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Okay I know I'm a day late but here it is!

With my holiday only 3 weeks away this is my holiday wishlist. I still need a few bits now, mostly toiletries but I would love love love to add some of this to my holiday wardrobe.

My favorite thing right now is that gorgeous River Island bag but I can't quite justify £28 on a beach bag so I'm hoping it goes in the sale in the next couple of weeks! Another thing I've be dying to get my hands on is a flower garland headband. I think they are so sooo pretty and a must have for the summer, so I'll have to buy one of maybe make one sometime soon.

Collage of weekly wishlist items which include an orange playsuit, a boho beach bag, a floral crown, tortoise shell sunglasses, Black sandals, and a red leopard print bikini

Playsuit New Look £10, Bag River Island £28, Sandals Topshop £14, Bikini Boohoo £14, Sunglasses New Look £4.99, Flower headband Asos £20

Thanks for reading!

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