I've seen this done on quite a few blogs and I thought it would be a good idea to do a little one of my own! From now on, every month I will post about a few of my favorite beauty items and accessories. Here are my Favorites from December!

Favorite lipstick : Kiss 'n' go from Avon. This is actually a fairly old lipstick but I've only just found it again so I making up for lost time. Its slightly lighter than my usual lipsticks which is probably why I like it so much. Unfortunately the sticker with the actual colour name has fallen off so I cant say what colour is it but right now its definitely my favorite. 

Favorite item of Jewelry : Studded bracelet from Forever 21. My sister bought me this for Chrstmas and I havent stopped wearing it since. I love gold jewerly and I love how simple this bracelet is. I will deffiantly be wearing this with my NYE outfit!

Favorite Foundation : Osiris BB cream. This was another present from my little sister and she couldnt have got it more right. I've been meaning to get a BB cream for a while now and I'm so glad I got this one. I prefer this to normal foundation as it has a moisturizer already in it and as I generally have dry skin this is perfect for me.

Favorite Perfume : DOT by Marc Jacobs. Okay, this has been a favorite for quite a few months now. I bought this perfume after falling in love with is gorgeous scent and unique bottle design at the airport. It costs more than I would usually spend on a perfume but that just makes it more special. I was also lucky enough to receive another bottle for Christmas off Sean, so I can use it more than I have been.

Favorite Nail varnish : City Colour No. 36 Silver Moon. I bought this gorgeous nail varnish a few weeks ago from Store 21 and I have been in love with it ever since. I love metalics and although I usually prefer gold, this silver top coat is perfect for putting over most other colours and that's why its in my December favorites.

Favorite Shoes : Black Block heels from New Look. I bought these gorgeous heels right at the end of November and although I've only worn them a couple times I'm already smitten. I have several pairs of black heels but these are by far my favorites simply because of the chunky heel. I Will definitely be wearing these beauty's for NYE! 

December Favorites!

Margaret the hamster | My Santa slippers | Christmas nails | Glitter hairspray | Icing mice | Pattern on my NYE dress

Instagram | Week 6

Just a little post with a few photos of Christmas day. I was really lucky this year and got so so much! I even won £20 on a Christmas scratch card a friend gave me! Mom, Dad, and Sean spoilt me rotten with perfume, candles and money ect, and I'm going to put a lot of my Christmas money towards going to Disneyland with Sean this year, but obviously I'll have to have a little spend up in the sales too!

I hope you guys got everything you wanted this year!


Just a quick post to let you all know a winner has been randomly chosen for the giveaway and she has 24 hours to claim her prize! 
Thank you all for entering and keep a look out for the next big giveaway!

Giveaway Update!

Chocolate bear | Elephant mood ring | My little Christmas tree | Me and Sean being lazy | A yummy hot chocolate | Selfieeee | Sean little tree | Cute Vitamin water drink | New nail varnish 

Instagram | Week 5

Just a quick post to let you all know there is only 1 day left to enter my blog giveaway! You have a chance of winning all of this below! For the rules ect just click HERE!
Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Gorgeous Debenhams shoes | My new phone case | Me and Sean | Hannahs birthday meal | My cute mini Christmas tree all decorated | Pink hair dye | Me and Hannah | My glass elephant necklace | Selfieeeee

Instagram | Week 4


Everyone likes to dress up a bit on Christmas evening. I think this dress from Asos is amazingly gorgeous and the shoes would look just perfect with it. Because the dress is so beautiful I decided to keep accessories cute and simple. 

What do you like to wear in Christmas night?

What To Wear | Christmas Night!


You want to look nice but not too dressy for Christmas dinner, save your best dress for the evening! I think This is the perfect smart/casual look to enjoy your Christmas day grub in. The flats could even be swapped for heels or wedges if your going somewhere a little bit more fancy!

Tomorow I'll be posting about what to wear on Christmas night!

What will you wear to Christmas dinner?

What To Wear | To Christmas Dinner!


Lets face it, on Christmas morning when you've just woke up we all want to do is slob about in our PJs for a  few hours while we relax and open presents. I love this gorgeous Disney onesie and think it would be perfect for the big day. You also cant do Christmas without some novelty slippers and a Santa hat!

Tomorrow I'll be posting about what to wear for Christmas dinner!

What do you like to wear Christmas morning?

What To Wear | Christmas Morning!

Pilau rice | selfieeee | Leopard face bracelet | Glitter nails | Kinder egg | Me and Emma on her birthday | Christmas biscuit my sister made | Advent calendar | Another selfieeee

Instagram | Week 3

Both bags River Island £15
Just a really quick post to show of these gorgeous River Island clutch bags. I haven't had time to do a proper weekly wishlist lately but I wanted to make a quick one. I've been after a good clutch bag for over Christmas and these two tick all the boxes. I've been really into metallic's lately (you might have seen my beautiful Zatchels bag last month) and I think especially over Christmas we should all go mad over shiny glittery things! My favorite has to be the purple one on the right, although I think i would struggle to match it with things already in my wardrobe I would definitely give it a good go. Lets just see what Santa brings!

