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On Thursday me and Seany took a trip down to London to do some shopping. Although we had mainly gone to see the shops and spend time in Camden Market I did still hope to take more photos than I did.

Last time we went to London we only got to have a couple hours around Camden market and that really wasn't enough. This time though we made sure we got to see it all, and I'm pretty sure we did!

Camden high street sign on the wall of a house
Camden High Street

a heavily graffitied wall inside Camden Market
One of the many graffiti walls near the stable area of Camden Market

We spent all morning and some of the afternoon wandering through tiny winding streets. One of my favorite things about Camden is all the food stalls. If you've ever been I'm sure you will know what I mean. The market literally sells every kind of food you could ever want and I was kind of sad we ate before we got there. Although I did manage a couple of mini spring rolls and delicious KitKat milkshake. We didn't really buy all that much in Camden, we mostly just walked around getting lost and trying our best to track down a photobooth. 

a Chocolate Milkshake in a plastic cup
A chocolate KitKat milkshake from Camden Market

selfie in the middle of camden market near the stables
Obligatory selfie in the middle of Camden Market

But don't worry I still got to spend lots of money on a little trip to Oxford Street. I'd never been to Oxford Street before, so I never realized how bloody long it is! We popped into a few shops along the road before running out of time and dedicating out last bit of shopping time to finding Primark.

I've always wanted to go to the Oxford Street Primark as everyone says how huge it is, and I wasn't disappointed. The place was massive and I really couldn't be bothered to look round all of it so I picked up and couple of things and headed off.

After Primark we decided we better start getting ready to go to the Calico event, and after topping up my make up we set off to find it. I wrote about the Calico 'Keep It Fair In What You Wear' event on my last blog post.

Where are your favourite places to go shopping in London?

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