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As you all know I do a monthly roundup of all my favourite beauty products. I thought It would be a good idea to show you guys some of my all time favourites starting with lipstick. I wear lipstick everyday without fail. I don't feel like my makeup is complete without a little bit of lippy so here are my absolute faves...

all of my favourite lipsticks

Chanel Rouge Allure #104 Passion - Sean treated my to this little beauty for my birthday. It's probably the most expensive lipstick I've ever owned but its exactly what I wanted. At around £25 it's quite pricey but worth it. The colour is just so gorgeous and literally last hours. I wouldn't wear this one every day but for special occasions it's perfect.

Essence lipstick #07 Natural Beauty - Now this lipstick is completely different to the Chanel. Its dirt cheap and a much light colour but I love it. I costs just £2.60 and is seriously worth every penny. I wear this lipstick pretty much everyday and it lasts quite a long time. You guys need to invest in some Essence products, I can't recommend them enough!

Avon ColourTrend - This has been a favourite for years. It's one of those lipsticks that's literally been in my collection for so long the shade has rubbed off so I don't know what it is. This is another everyday favourite for when I fancy a change. I've had it so long I can't remember what I paid for it but I know it was another cheap one.

a closer shot of my favourite lipsticks

No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink - Okay so I know this isn't a Lipstick but I still wanted to put it in here because I love it so much. My Nan actually gave me this. She received a box of No1 freebies a while back and decided I would make more use of them than her, and you better believe I have. This was the first lip crayon I'd ever owned and the reason I bought others. It doesn't last a long as using lipstick would but I love it either way.

No7 lipstick in Sugar Plum - Another No7 product and another lippy that has lost the label with the shade on it. I can't tell you the number but I know the shade is sugar plum so you should be able to track it down. This has been my favourite colour for longer than I can remember. I think I first started wearing this shade at about 15 or 16. It's a gorgeous colour and it doesn't dry your lips out. I think it's around £9 so average for a lipstick but I really love it. It's only recently been replaced by the Essence lipstick as my go to lippy and I'm sure it will find its way back eventually.

Well that was my all time favourite lipsticks. I don't have a huge makeup collection and I don't really spend that much on it either but I think I picked a good selection. I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I'd love to know what you think of this kind of post. Would you like to see more all time favourites?

Thanks for reading!

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