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As the Coronavirus pandemic worsens, it seems that quite a few of us are going to be cooped up inside for the next few weeks. For some of us this means working from home, but for more and more of us this will just be time to kill before the world gets back to normal.

Things to do whilst social Distancing or self isolating on lockdown

I've popped together a list of things you can do to pass the time and ride this pandemic out. 
For ease I've spilt the list into two, things you can do if you're feeling productive, and things you can do if you're not, because in times like this it's okay to just chill the fuck out.

So what can you do whilst you are self isolating/ social distancing?

Things you can do if you're feeling productive:

1. Update your CV

2. Take an online course with Udemy 

3. Check your credit score

4. Plan a weekly or monthly budget

5. Get all of your washing done and change your bed sheets

7. Tidy up your garden whilst the sun is shining

8. Do an hour of exercise

9. Delete the unwanted photos from your camera roll on your phone

10. Vacuum every room in the house

11. Organise your bookshelf by colour

13. Update your media kit, or create one if you don't already have one

14. Tidy up and clear out your junk draws

15. Give the bathroom a massive spring clean and chuck out old products

16. Start learning sign language

17. Plan your meals for the week, making sure older food is all used up

18. Learn a new skill

19. Clean the bloody oven out, boring I know, but necessary

20. Create a 1 month, 1 year, and 5 year life plan

21. Check your bank account and move money over to a savings account if possible

22. Have a clear out of old things and start a charity bag to be taken to the shops once the lockdown period is over

23. Cut your grass

24. Unsubscribe to mailing lists you're no longer interested in

25. Cancel subscriptions to services you no longer want or need

26. Give your windows a good clean

27. Take out life insurance 

28. Create or update your LinkedIn account

29. Check your emails

30. Clear the stuff out from under your bed and give it a good vacuum 

31. Go through your calendar/ diary and make sure all the important dates are in there

32. Clear out any unwanted documents on your computers/ or hard drives

33. Open an ISA (if you can still do so online)

34. Polish your work shoes ready for when you can go back to work

35. Organise your wardrobe by; colour, item of clothing, occasion etc.

36. Check out the free courses at the open university

37. Take your curtains down and wash them

38. Unfollow the social media accounts that don't make you happy anymore

39. Bag up your lose change to take to the bank once you can

40. Clean out your makeup bag and brushes, and chuck away any old makeup

41. Delete apps you no longer use from your phone

42. Search for a new job online

43. Check how you can improve your credit score

44. Deep clean your carpets

45. Wash your car and give the inside a thorough clean too

46. Do an online food order so you don't need to leave the house for a little longer

47. Test all the chargers in the house and bin off any that don't work

48. Check you are up to date with any bills

49. Start writing a will

50. Pay off your credit cards

51. Switch your gas and electricity to cheaper suppliers

52. Flip your mattress

53. Clear out your attic/ shed/ random cupboards

54. Check when your car's insurance and MOT are due

55. Have a go at mending old clothes or turning up those trousers you've putting off doing

56. Set daily goals for yourself (and actually complete them)

57. Pack away your Summer clothes

56. Ensure you have enough medication to last and order more if not

57. Return any online orders you don't want while the post office is still open

58. Sort through your nail varnishes and get rid of any that are starting to dry out

59. Start planning your side hustle but avoid MLM like the plague (Avon, juice plus etc)

60. Grow your connections on LinkedIn

61. Check your bloody emails, (properly!)

62. Help your child (or a friends child) learn something new

63. Volunteer to help the NHS

Things you can do if you're not feeling productive:

1. Start a new series on netflix

2. Video call a friend or family member

3. Download TikTok and watch the hours fly by

4. Have a go at creating cocktails, or mocktails if booze isn't your thing

5. Start a new book

6. Treat yourself to a magazine subscription whilst deliveries are still available

7. Bake something you've never baked before

8. Go for a walk (away from other people)

9. Download Netflix party and watch a film at the same time as your friends who don't live with you

10. Call your elderly relatives or friends to check up on them

11. Try out a new makeup look

12. Binge watch Youtube Videos

13. Play dress up and have a mini bedroom photoshoot 

14. Start a scrapbook

15. Cook something new

16. Sign up to a dating app and chat with new people

17. Create a pub quiz for your friends and do a group video chat 

18. Set up an instagram for your pet

19. Try out a new hairstyle (but don't get cutting it yourself because the hairdressers are going to be closed for a while!) 

20. Meditate

21. If the weather is right set up the tent and camp in your garden

22. Write a letter to a loved one

23. Give Yoga a try

24. Create a TikTok Video

25. Start a quarantine diary

26. Take an afternoon nap

27. Discover some new blogs and binge read their content

28. Make a list of things you're grateful for

29. Download a new game for your phone

30. Go for a bike ride

31. Keep in touch with work colleagues

32. Start a new Pinterest board  

33. Start planning your dream holiday for when you can travel again (Here are a few of my recommendations for when lockdown is lifted once again)

34. Create some pretty flaylays for your instagram

35. Leave nice comments on blog posts

36. If you can afford to, treat yourself to some goodies from small online businesses

37. If the weather is nice, relax in your garden

38. Try out Latte art

39. Do a face mask

40. Watch a film (Sarah has a great list of chick flicks to watch when you've had a bad day!)

41. Paint your nails

42. Plant some flowers (if you have seeds lying around)

43. Post your favourite books off to friends to read

44. Order physical prints of your favourite photographs

45. Create a mixtape

46. Spend 5 minutes doing deep breathing exercises

47. Call your mom

48. Do a hair mask

49. Make a handmade body scrub with blended fruits and sugar

50. Do something creative like painting or drawing (even if you're not that good at it)

51. Have a BBQ in your back garden

52. Start a blog if you don't already have one

53. Play a board game with whoever you live with

54. Take a bubble bath (Or practise some general self care) 

55. Pluck your eyebrows

56. Crop some of your t-shirts ready for summer

57. Put on a banging playlist and dance like noones watching

58. Dig out your old games consoles and have a play

59. Leave tripadvisor reviews for the last few places you've visited

60. Moisturise your hands as excessive hand washing is likely drying them out

61. Treat yourself to some gift cards for your favourite independent pubs/ bars/ restaurants for when they open again

62. Write some poetry (even if you think it's a bit shit)

63. Have a photoshoot with your pet

Just a note, if you're self isolating current government guidelines state that you should not leave your house for a certain amount of time. Make sure you keep yourself familiar with the latest guidelines and use common sense during this tricky time. 

So stay safe, stay sane, and try to make the most of this time. It will be over and in the history books before we know it.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy lately?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your suggestions of things to do :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

    1. No worries lovely, hopefully it helps a few people get through this mess!

      Grace xx


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