I love reading, it's made some of the most boring times bearable. So I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite books and my to read list.

A pile of my favourite books

Firstly my favorites

The Beach - Alex Garland 

The Island - Victoria Hislop 

Weekend in Paris - Robyn Sisman

Out of the blue - Belinda Jones

One Day - David Nicholls

I would recommend every single one of these books as the are all fabulous reads. When I get more time I might do individual book reviews for these but right now just know these are my all time faves!

A pile of books I am yet to read

The ' To read list'

Ten minutes to fall in Love - Julia Llewellyn

Beautiful Ruins - Jess Walter

The lovely bones - Alice Sebold

The way we were - Elizabeth Noble

The Return - Victoria Hislop

I'm already halfway through 'The Return' and so far so good, but I so so sooo can't wait to read the others. As you will probably know if you've been reading my blog I'm going to Greece for a week in August and 'Beautiful Ruins' is definitely my designated beach book this year.

The books I read usually follow a similar pattern. They are either about Love or are set in a foreign country, or both.

Thanks for reading!

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