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WHAT I BOUGHT | 20/10/2013

These items are from two shopping trips I took this week, I'm just being lazy and chucking them all into one post. Anyway, I went shopping this week mainly to get some new foundation and birthday presents for my sister, which I haven't posted on here for obvious reasons haha. I ended up needing a second shopping trip after running out of time to get everything I needed.

full shot of the white fluffy jumper with hints of rainbow thread running throughout

Really close up detail of the rainbow thread on the cream jumperclose up photo of the ribbed detailing on the cream jumper

Jumper, TK Maxx £16.99

The first thing I bought was this gorgeous fluffy jumper from T K Maxx. I love the quality and the beautiful rainbow thread, and at only £16.99 I thought it was a bargain. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this cosy jumper over the next few months!

Gold necklace with gold arrow pendant, and a set of three rings, 1 gold, one silver, and one rose gold. Each ring has a set of fake gems around the band

The gold necklace show on its ownthe set of three rings show alone

Necklace £1.75, Rings £2 Both New Look Sale

I then headed for the new look sale and picked up a lovely simple necklace and a ring set. They were both incredibly cheap and I can't wait to pair them up with some of my favourite outfits!

My beauty haul - a Rimmel stay matte foundation, a magenta pink Rimmel glitter nail varnish, and a burnt orange glitter nail varnish from avon

a close up shot of the Rimmel foundation a close up of the pink Rimmel nail varnish and the burnt orange Avon nail varnish

Foundation £5.99, Rimmel Nail varnish £3.99, Avon Nail Varnish £1.50

I then took myself off to Superdrug to get my favorite foundation, which I was desperately in need of and saw that beautiful pink nail varnish so I had to have that too. The glitter nail varnish is from an Avon order that arrived this week too so I put that in as well. The burnt orange nail varnish from Avon was only £1.50 and is the perfect Autumn colour!

a pair of light brown brogues from New Look

close up detail of the shoelaces on the brogues Close up of the pattern of brogues

Brogues £15.99, New Look

I also needed some new brogues for the winter which I picked up on my second shopping trip. I have some from last year exactly the same so when I saw these ones I was really happy because of how much I wear the other pair. 

                 Lid of the eyeshadow palette

The 8 shades in the eyeshadow palette. The inside of the eyeshadow palette

Eye shadow pallet £2.50 Primark

I then moved on to Primark. Originally I went to get one of those fluffy slouch cardigans everyone is raving about but they didn't have any in my size so I settled for a pretty makeup pallet which I'm sure will get a lot of use. Eyeshadow is probably my favourite makeup product to buy at the moment because it's one of the easiest things to play around with.

The whole gold elephant bracelet

Close up detail of the individual elephants on the bracelet the paper urban outfitters bag the bracelet came in

Elephant Bracelet £8 Urban Outfitters 

My last stop was Urban Outfitters. I don't usually shop there due to my unfortunately low shopping budget, but when I saw this bracelet it had to be mine. It's no secret that I love elephants and to my delight they stocked loads of elephant themed jewelry but I had to stick with this gorgeous bracelet and I have no regrets! I already know I will get a tonne of wear out of this gorgeous elephant bracelet!

So those were all the goodies I picked up on my last couple of shopping trips! Have you bought anything nice lately?

Thanks for reading!

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