So as you might know last week I flew off to Turkey with my family. I'd been once before and fell in love with it. We booked the holiday super last minute and got a an amazing deal. We did so much fun stuff, and went places I'd never seen before.

We stayed in a little town called Sarigerme, which is pretty central to everywhere we wanted to go, so that was perfect. 

looking out of an airplane window at the clouds below
The view from the airplane window on the way to Turkey

A turtle can be seen peeking out of the water
A turtle peeping up to say hello in Dalyan

a coffee cup with the Iztuzu beach logo on the side which mimics the starbucks logo
Hot chocolate on Iztuzu Beach (Turtle beach)

We flew really late and spent the first day chilling out and seeing what there was to do at our resort, but by day two we were ready to explore Sarigerme. We headed into the town for some shopping and ended up booking an excursion to Dalyan to see the turtles, the tombs and the mud baths! And that's exactly what we spent the third day doing. Let me just say if you are ever on holiday near a place that has natural mud baths, do it! Its really gross and doesn't smell all that fresh either but believe me its an experience! 

where the sea meets the shore on Iztuzu beach
Iztuzu Beach just outside Dalyan

a large hill at Dalyan with carvings in the style of temples in the side
The cave carvings at Dalyan

myself and my sister with beach towels on our heads as we take the boat back to Dalyan harbour
After a dip in the mud baths and thermal spa in Dalyan

Standing in the mud bath smoothing ourselves in mud
Having fun in the mud at the Dalyan Mud baths

On the third night there was a foam party in the town so me and my sister decided to go up and have a few drinks. We definitely did have a few drinks, so we had to spend all of day 4 relaxing by the pool. We spent all of day 5 relaxing around to resort too.

We decided that our 6th day should be a beach day as we weren't all that brown and we wanted to come back with a bit of a tan. 

Sarigerme shingle beach, the sea can be seen in the background
The shingle beach at Sarigerme in Turkey

myself, my sister, and my mom standing in the hotel reception with a large ornate vase in between us
In the hotel Lobby 

footprints on Sarigerme beach leading into the distance
Footprints on the beach in Sarigerme

My whole family standing at a viewpoint near the Blue Lagoon
This was taken near the Blue Lagoon by Fethiye 

On day 7 it was time to pack up and head off on our second and final excursion. This time we decided to go Fethiye Market and the Blue Lagoon. The market was huge and we really couldn't be bothered to do it all as it was way too hot so we headed back to the coach to be taken to our second stop.

We were taken to an abandoned Greek town where we had lunch, and a Camel ride. That's one more thing ticked off the bucket list! Our final stop was at a beautiful beach called Blue Lagoon where we did a bit of sunbathing and hired a pedalo. Then it was back to the Hotel to wait for our ride to the airport and our plane home.

** Edit 26.06.2020 - looking back at this post I would not recommend taking animal rides in holiday destinations as I don't believe they are always well looked after **

a tub of ice cream with sprinkles near the pool
It's not a holiday unless you eat ice cream around the pool is it?

My self and my sister riding camels in Kayakoy
Taking a camel ride in Kayakoy (looking back I would not recommend this)

a closer shot of the camels we would ride
The camels we would ride in Kayakoy

We had such an amazing week away and I literally can't to come back and explore more of this beautiful country!

Have you been to Turkey before? 

Thanks for reading!

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