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I picked this nail varnish up on a recent shopping trip. Whenever I'm near a Wilkinsons I can't help but have a  look at the Essence range and always manage to pick up some new items. Over the last year I have collected loads of Essence products but this is by far my favorite.

When I first saw this varnish I instantly fell in love with the colour, it's a gorgeous deep dusty pink that I had never tried before. As I tend to wear a lot of dark pinks and black I knew this colour would go with a lot of my outfits and it had to be mine. At only £1.60 I can see myself using this up pretty quick and heading back for another.

So this is what I thought of the Essence Nail Varnish in shade English Rose...

a bottle of deep pink nail varnish

One problem I've had with Essence nail varnishes in the past is the coverage. With a lot of cheaper polishes you have to apply a few coats before you feel happy with it. This polish leaves you with a good coverage and a  vivid colour after just one coat, although I always like to do a second. 

Another good point about this nail varnish is the consistency. It's not too thick or too watery making it easy to apply and wipe off your skin. The brush is also a really good quality and rounded at the end so the varnish applies really smoothly. 

The last nail polish I reviewed on here was an absolute nightmare to remove, it took ages to completely come off and even then it had stained my nails quite badly. This polish comes away really easily and doesn't stain which is unusual for a pink varnish.

the brush of the nail varnish with a swatch of the actual product on a page next to it

The only downside I found is that it does have a tendency to chip. Maybe its because I don't look after my nails properly but I was really sad to see that my varnish had already started to chip the day after I had painted my nails.

All in all I've really enjoyed using this polish and I can see myself running out of it pretty soon. I think for the price this nail varnish is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone as I think the colour is very versatile. Overall I would give this product a 9/10.

What do you think of the Essence range?

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