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A couple of weeks ago my family and I visited Berkeley Castle near Gloucester. We've always loved castles and wanted to go to one on our day off, so when I discovered this one had its own butterfly farm I knew this was the one we needed to visit.

the fish pond inside the butterfly farm. The pond is surrounded by greenery.
a black and white butterfly hanging onto a leaf
myself walking through an arch inside the butterfly farm. I an surrounded by plants and flowers
a blue butterfly perched on a leaf

We arrived just before 11am and headed straight to the butterfly farm. Adult Entrance is £10 for the castle and the butterfly house but you can pay for just the butterfly farm if you want. A little tip when paying, if you can, gift aid your ticket. It doesn't cost you any more but the people who run castle are able to claim money from the government to keep the place going and you get a free return ticket too.

Just after 11am we went into the butterfly house. I've always loved walking around butterfly farms in the zoo and I was just as happy be in this one. Its quite a small butterfly house but there were lots of butterfly's and they were happy to land on you, not something I've come across before. It didn't take too long for us to become ridiculously hot so we decided to move on to the actual castle.

inside a hallway in Berkeley Castle. a gold ornate mirror can be seen and inside this myself taking a selfie. to the side of the mirror is an old chair below a window
the main hall inside Berkeley Castle. A large fireplace is the main focus of the room. In front of the fireplace is a large red rug. Golden chairs are places about the edges of this rug
from the courtyard of Berkeley Castle looking up at the old stone walls. directly in front is the entrance to the castle courtyard which I passed through

By now it was lunch time so we grabbed a bite to eat before the next guided tour started. The tour was actually really good, it was a lot longer than I expected and the tour guide clearly loved his job and new a lot about the castle. There's a lot of interesting history and amazing architecture at Berkley, I'd really love to take Sean back to see it next time. It took about an hour and a half to go round the castle and I didn't feel rushed at all. After the tour we decided to have a little wonder about the grounds and sit by the fountain for a bit just enjoying the day. 

from the gardens of the castle. in front of me is a large pool. in the background the castle and the church can be seen behind the trees
infront of the pool which has a fountain. My sister is lying flat on the floor in front of the fountain, opening her mouth so that it looks as if the water is coming from her
looking up towards berkeley castle which is mostly visible apart from the edges which are covered by the trees

After walking around for a while we headed back to the butterfly house for one last look before making our way into Gloucester, I'd never been before and mom wanted to see the Cathedral. Churches don't really do it for me but mom loves the architecture and could spend hours looking at all the little details. After we'd had a look round the shops and let mom wander the Cathedral we headed to Tewksbury to grab some dinner.

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