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As someone who has been blogging since their late teens, I often get A LOT of questions from people hoping to start a blog of their own! From friends in real life to strangers on the internet, I never go long without someone asking, "how do I start my own blog?". Well, I'm no expert, but I'd like to think I've learnt a few things about blogging that might help you on your way!

So how do you start your first blog post, and what should it be about?

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I'll let you into a little secret, there is no right or wrong way to start your first blog post! Yep, that's right, you literally can't go wrong with this first creation! Okay sure if you're starting a blog for your business or you're going for a more professional angle instead of a personal blog you probably won't want to swear your head off, but this is your new baby so it's down to you how you plan to do it!

But don't worry, I won't leave you to figure it out yourself, here are my tips...

Just start it!

Stop overthinking it. Chances are your first blog post won't be a work of art. This is a brand new thing to you, you can't expect to be 'good' at it straight away! The longer you stress and rewrite your first blog post, the longer it will take you to launch your blog properly, and let's be honest you want to get this off the ground sooner rather than later right?


If you're really stuck for ideas - get brainstorming! What is your blog going to be about? What do you want to tell people who click on your site for the first time? Maybe you want to introduce yourself, or maybe you just want to give the reader a run down of what they will find here in the future? Scribble down your ideas and get cracking!

Stick to the golden blogging rules... or don't!

Once you have an idea of what you're going to write about, get stuck in! Now in the blogging world, there are some rules to make your posts the best they can be. These rules help your blog posts appear in google searches and they are super important if you want to drive traffic to your blog. However, I don't think they matter too much when you are just starting out! It's your first post at the end of the day - you should have fun writing it, not worrying about making it SEO perfect!

Oh you're a sucker for the rules eh? Okay, I'll tell you a few of the basics to see you on your way:

  • Try to write over 500 words, but definitely no less than 300
  • Insert at least 1 relevant photo
  • Keep your title short, ideally no more than 60 characters

The longer you blog, the more rules you'll learn to live by but for now just enjoy your new creative outlet!

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What photos should I use?

Again this is completely up to you! If you're introducing yourself, maybe a nice inviting selfie would be a good idea, or if your blog post is going to be about beauty, a photo of your favourite beauty products would be great. Just try to make sure the photo is good quality and belongs to you. You don't want to use photographs you don't have the rights to as you might find yourself with a surprise bill if the owner catches you using it!

I've written the post but it just doesn't look good?

Don't beat yourself up too much if your first blog post doesn't look the way you expected it to. Learning to style up blog posts takes a lot of time and patience. Have a play around with the fonts, font sizes, headings, and even colours until you're happy with how the blog post looks. In time you can purchase blog themes which will give your site and blog posts and more unique uniform look, but for now, just have fun!

Starting a blog can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding modern hobbies, but just like anything else, you won't master blogging straight away. Some of the biggest bloggers with the most beautiful platforms have been doing this for 10 years, and believe me their blogs DID NOT look that pretty when they first started! So get cracking, go write your first post, and most importantly enjoy putting your new creation together!

If you're after a few more tips on setting up your blog check out my ultimate guide to starting a blog for everything you need know about getting going. I also really love Sarah's post about her 5 step blogging checklist and Jenny's blogging Q&A post is also sure to help you on your way!

And if you're still super stuck on what your first blog post could be about, I've rounded up a few easy ideas below:

  • Introduce yourself
  • A run down of what your blog is going to be about
  • The creators who inspired you to start a blog
  • 50 facts about yourself
  • Why you're starting a blog
  • A round up of your favourite blog posts
  • a Q&A or a FAQ

Good luck starting everything up, I'm sure your brand new blog is going to be AMAZING!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post! You've given people good ideas to think about here when they're starting their blog or writing their first posts :) thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! I've always found the first post to be the most difficult!

      Grace xx

  2. These are great tips! I love how you summarised it. I always get people asking me how to start a blog so I will direct them to your post!

    1. Thank you! I really hope someone finds the tips useful!

      Grace xx

  3. Very interesting post, I'm sure it will help lots of people!


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