outfit is pretty damn old. But they don't feel like old pieces to me, because I've mixed in a new item and an item I haven't worn before!

So how else can you 'shop your own wardrobe'? Well a fun way to mix things up is by getting a little crafty. I'm forever chopping up t-shirts to make them slightly cropped, which not only makes them look better on my short arse body, but also gives them a completely new vibe! In the past I've also dyed older clothes new colours and ripped jeans that were already on their way out. There's no end to the kind of things you can do to your old clothes to make them feel new again!

- Shop the look -
(or shop your own wardrobe for the look if you can!)

Shopping sustainably, and reusing clothes as much as possible is something I'm really going to make an effort to do in the coming months because it just makes sense!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love this outfit! It's so fun to discover those pieces in your wardrobe that you forgot you had!


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