Brighton & Bognor Regis

A few days ago me and my family took a little trip down to Bognor Regis. We all had a few days off and wanted to escape Brum for a bit. Like the children we are, we booked a 2 night stay at Butlins. I hadn't been to Butlins since I was about 7 but it was still as good as I remember. We spent the fist day traveling down and getting pretty lost, but we got to spend the whole of the second day in Brighton. Brighton was where I really wanted to go and we had such a nice day going on the pier and looking around the shops. We also got to have a quick look at the gorgeous Brighton Pavillion, although we never had time to go inside. The third day we spent in Butlins and around Bognor. I had such a good time and I cant wait to drag Sean around Brighton some time soon!

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