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In a neat little town they call Belfast, you'll find pubs and bars aplenty. Every street has a drinkery of some sort, each of them very different from the last. But it's no surprise that the northern Irish capital is packed to the brim with pubs, afterall drinking is basically their national sport, and something they do very well indeed. It's also no surprise that tourists flocking to the city want to eat, drink, and be merry the 'Irish way'.

The duke of york pub Belfast

The Duke of York, Belfast

So where are the best place's for tourists the live it up in Belfast?

Here are my top 5 Belfast Bars...

The 5 Points, or just The Points if you're local. It's the first bar my little legs carried me into when I landed in Beautiful Belfast and it's probably my favourite. Labeled a student bar by natives it does have it's fair share of young'ns but I wouldn't let this put you off because it cheap, it's near several other banging bars, and its open late. It also boasts live music every single day of the week which is exactly what I look for when I'm on my travels. If you're lucky they'll even bring the boards out and treat you to a little bit of Irish dancing!

The most famous bar in Belfast apparently, and I can see why. Before you even enter the pub you're wowed by the alley leading up to it. Everything about this place is instagram worthy, from the entrance, to the courtyard (which I think technically belongs to the pub next door), to the inside walls which are plastered from head to toe in beer mats. It really is a tourists dream. You won't get a cheap bevvy here but you will get some cracking photos and a good sing song so who cares?!

A bar created by a Catholic husband and named by his loving Protestant wife. History really does come to life in this bar and believe me when I say it's not one to miss. Even if you're not a fan of the British Monarchy, wipe your feet on the mosaic crown which lies at the entrance and get a drink down you. The Crown is by far the most beautiful bar in Belfast, maybe even the whole of the UK, it really is an absolute gem. Inside you'll be greeted by the most wonderfully intricate interiors, barrels of beer, and private booths all lit up with traditional gas lighting.

Kelly's Cellars is the oldest bar in Belfast apparently. This wonky little Belfast pub can be found hidden down an alleyway and nestled at the back of a much more modern shopping area. It's easy to see why it's so popular with both tourists and locals who come here for a bit more of an authentic Irish bar experience. Whilst you will find live Irish music here on the regular, don't expect it to be anythnig like Temple Bar in Dublin or you will be disapointd. The musicians here play what they want and don't pander to the public. The set up is also a lot more relaxed than in a lot of other Belfast bar's with the band huddled around a regular pub table instead of being up on stage. It's a great little place to enjoy a few pints, if you can get a seat that is!

Fibber Mcgee's is a cracking pub situated just behind The Crown. Here you'll find pretty traditional interiors, banging beers, and friendly bartenders, it's a great all rounder. It's also another Belfast pub where live music is promised 7 days a week, what more could you want? There is also host of Titanic memorabilia on display here although I didn't get to see any of it as I was a too preoccupied having a good sing along.

So there you have it, my top rated Belfast bars! The city is covered in pubs, clubs and bars, so it's likely that I've missed out some fab little establishments, but these are the places I think of fondly whenever I remember my Belfast travels!

Think I've missed out a banging bar? Let me know in the comments or over on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!

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outside the duke of york pub in belfast. Below the image the text reads "5 best bars in belfast for tourists"


  1. I've never been to Belfast before, but it's somewhere I'm hoping to visit this year as it looks like such an amazing city and all five of these sound fab! xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. Belfast is the most incredible place I swear! If you get chance any time soon you should visit! :)

  2. The Dirty Onion is my absolute favourite bar in Belfast! But yes The Duke of York is DEFINITELY the most instaworthy - it's literally my go to for shoots!

    1. I never actually made it to the Dirty Onion, even thought I had so many recommendations for it! Next time I'm over there I'll definitely give it a go, along with a few others I didn't get chance to see!

      Grace xx


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