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So I finally got around to taking some outfit photos! I've been meaning to do an outfit post for ages now, I haven't done one since April and they are one of my favorite things to do on my blog. Whenever I have time to shoot some fun outfits it either poors it down or I just don't have the energy, typical really! But I do love playing dress up and putting cute outfits together so I've hoping to feature this kind of content a lot more on the blog!

Full body outfit shot showing me wearing a black top, grey jeans, heeled boots and a deep pink kimono
half body shot from my waist upwards

This is just a casual outfit I would wear out to dinner or on a date night with Sean. I actually wore this outfit a few nights ago to go to the academy in Birmingham. I nipped into town to catch Box Of Light play and thought this was the perfect gig outfit.

I've gotten really into kimonos lately, I think they are just so easy to wear and jazz up a boring outfit. I don't know where this sudden obsession with kimonos has come from but I'm kind of loving it and I'm slowly filling up my tiny wardrobe with all kinds of beautiful kimonos. I'm not looking to stop buying them anytime soon either!

another full body shot showing my whole outfitclose up shot of my black heeled boots showing the chain details
full body shot of my outfit. My dog is also in the photo having fuss
Pink Velvet Kimono Asos £14  |  Acid Wash Jeans Asos £28  |  Black Scalloped Top Topshop £16  |  heeled Boots Clothes Show £25  | Fake Chain Necklace Miss Selfridge £5

Although I am loving this pink kimono, the boots are probably my favorite thing out this whole outfit. I bought the boots at the clothes show last year and I've been wearing them pretty much none stop. I love the heal which isn't too high but still gives me a lift and the gold chain around the back of the boots is a fantastic details I've not seen on any other boots before. I've sure I'll wear these bad boys until the death!

I've love to hear your thoughts on this outfit and if you'd like to see more outfit inspiration on my blog!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love this outfit! :)

    Emily x

  2. Love this out fit!! Those boots <3 xxx


    1. Thank you! They are my all time fave shoes! X

  3. Your Kimono is so pretty. Its perfect for dressing up or down an outfit!

    The Crown Wings

    1. Thank you! I'm building a small collection of kimonos at the moment! xx

  4. I love this look :) your dog is adorable to! x

    1. Thank you! He wanted to see what was going on haha! x


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