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I thought today I would talk a little bit about one of the apps I use daily - AfterLight. If like me you are addicted to Instagram you probably have at least one photo editing app on your phone and if you don't, well you can learn a little bit about my favorite.

Like I said I am a self confessed Instagram addict. I'm constantly uploading and liking photos. mostly of make up, I'm not gonna lie. For me Instagram is all about bright, clear photographs but sometimes taking a decent picture on a phone can be a bit tricky. To make my photos a bit more appealing I always edit them slightly. 

to the left, the after light app home screen. to the right a photograph of beauty products I am about to edit

Like many bloggers I usually work in the day and have to take a lot of photos at night in the dark, with my ceiling lamp as my only source of light. As you can imagine this doesn't make my photos all that pretty. One of the first things I do to my photos and the main reason I bought the app is to turn the brightness up. This leaves me with a clearer picture and one that looks much more attractive. 

After turning up the brightness I mess around with the clarity and contrast until I'm happy with it.

One thing this app has that surprised me is the selection of frames. Usually most photo editing programs let you frame your photos with basic shapes such as squares or circles, but this app provides 128 different frames to choose from, such as the @ symbol shown above. Although I don't tend to use these too much they are a nice idea and they are the right size for Instagram.

to the left an example of a filter layered over the top of a photograph. to the left an example of a light leek filter add on top of the photo

As well as all the standard editing tools such as cropping  you can do more advanced things like merging two photos together. This is another thing I haven't tried out but I'm sure I will find it useful in the future. One thing I do use a lot  however is the filters. There is a huge range of filters that can change the colour, add a light leek or add a dust effect. If you are trying it create a vintage style photograph adding a dust filter can make it look really old, or if you just want to switch up the colours there are several filters that will make them brighter or take it away completely.

before and after photos of the photograph I edited with the Afterlight app

Although I only really tend to brighten my photos and turn up the clarity slightly I have really found this app useful. I've also noticed that since I've been using this app to edit my photos they have been getting a lot more likes and I've even gained a few followers. I not making any promises but if your photos are clear and look like effort went into taking them they will be more appealing to people. I use this app every day and I think it is a must have for bloggers and Instagram addicts alike. 

What do you think of the AfterLight App? Do you think it makes a difference or is it too much effort?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have been using AfterLight a lot more recently too. I use the brightness a lot and the filters. They have a lot more filters than Instagram and often look quite good layered underneath the Instagram filters. It does take a while to go through them all though!

    Rachael at

    1. Yeah I think its a great little app and the range of filters is just amazing! xx

  2. Great post. I had been looking for an app like this! <3

    Love always,

    1. Thanks! This app really does make a difference to my photos! x


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