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So as you may know, me and Sean ran away to Disneyland for a few days. This was my 3rd time there but Seans 1st so I wanted to make it really special. We went on all the best rides, ate at my favorite places, and acted like 4 year olds, it was amazing. 

On the first day we really only had time to grab dinner and have a look around the Disney Village before heading back for a well deserved sleep.

on of the docking areas at Calais
Arriving at Calais on the ferry

a car themed hotel room
We stayed at the Santa Fe hotel in Disneyland Paris which is Cars themed!

a mirror selfie taken in a shop in the Disney Village. We are both wearing Disney mouse ears
A mirror selfie in one of the shops in the Disney Village

The sign for Planet Hollywood all lit up
The Plant Hollywood sign outside the restaurant 

Sean wearing giant Mickey Mouse gloves at the entrance to the Disneyland Park
Walking up to the park gates on the first night to peep into the Disneyland Park

a mirror selfie in our hotel room. The bathroom mirror is lined with old style lightbulbs
Mirror selfie in our hotel room (how could I not when the mirror is this cool?!)

the pink disneyland paris castle
The Disneyland Paris Castle

The hollywood tower of terror inside the Disney Studios
The Tower Of Terror - My favourite ride!

/the entrance sign to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The sign os printed on a ships sail
The entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Sean standing on the rope bridge we had just crossed
Walking across a rope bridge in Adventureland

We did all the big rides on the second day, spending most of our time on Tower of Terror, which is my favorite. At 5 we settled down with a yummy hot chocolate and a muffin to watch the daily parade. After the park closed we had a quick dash back to the hotel to make ourselves pretty for the Dreams show and dinner at Planet Hollywood. The show was amazing. It really topped off a fantastic day and I was kind of sad we only got to see it once. 

both of use drinking hot chocolate out of disney mugs
Drinking hot chocolate along Main Street USA while waiting for the parade

the disneyland parade. Flora Fauna and Merryweather can be seen walking in front of th sleeping beauty float
The main Disneyland Park parade

the sleeping beauty float in the Disneyland parade the fairy god mother can be seen at the front with sleeping beauty standing behind
The sleeping beauty parade float

the frozen float. Anna Elsa and Olaf can be seen riding this float
The frozen parade float

A close up shot of Olaf on his own
I had to get a snap of Olaf!

Standing next to Mike wazowski
Making friends with Mike in the Disney Studios

Standing next to Mike wazowski
Also making friends with Mike in the Studios

Standing at the top of main street USA. Shops line the street and the castle can be seen in the background
Standing at the top of Main Street USA

A ride photograph taken of us on the Tower of Terror
Loving life on the Tower Of Terror ride

A professional photograph taken in Planet Hollywood
Just before dinner at Planet Hollywood

By the third day our lack of sleep because of the long journey down had really caught up with us and we spent a lot of time on the smaller rides and watching the shows. We decided to skip the parade this time and spent our last hour on our favorite rides. At the end of the third day it was time to prepare ourselves for an uncomfortable 12 hour journey home to Brum.

We had such a good time and I would 100% recommend a holiday there, even if you think you're a bit too old ;)

Thanks for reading!

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