A while back I saw an recipe for making sweets in chocolate. It seemed simple enough and with me saving for my holiday it was a good cheap way to keep me entertained for a while. Sorry the pictures are pretty bad quality ( I promise i will get my camera fixed soon!) Me and my lovely boyfriend made this a few weeks ago. We went to Sainsburys and basically picked out the cheapest sweets and chocolate we could find.

The finished product - sweets in chocolate

What you will need

- A few bars of chocolate
- bags of sweets
- A bowl
- A tray and tin foil
- a pan or pot
- a stove
- spoons
- and a fridge


-First you need to boil some water on the stove in the pot.

-Then put the bowl over the boiling water.

- break up the chocolate and put it in the bowl

- the chocolate will start to melt, stir it to make sure its all melted

- pour the chocolate into the tray which should be lined with tin foil

- if you are using two different chocolate like we did, do one colour first and 
then pour the other on top and mix it around to get the marble effect.

- add the sweets on top of the chocolate

- wait for it to cool slightly then put in the fridge

- leave it in the fridge a few hours to harden and enjoy! 

Selection of sweets from Sainsburys
Pouring the white chocolate into the tray of sweets
Once the milk chocolate had been added on top of the white chocolate
A close up of both chocolates mixed to create a marble effect
The chocolate once more sweets had been added on top
Me holding the tray of chocolate once it had been cooled in the fridge


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