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It's no secret that the Lake District is fast becoming one of my favourite places in the UK to visit. From the many beautiful waterfalls, to incredible walks, and more, the Lake District really has it all! There are so many fantastic areas to visit but Coniston Water in particular really stole my heart last summer. 

It's the third largest of the Lakes meaning you've plenty of water to explore, or if keeping your feet on the land is more your thing, there's miles of breathtaking countryside to tour.

Looking across Coniston Water from the back of of boat. The ripples the boat leaves can be seen going across the lake.
Looking out across Coniston Water from the back of one of the Coniston Launch boats

So what exactly can you do around Coniston Water... 

Coniston Launch boat trips

No break to the lakes is complete without a boat trip, and luckily Coniston has its very own fleet of VERY affordable passenger boats. There are several routes running on different days which are well worth joining, however the fleet also acts as a water taxi for foot passengers picking up and dropping off at several locations around the lake. The Coniston Launch boat trips employe an extremely knowledgable and friendly bunch of staff who will gladly answer any questions you have and also point out important points of interest. Come rain or shine, this is a great activity to do while exploring Coniston.

Grace and her family sat inside on of the Coniston Launch boats. It is very cloudy and the lake can barely be seen.
Inside one of the Coniston Launch boats, hiding from the rain

Climb Coniston Old Man

Recently featured in the top 10 of Britains Favourite Walks The climb up to the peak of Coniston Old Man isn't for the fainthearted. While it's no walk in the park, it's certainly one not to miss and I would recommend that even inexperienced climbers give this one a go!

The views across Coniston Water (and much further on a clear day) are well worth the roughly 2.5 hour scramble to the top. 

While there are easier routes I would recommend parking at the Walna Scar Car Park and walking up towards 'Big Hill' and then 'The Bell' before continuing on the only path. This route can be quite steep in parts but it's very scenic and takes you through the old Slate Quarry which is worth exploring. I'd recommend taking a map for this walk however there is a map at the edge of the car park which you can just take a photo of.

View from the top of Coniston Old Man. Beautiful countryside can be seen all around as well as Coniston town and Lake in the background.
The view from the peak of Coniston Old Man

Visit Donald Campbells Grave

Fancy a bit of morbid tourism on you visit to Conison? Well you're in luck! Just a short walk from the centre of Coniston town is Coniston Graveyard where you can find the final resting place of Donald Campbell, the speed record breaker who sadly lost his life on the lake. 

Campbell continues to be only person to set both world land and water speed records in the same year, a record which hasn't been beaten in over 50 years!

Looking across Coniston Water to Wild Cat Island, the small Island featured in the book Swallows and Amazons
Wild Cat Island, the island featured in Swallows and Amazons

Grab a beer in Coniston Town

Coniston town, small as it may be, it still host to several lovely pubs and restaurants. While you'll still be able to grab your favourite beer, it's well worth trying something new and opting for one of the locally brewed beers. Coniston Brewing Co, which has won multiple awards over the years, seems to be especially popular in the town.

Visit the Blue Bird Cafe

Whether you fancy a nice cool beverage at the side of the lake, or you're trying to escape the unforgiving lake district weather, the Blue Bird Cafe is the perfect place to spend a couple of relaxing hours. The cafe, which is named after Donald Campbells Hydroplane, can get busy in the summer months however it's location on the shore of Coniston Water brings people back time after time.

Grace and her dog George standing at the peak of Coniston Old Man
Standing at the Peak of Coniston Old Man after a very sweaty scramble to the top

Kayak from one side to the other 

There are many ways of getting from one side of Coniston to the other. From long winding roads, to the more direct Coniston Ferry, but there is nothing more rewarding than rowing there yourself. I'm not willing to comment on how safe an exercise like that is but I am willing to say it's lots of fun, and much further than you realise. 

Kayaks, Canoes, rowing boats, and more can be hired from Coniston Boating Centre if you don't have a boat of your own.

Read Swallows and Amazons on the shore of Coniston Water

Want to feel like you're in the centre of the action without having to actually go off and explore?  Grab yourself a copy of Swallows and Amazons and experience Coniston Water through the eyes of children. The novel, which is set on the lake, was released almost 100 years ago but luckily the area remains as beautiful as descirbed.

Another marker at the peak of Coniston Old man. this marker is made from layers and layers of stones.
Another peak marker at the top of Conison Old Man, Coniston Water can be seen below

With all that to do and more, it's really no surprise that I fell in love with Coniston Water and the Lake District in general. And I'm not alone! It ranked VERY highly when I asked over a hundred bloggers where their favourite place to holiday in the UK was!

Have you been to Coniston Water?

Thanks for reading!

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