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Hiya guys! How are you doing?! Today I'm taking things right back to the good old days of blogging with a classic 'What's in my bag post! Back in the early 2010's (the prime days of blogging) everyone who was anyone was pushing out these kind posts like their lives depended on it! And I should know, I published a fair few myself!

But let's be honest, while blogging has changed and evolved a hell of a lot over the last decade, we're still as nosy as ever and we still want to know what everyone is carrying around in their bags! So I'm going to tell you! I can't promise I have anything particularly interesting in my little leather Zatchels bag BUT I can promise you nothing but honesty.

Grace is holding a black leather messenger bag up to the camera


So what is in my bag?

Lip Balm

Okay I'm going to be honest, I am a Lip Balm hoarder! It's actually starting to become a bit of an addiction, but I'm telling you now I wouldn't be caught dead without my favourite Nivea Peach Lip Balm.

Hand Sanitiser

Shocker - I've got a bottle of Hand Sanitizer in my bag. Before the pandemic Sanitizer was something I would occasionally take out with me on day trips or holidays, you know any time I'd be going on planes or trains, but now I can't see myself leaving the house without it. I've tried out a fair few bottles over the last 12 months but I can safely say the one liked the most was a Strawberry Laces Hand Sanitizer from Carex. 

Grace is holding two lip balms in her hand. One is an original Nivea lip balm, the other is a Nivea Peach Flavoured Lip Balm.

Hand Cream

As a someone who suffers with eczema this pandemic has been an extra nightmare. all the excessive hand washing has dried my hands out more than ever before so I'd be crazy not to have a cream on hand (ha) at all times! I've been through my fair share of creams over the years, but right now I'm loving the Body Shop Grapefruit Hand Cream. It's pocket sized, smells unreal, and does a pretty decent job on my dry skin.

A facemask (or 7)

I couldn't write about my pandemic survival guide kit without mentioning facemasks! They're the accessory of the season for all the wrong reasons but they're kind of a must have right now. I seem to have an ever growing collection of masks, most of which I picked up from Savers for just a couple pounds each.

A black leather handbag is lying open on a bed. Multiple items are spilling out from within.

Beat up old Asos purse

One day I will be the proud owner of a beautiful Vivienne Westwood purse, but until then I am the slightly less proud owner of this beat up Asos purse which I've had for far too long. I've been wanting to replace it for quite some time now but I just haven't found anything that is the right size with the ideal amount of card spaces and room for coins too!


Not sure who I'm trying to impress right now with my sweet scents but I always carry a perfume with me. Even if I'm just nipping to the supermarket, and let's be real that's all we can do right now, I'll still pack my all time favourite Avon perfume - Rare Pearls!

Grace is holding a small clear bottle of hand sanitozer.

So that's it! All the goodies I lug around with my in my bag while the pandemic rages on around me. While this 'what's in my bag' post is quite a bit different to the others, it was nice to get back to blogging basics again, and who knows maybe I'll write another in a few years (minus the rona protection of course!).

What are your pandemic handbag essentials?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This pretty much sums up my bag contents post pandemic! I always got about three spare masks with me everywhere I go now! x

    Lucy |

  2. I have most of the same things in my bag! In the two bags that I alternate between, I make sure to keep hand sanitiser in both haha x


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