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We've all been there; desperate to create some new content but the inspiration just isn't present. I post twice a week every week at the moment and I'd be gutted if I missed a post because I couldn't think of anything to post about! Well if that's how you feel too, fear not because I've got us both covered! Here are 30 blog post ideas for when inspo is low...

1. Face Of The Day - Similar to outfit of the day but a little bit easier as you don't need anyone else to take your photo! I've done plenty or these in the past, here is my latest one if you need a bit of inspiration.

2. Restaurant Review - I love reading a good review of someone's dinner and I definitely love writing about my own experiences! You can read my most recent review here.

3. Your Own Recipes - Can't afford to go out or don't want to? Whip up your own food and talk us through it step by step. This is especially good if you cook up something a bit different!

4. Product Reviews - Have you been using a product you are absolutely smitten with? Or did you buy something you bitterly regret? Tell us about it! I write reviews literally all the time, here is a recent post about a product I just couldn't get on with.

5. Blogging Tips & Tricks - If you've been blogging for a while you might have learnt a few things along the way. I lap up blogging tips and I know a lot of others do too! You can read some of my blogging tips here.

6. Whatever Is On Your Mind - Have a rant, talk about something you are passionate about! Get it all out and let the opinions roll in. I can't get enough of honest raw content, I think it's something blogging is slowing losing..

7. Your Day Out - Been anywhere fun lately? Write it up, tell us a funny story about it.

8. Photo An Hour - I've been meaning to do this since forever but life has just been getting in the way. Just take a photograph every hour for one day and tell us about it.

9. Floor Outfits - If you don't have anyone to take your outfit pics just display it on the floor. Fold your clothes neatly, add accessories and snap away. These kind of photos do really well on Instagram so don't forget to upload it there too!

10. How You Take Blog Photos - Images on blogs are always a big thing for me. If your photography is good I'm probably going to stick around and if you have a post telling me all about how you do it I'm definitely going to read it!

11. Your Collections - Do you collect anything? Lipsticks, books, ornaments or even stamps! Show us your stash. Tell us about how your collection started, why it started and if you have any favourite pieces!

12. Daily Routines - Do you have a skincare routine, fitness routine or just anything you do on the daily without fail? People are nosy, they want to know.

13. Travel Diary - If you've been on holiday lately you should write a day to day diary of what you did. If your blog is more image than text based do a photo diary! If you fancy a butchers at my travel diaries you can find them here.

14. Travel Plans - If you haven't been away tell us where you would love to go! Write a list of places you can't wait to visit or plan an imaginary holiday in a blog post.

15. Seasonal Posts - Is Christmas coming up? Or is Valentine's looming? Do a gift guide, tell us what you are planning to do on the day or if you hate that particular holiday tell us why!

16. Pets - Everyone loves a cute animal, I know I could spend hours looking at puppy pics! If you have a pet I'm sure you have a thousand funny stories you could tell about them.

17. £20 Outfit Challenge - Grab your friends and a little bit of cash and head down to your nearest charity shops. You have £20 with which to find a whole outfit! Blog or Vlog about it! You get some funny content and the charity gets a bit of money, everyone wins!

18. Room Tour - I literally love room tours! I think its because I'm super nosy but I can't get enough of seeing how other bloggers live!

19. Go For A Walk - Get out, leave the house, take your camera with you. If that alone time doesn't help you think up some new content then post the pictures you took, you can't lose.

20. Wishlist - I post a wishlist every few weeks packed full of all the things I'd like to buy. I know I'd never be able to afford half the things on there but it's nice to dream.

21. Storage Ideas - I really like to see how others store their makeup, jewellery and other bits and bobs. It's easy to let things get messy so I occasionally scour the internet for storage tips. You can see my jewellery storage ideas here.

22. Collaboration Posts - Struggling for ideas but have a few blogger friends? Get together and brainstorm. You could do one collaboration post together or even make a series out of it. You might have seen my latest collab with the lovely Amanda which we love posting every month.

23. Theme Makeup - If you have an obsession with makeup but don't really try new things out that often, why not give a themed makeup look a go? A few months back I tried my hand at some pokemon inspired makeup and although it's not my best look, I enjoyed doing it!

24. Events - I post a lot about events or days out and I do love reading about a good blogger event too. I know not everyone will be able to go to one of those but I'm sure there are lots of other things happening near you. 

25. Do A Challenge - There are always new fads to try out online, why not give one of them a go and blog all about it? I recently tried to go vegetarian for a month and if you've read my posts you'll know how that ended...

26. Tags - I'm forever being taged in new things and honestly I really do love taking part in them. If you haven't been tagged in anything don't worry, just make you own tag up!

27. Hotel Reviews - If you've stayed in a hotel/ hostel/ campsite or anything similar lately you could review it! Just make sure you have a couple of good images to go with the post. I recently posted about my hotel in Warsaw which was just gorgeous.

28. Hauls - Everyone loves a good haul, we all just like to be nosy and see what people have bought. If you've picked up more than 4 or 5 items in one go, snap some pics and show us what you got.

29. Budgeting Ideas - If you are pretty practical with your weekly wage or if you just know how to get some good deals tell us. I really like to see how people budget and I'm always looking for discounts online so if you know a few tips, tell us!

30. What's On Your Phone - Do you have apps you can't live without or is there a game you're addicted to? Tell us about it. Sometimes I think these kinds of things would be easier to talk about in a video but a blog post could work just as well.

So I hope these ideas will come in handy for any fellow bloggers facing the dreaded writers block. If you have any other post ideas I'd love to hear them, either leave them in the comments or tweet me!

Thanks for reading!


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