1. Floral dress from Topshop £34
2. Shoes from New Look £12.99
3. Bag from River Island £45
4. Earrings from River Island £2
5. Bracelet from Topshop £16.50
6. Necklace from Topshop £52

Weekly Wishlist! 28/7/2013

I was recently on the Topshop website and I came across these gorgeous dress's. I think they are just so precious and I fell in love with them immediately. I just wanted to share them with you guys because they are just too cute. I might have to invest in the black and pink one for autumn.

Jones and Jones for Topsop

Okay I know I'm a day late but here it is!
With my holiday only 3 weeks away this is my holiday wishlist. I still need a few bits now, mostly toiletries but I would love love love to add some of this to my holiday wardrobe. My favorite thing right now is that gorgeous River Island bag but I cant quite justify £28 on a beach bag so I'm hoping it goes in the sale in the next couple of weeks! Another thing I've be dying to get my hands on is a flower garland headband. I think they are so sooo pretty and a must have for the summer, so I'll have to buy one of maybe make one sometime soon.

Playsuit New Look £10, Bag River Island £28, Sandals Topshop £14, Bikini Boohoo £14, Sunglasses New Look £4.99, Flower headband Asos £20

WEEKLY WISHLIST! Holiday edition!

A few week ago I came across a gorgeous bigcartel store, Dolly Darling. It sells the most beautiful handmade items and I just wanted to share this with you guys. My absolute favorite thing in the store is this gorgeous mint deer antler headband.No only is it so so cute, but its prefect for festivals and holidays!

Here are some of my other favorite items from the shop. Be sure to follow that link and check it out!

Dolly Darling

River Island £35 (sale price)

River Island £18

New Look Top £6.99 bottoms £3.99

New Look £16.99

New Look £24.99

Weekly Wishlist! 14/7/2013

Here's my top selection of peplum tops under £30!

1. Asos £14

2. New Look £14.99

3. Asos £15

4. New look £17.99

5. River Island £18

6. Asos £19

7. New Look £19.99

8. Boohoo £20

9. Asos £21

10. Dorothy Perkins £24

11. Topshop £25

12. River Island £25

14. River Island £25

THE BEST OF ... Peplum tops under £30!

Okay well It doesn't technically class as going shopping because I bought online so I never actually left the house. But anyway I saw this gorgeous dress on a blog post on http://www.fatfrocks.com/ (check out her blog!) Well I fell in love with it that much I followed the link through and bought one for myself! The dress is from ASOS and was only £18 in the sale. I know I will wear this beautiful dress on holiday and even here in England If the summer weather keeps up! So much for saving haha..
Dress ASOS £18

I went shopping again oooops!

From low to high these are my top choice of summer shorts you can get right now!
1. Topshop £10
2. New Look £12.99
3. H&M £12.99

4. Forever 21 £18.75
5. New Look £22.99
6. H&M £29.99
7. Topshop £30

8. Topshop £30

9. Urban Outfitters £40

10. Urban Outfitters £40

11. Urban Outfitters £42

12. Urban Outfitter £45

13. River Island £45

14. New Look £49.99

THE BEST OF... Summer shorts edition

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