Mini Wishlist | Clutch Edition!

Me, Sean & the cat | New Chelsea boots | Miss Selfridge bracelet | Disaronno on the rocks | New book about Twiggy | new glitter nail varnish | microwavable cat | Selfie! | Popcorn

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Instagram | Week 2

Twiggy book Poundland £1   |  Jumper Peacocks (mens) £16
 Nail Varnish Store 21 £1  | Brogues New Look £24.99
 Microwavable teddy New Look £9.99   |  Chelsea Boots London Rebel Via Asos £25
 Acid Wash Jeans New Look £22.99  | Shoes New Look Via Asos £7.99

So I know I said I wouldn't but I had another little shopping trip today. This is a mixture of things I bought today with an Asos order that came earlier in the week. My whole family decided that this year we will wear cheesy Christmas jumpers on the big day so I couldn't resist that reindeer one in the men's section of peacocks. There was a lovely red women's one but mom kindly informed me that she had already bought that one a few days ago :( I also badly needed some new acid wash jeans (to add to the collection) and some black flats, I mean a girl always needs black flats right? Now on to the very un-needed items.. I couldn't help but buy that adorable microwavable cat and I'm pretty sure I can justify buying it because its got so sooo cold lately! And the nail polish, well I mean its sparkly and its Christmas so that's okay too I guess. I dont really think I need to have a reason to buy a book with pictures of twiggy in do I? Its twiggy, shes basically a goddess so this is practically a bible so I needed to buy it in the spirit of Christmas and all that. And I never have to justify buying shoes really, I have feet, that's enough! I'd say that overall it was quite a successful shopping trip!

What I Bought | 30.11.2013

Last week I made a post about a giveaway I'm doing. It was all a but rushed and I didn't write the rules or anything down for you guys. But basically I'm running a blog giveaway for everyone who's ever read my blog. Its nice to know that some people actually read my ramblings on a daily basis and I want to give something back! It is a UK only competition so sorry about that guys!
Now here's the rules... 
All you have to do is Follow me on Bloglovin and Twitter. For extra entries you can tweet about the giveaway, leave a blog post comment and follow me on Tumblr. 

This is what you will win ... 
- A cute bubble girl make up bag
- A Roses De Cloe perfume sample
- A Lovely french manicure set
- Some deep blue Dorothy Perkins earrings
- A pretty Miss Selfridge bracelet 
- A Nut Oil Deep Cleansing Masque 
- And some yummy Crabtree & Evelyn Vanilla Creme Lip Butter



Company high stree edit | Inside company | New heels | New earrings | Christmas lights in Birmingham | Burger from gourmet burger | More new shoes ooops | Doughnut from Krispy Kreme | New tartan dress

In case you guys didn't know I recently got instagram! I've noticed a few blogs do a weekly round up of photos taken with instagram that week and I thought it would be a good idea to do the same. Think of it as a photo diary maybe? You can follow me on instagram HERE.

Instagram | Week 1

So I went a bit mad with online shopping this week oooops! I thought I definitely needed a new Christmas party outfit and this is what happened. I really reallllllyyyy wanted a tartan dress so I picked up this little beauty from Pussycat London for just over £20 delivered! Obviously I then needed some new shoes to go with the outfit, so I ordered 3 from New Look. I'm probably going to have to send one pair back, but they are all so beautiful so that's going to be very hard to say the least. But overall I'm quite happy with my online shopping trip and I'm still waiting on a gorgeous pair of brown Chelsea boots from Asos
Heels both from New Look £27.99
Dress from Pussycat London £20                Heels from New Look £29.99

What I bought | 24.11.2013

Cheap And Cheerful | The Best Party Dress's Under £25!

Its no secret that tartan is on trend right now, and I had to be a sheep. I've been looking for a pretty dress for Christmas/ New years for a while now and yesterday it arrived in the form of a beautiful tartan tea dress. I love Tartan. I love tea dress's. Put those two together and you've created the most perfect thing I could ever want. I bought it from pussycatlondon.com with a 30% off code (yay for being a bargain hunter!) which made the dress about £20 with delivery. I tried it on earlier and its such a lovely fit I cant wait to show it off! Keep a look out for the outfit post!

The Perfect Party Dress

As some of you might know, me and Sean celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday. To celebrate we decided to have dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen in the Mailbox in Birmingham. The place was lovely, the service was good and the food was amazing! I know it sounds silly but when you eat a burger that tasty it makes you realize what rubbish you eat every other day! After our delicious meal we made our way to Weatherspoons (no surprise there!) for a few drinks before heading to Broad Street to watch Gravity. Before I saw Gravity I thought it would either be amazing or really boring. I mean how fun can it be watching someone float around in space for 2 hours? But the film was really good and the special effects were fantastic. Its quite hard to watch as some parts are just so tense but I would definitely recommend it to anyone. After the film we walked back down Broad Street to get a taxi home. Oh and I have slightly green hair now by the way haha!

Happy Anniversary!

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