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Are you finding yourself with a little more time on your hands than usual lately? Yeah a nation wide lockdown will generally do that! But you don't have to waste all this free time! Why not take this opportunity to learn a new language? German perhaps?

Over the last couple of weeks I've dedicated at least one hour a day to brushing up on my German language skills, which were poor to say the least. Whilst I don't feel like doing it every day, just one hour out of my busy (ha!) schedule is all it really takes to start getting to grips with the basics!

And I haven't paid a penny for it.

So how can you learn German for free?


One of the easiest ways, and maybe more fun ways to learn the basics of a language is through Youtube. You will find a whole host of videos from multiple creators on the platform which can help ease yourself into learning a new language. Whilst I doubt you can learn a language thoroughly this way, it's definitly a good place to start.

One youtube series I've been watching for a while now is Learn German With Anja. Anja, a native German speaker, has published hundreds of videos which cover all kinds of topics and will be helpful to anyone learning German.

If you're looking to practice your German language skills, BBC Bitesize is a great place to head to. It was created to help school aged students revise however there is nothing to stop anyone from using it as a revision tool. The Bitesize German page is full of useful videos for learners of all levels however I do think you will really benefit from using this platform if you do already have a grasp of basic German.

Duolingo is my favourite platform to learn German for free. The lessons are short, simple, and can even be fun. Using Duolingo I can learn German on my phone and also track my progress too. It's a very thorough learning tool that tests your spelling and pronunciation skills amongst other important factors and it's an app I would recommend anyone looking to start learning a language.

I really hope this helps some of you keep occupied for the next few weeks while the UK, and most of Europe is still in lockdown.

And once the lockdown is lifted and the world starts to go back to normal, you'll just to have book yourself a little trip to a German speaking country to test your new skills!

Let me know if you can think of any other ways to learn German for free!

If learning German isn't your thing don't worry, I've popped together a huge list of 126 things you can do in lockdown to keep you busy!

Thanks for reading!

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