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Instead of booking a fancy hotel or doing anything typically seen as romantic, me and Sean decided that this Valentine's Day we would go to Warwick Castle. Sean had never been before and it's not even an hour away, so we hopped on the train and spent the day there. 

After getting a bit confused with the trains we eventually turned up in Warwick just before 10. It was only a short walk to the castle and we were there before we knew it. I took so many photos of our day!

a mirror selfie on a corridor inside warwick castle
A selfie at the top of warwick castle

As it was a bit cold we decided to start with the Great Hall and State rooms. When you walk into the Great Hall you feel like you've just stepped into a set from Game Of Thrones. The walls are decorated with all types of vicious weapons and there's a huge fire on the far side heating the whole room and filling it with a gorgeous toasty scent. We spent a lot of time in here over the course of the day warming our hands up by the fire only to feel even colder when we stepped outside again.

The state rooms were just as impressive, each uniquely decorated to its owners tastes. I think my favorite room was the library which was full of books that were literally hundreds of years old.

looking down a spiral staircase inside warwick castle
Myself and Sean taking a mirror selfie inside one of the state rooms at warwick castle

We then headed down to the river to watch the 'Trebuchet Fireball Spectacular'. If you've never seen a Trebuchet before, I suggest you Google it as I can't put into words just how impressive they are. Although I felt like they dragged it out a bit, I thought the show was really good and well worth going to watch if you are ever there.

After that we walked back up to the main part of the castle and started our ascent to the highest tower. A few thousand steps later we were taking in the views over Warwick and trying our best to get a few decent pictures. It was a really windy and humid day so my hair was being a bit crazy but I wanted a few selfies anyway.

a mirror selfie of just myself inside one of the state rooms at warwick castle
some of the weapons on display in the great hall at warwick castle

As we were starting to get the munchies by now we rushed through the 'King Maker' exhibition and went on the hunt for some lunch. After scoffing down a hot dog each it was time to head back down to the river to watch the Bowman Show. The show was really interesting and the Bowman himself was hilarious, mixing his performance with fun facts and jokes. Although his archery skills were a little rusty I really enjoyed the show and the comedy aspect definitely made up for it.

By this time we had seen pretty much everything apart from the Birds of Prey show, so we headed over to the Great Hall to keep ourselves warm until it started. This show was also really impressive, showcasing some of the biggest birds I had ever seen. One by one these huge birds flew over our heads showing off their enormous size and strength. As this was the last show of the day we decided it was time to head home via the gift shop.

a selfie at the top of warwick castle looking down onto the state rooms

As usual we hunted down the local Wetherspoons and enjoyed a tasty meal before checking the train times and going back to Birmingham. The shops were still open when we arrived so we couldn't help but have a little look. I tried on a few pretty sale pieces while Sean sneaked off to the Pandora shop to buy me the most beautiful pink and silver ring which I will post about in the next few days! 

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day, whatever you decided to do!

Thanks for reading!

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